The Book of Tempeh, Volume 1

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Soyinfo Center, 1979 - 245 halaman
Abstract: Tempeh is a popular Indonesian fermented food consisting of cooked soybeans bound together by a dense, cottony mycelium of Rhizapus mold into compact cakes or patties. Tempeh is used as a main course, in sauces, as dressings, in salads, and fried. Tempeh compares favorably with meat protein sources. It is sold in four stages: 1) premature tempeh; 2) mature tempeh; 3) slightly overripe tempeh; and 4) overripe tempeh. Home preparation is easy, using storebought soybeans, starter, and typical kitchen utensils. The usefulness of tempeh as a food protein source is discussed. Variations and recipes for western-style, oriental, and Indonesian tempeh uses are given. History and uses of tempeh are explored in discussions of tempeh starter, Indonesian tempeh shops, microbiology and chemistry of fermentation, and soybean utilization.

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Shurtleff received degrees in engineering, honors humanities, and education from Stanford University. He taught physics for two years in Nigeria in the Peace Corps and has lived and traveled extensively in East Asia and Third World countries. He cofounded the Soyfoods Center and is the Director of it.

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