Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey, Volume 7

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Halaman 40 - ... and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues, and profits thereof: and also all the estate, right, title, interest, property...
Halaman 340 - ... parties be referred to the award, order, arbitrament, final end, and determination of TC, of, &c.
Halaman 441 - Subsequent to the commencement of the action, the legislature of this state passed an act entitled, " an act to provide for determining the rights of parties in certain swamp and overflowed lands in Fresno and Kern counties," which was approved on the day last named (see Stats, of 1877-78, p.
Halaman 10 - York, letters of administration of the goods, chattels and credits of the said William J.
Halaman 52 - ... and when the route or routes of such road, or lateral and branch roads, shall have been determined upon, and a survey of such route or routes deposited in the office of the Secretary of State, then it shall be lawful for the said Company, by its officers, agents, engineers, superintendents, contractors, workmen and other persons in their employ, to enter upon, take possession of, hold, have, use, occupy and excavate any such lands, and to erect embankments, bridges, fences, and all other works...
Halaman 55 - Company may apply to a Justice of the Supreme Court for the appointment of commissioners to, &c.
Halaman 71 - ... employ, shall enter upon or break ground in the premises, except for the purpose of surveying and laying out said roadway and its conveniences, appurtenances and appendages, and for locating the same, unless the consent of the owner or owners of such lands be first had and obtained.
Halaman 119 - Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, or shall hereafter be made and executed, shall be void and of no effect against a subsequent judgment creditor, or bona fide purchaser, or mortgagee for a valuable consideration, not having notice thereof...
Halaman 599 - Folwell be set aside ; and that the said cedar swamp be sold under the direction of a master for the best price that can be obtained for the same.
Halaman 516 - ... hindrance, interruption or denial of or by the said mortgagee, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, or of or by any other person or persons whomsoever lawfully claiming, or who shall or may lawfully claim, by, from, under or in trust for him, her, them or any or either...

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