Performing Maternity in Early Modern England

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Routledge, 5 Des 2016 - 262 halaman
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Performing Maternity in Early Modern England features essays that share a common concern with exploring maternity's cultural representation, performative aspects and practical consequences in the period from 1540-1690. The essays interrogate how early modern texts depict fertility, conception, delivery and gendered constructions of maternity by analyzing a wealth of historical documents and images in conjunction with dramatic and non-dramatic literary texts. They emphasize that the embodied, repeated and public nature of maternity defines it as inherently performative and ultimately central to the production of gender identity during the early modern period.

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List of Figures
The Politics of Pregnancy in
Adultery and Superfetation in
Deceptive Maternities and the Failure of New Comedy
Maternity in A Woman Killed with Kindness
Birth and Womens Mysteries on the Early
Disciplining the Mother in SeventeenthCentury English Puritanism
Male Mothering and The Tempest
Churching in Early
Memory and Maternity in Shakespeares Antony
Maternity and Child Loss in Stuart Womens Diaries
Murder as Birth in Macbeth
Tamburlaines Domestic Threat
Circumcision in The Merchant of Venice
Selected Bibliography

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Kathryn M. Moncrief is Associate Professor of English at Washington College, Maryland, USA. Kathryn R. McPherson is Associate Professor of English at Utah Valley State College, USA.

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