Globalization and After

Sampul Depan
Samir Dasgupta, Ray Kiely
SAGE, 7 Sep 2006 - 443 halaman
While accepting that globalization is here to stay, the distinguished contributors to this volume voice skepticism about the claims of its supposed benefits. Instead, they believe that in its present form globalization is essentially unequal and biased, besides being environmentally destructive. Analyzing the issues from a variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, the contributors address a number of important questions concerning the current form of globalization and its future course.

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Introduction by Samir Dasgupta and Ray Kiely
Globalization or The Age of Transition?
Neoliberal Globalization
Business as Usual or Radical Shift?
The Future of Globalization
Whose Benefit Anyway?
Globalization and its Future Shock
Art McDonaldization and the Globalization of Nothing
The Impact of Globalization on Local Communities
Globalization and After?
Capitalist Globalization and the AntiGlobalization Movement
Social Movements in a Globalized World
The Effects of Global Economic Expansion on
Division and Dissent in the AntiGlobalization Movement
About the Editors and Contributors

Global Environmental Crisis and Ecological Futures

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Samir Dasgupta is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Kalyani, West Bengal, India. He is the Former Director of College Development Council, Kalyani University, Former Visiting Faculty, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in West Bengal State University, and Advisory Committee Member of the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, University of Calcutta. His research interests lie on Applied Sociology, Development Studies and Sociology of Globalization, Urban Sociology, Economic Sociology, Environment Studies, and Peace Studies. He has received an award from the University of Kalyani for his contribution to the promotion of culture.

He is the author of more than fifty research papers and twenty two book chapters. His publications include: The Changing Face of Globalization (edited volume, 2004); Globalization and After (co-edited with Ray Kiely, 2006); Discourse on Applied Sociology: Theoretical Perspectives (co-edited with Robyn Driskell, 2007); Discourse on Applied Sociology: Practicing Perspectives (co-edited with Robyn Driskell, 2007); Politics of Globalization with Jan Nederveen Pieterse (2009); Understanding the Global Environment (2010); Arthanaitik Samajtatwa (2011); and Globalization and Humanity (Authored, 2011).

He serves as an editorial board member of the international journal Nature and Culture, U.S.A and Leipzeig, Germany, and International Journal of Business Ethics in Developing Economies.

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