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Conn . 910

(Edition of 1,000 ordered by the General

Assembly under S. J. R. No. 44.)

MAY 8 1942

Conne, State til

The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co., Hartford, Conn.

William H. Corbin, Tax Commissioner.


HARTFORD, December 15, 1910. .

To His Excellency, FRANK B. WEEKS, Governor:


It is provided in Section 2414 of the General Statutes, that the tax commissioner “ shall make a biennial report to the governor in which he shall mention any imperfections he may think proper to bring to the notice of the general assembly, and from time to time may suggest any further statutory provisions which he may deem desirable.”

Pursuant to such requirement, I have the honor to submit the following report:


The acts relative to local and state taxation, passed by the legislature of 1909, on the wliole, have proved to be practical and definitely beneficial both to taxation officials and to the general taxpayers.

Terms of office of assessors.

The most important change was that making the term of office of assessors three years, one being elected each year. This has already shown good results in the different towns in the improved work of these officials, who have also shown a very greatly increased interest and sense of responsibility.

Taxation of tangible property of nonresidents.

The act providing for the taxation of certain tangible property of nonresidents has given the towns the benefit of the tax on this property, some of which has heretofore escaped taxation entirely. Valuation of land and buildings separately.

The repeal of the clause which permitted land, not exceeding two acres, to be included in the valuation of a dwelling house, has

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