Michael Hillegas and His Descendants

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Press of M.E. Miller, 1891 - 118 halaman

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Halaman 18 - You have not acquired admiration in your own country only ; it is paid you abroad, and, you will learn with pleasure, by a part of your own sex, whose female accomplishments have attained their highest perfection, and who, from the commencement, have been the patronesses of American liberty. The army ought not to regret their sacrifices or sufferings, when they meet with so flattering a reward, as the sympathy of your sex, nor can they fear that their interests will be neglected, while espoused by...
Halaman 16 - ... us in the prosecution of a war, on the event of which our own freedom, and that of our posterity, and the freedom and independence of the United States, are all involved, hereby severally pledge our property and credit for the several sums specified and mentioned after our names, in order to support the credit of a bank to be established for furnishing a supply of provisions for the armies of the United States...
Halaman 19 - July, 1776, with the Constitution ; the minutes of the Assemblies of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to the end of the present year ; and the Articles of Confederation of the United States of America, and that the House will purchase and pay for two hundred copies thereof.
Halaman 18 - Resolved, That Michael Hillegas be requested and empowered to revise, compare, correct, and publish in one volume the resolves of the committee of the late province of Pennsylvania, with their instructions to their representatives in assembly held at Philadelphia...
Halaman 10 - ... are made of, laid on over the edges of one another like tiles ; and which, it is said, last very long, the tin preserving the iron from much decay by rusting. In France and the Low Countries, I have seen many spouts or pipes for conveying the water down from the roofs of houses, made of the same kind of tin plates soldered together ; and they seem to stand very well. With sincere regard, I am Yours, &c., B.
Halaman 29 - ... procure Riches in Maturity, of which Writing and Accounts are not the meanest. Learning, whether Speculative or Practical, is, in Popular or Mixt Governments, the Natural Source of Wealth and Honour. PRECEPT I In Things of moment, on thy self depend, Nor trust too far thy Servant or thy Friend: With private views, thy Friend may promise fair, And Servants very seldom prove sincere. PRECEPT...
Halaman 107 - SIR HARBOTTLE GRIMSTON Concludes his eloquent Epistle dedicatory of Croke Elizabeth to Charles II. with these words : " I beseech your majesty to accept this poor oblation from the heart and hands of him who makes it his daily prayers that you may live long, and triumphantly reign ; and that your sceptre may, like Aaron's rod, bud and blossom, and be an eternal testimony against all rebels.
Halaman 90 - Commissioners to apportion and lay off the ground whereon the barracks are situate, into as many lots as tnay be necessary, with such and so many streets and lanes, that the interest of the State and the convenience of the inhabitants may be thereby best promoted, and to make sale thereof, according to act of Assembly passed the first day of April, 1784.
Halaman 24 - Hillegas is one of our continental treasurers ; is a great musician ; talks perpetually of the forte and piano, of Handel, &c. and songs and tunes. He plays upon the fiddle.
Halaman 17 - It embellishes the American character with a new trait, by proving that the love of country is blended with those softer domestic virtues, which have always been allowed to be more peculiarly your own.

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