Summary of the Law of Intestate Succession in Scotland: With a Brief Outline of the Law of Intestate Succession in England; Comprehending Tables Showing, in Parallel Columns, the Modes in which Personal Estate is Divisible Under an Intestacy in Both Kingdoms; as Also an Epitome of the Law in Relation to the Imposition, Collection, and Settlement of the Legacy and Succession Duties, with the Barious Forms Applicable to the Settlement of These Duties, to the Administration of Personal Estates by Executors-dative, and to the Service of Heirs to Heritable Estates, Having Appended the Relative Statutes, Annotated with Reference to the Text, Buku 120

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Bell & Bradfute, 1884 - 525 halaman

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Halaman 274 - The lineal descendants, in infinitum, of any person deceased shall represent their ancestor ; that is, shall stand in the same place as the person himself would have done had he been living.
Halaman 313 - Act, to any other person, in possession or expectancy, shall be deemed to have conferred or to confer on the person entitled by reason of any such disposition or devolution a
Halaman 456 - Where the person or persons entitled to any beneficial interest in such property shall be the brother or sister of the father or mother or a descendant of a brother or sister of the father or mother of the decedent, at the rate of six per centum of the clear value of such interest in such property.
Halaman 359 - The court may, if it shall think fit, on any such decree, order that the husband shall to the satisfaction of the court secure to the wife such gross sum of money, or such annual sum of money for any term not exceeding her own life, as, having regard to her fortune (if any), to the ability of the husband and to the conduct of the parties...
Halaman 437 - ... and in any such action the defendant may plead the general issue, and give this Act and the special matter in evidence at any trial to be had thereupon...
Halaman 372 - Real and personal property of every description may be taken, acquired, held, and disposed of by an alien in the same manner in all respects as by a natural-born British subject...
Halaman 401 - ... of her husband and children, or any of them, shall create a trust in favour of the objects therein named, and the moneys payable under any such policy shall not, so long as any object of the trust remains unperformed, form part of the estate of the insured, or be subject to his or her debts...
Halaman 389 - ... be acquired by or devolve upon her after marriage, including any wages, earnings, money, and property gained or acquired by her in any employment, trade, or occupation, in which she is engaged, or which she carries on separately from her husband, or by the exercise of any literary, artistic or scientific skill.
Halaman 404 - Act, 1868, they may now make and enforce against a husband for the maintenance of his wife if she becomes chargeable to any union or parish. Where in Ireland relief is given under the provisions of the Acts relating to the relief of the destitute poor to the husband of any woman having separate property, the cost price of such relief is hereby declared to be a loan from the guardians of the union in which the same shall be given, and shall be recoverable from such woman as if she were a feme sole...
Halaman 358 - In every case of a judicial separation the wife shall, whilst so separated, be considered as a feme sole for the purposes of contract, and wrongs and injuries, and suing and being sued in any civil proceeding...