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Fees for Agents to Congress.
For each days service, (exclusive of expenses) find-
ing their own horses,

- - 0 10 Fees for Auditors of Accounts, Committees of Pay

table, and for Revising the Laws.
For each days service, (they bearing their own ex-

penses,) - - - - - - 0 12


AN ACT further to continue the Laws passed by the Legislature of this


Be it enacted, &c. that each and every law and statute of this State (except those statutes, and parts of statutes, that have been repealed by special act of Assembly) shall be and remain in full force and virtue, until the rising of the General Assembly, in October next.



AN ACT to enable the Governor and Council to pardon certain pera

sons therein described.

Whereas, certain persons in the county of Windham, have lately been convicted, before the supreme court of this State, of conspiring and attempting an invasion, insurrection, and public rebellion against this State, contrary to the form of a statute of this State, passed in June last, entitled, “ An Act for the punishment of conspiracies against the peace, liberty, and independence of this State;" and have been banished therefor: and whereas, it is suggested that some of said persons are penitent, and desirous of returning to their duty; and it is probable that during the recess of this House, some of said persons will petition for a pardon of their said offences: this Assembly being desirous, at all times, of shewing mercy, when it can be done consistent with the public safety:

Be it therefore enacted, &c. that his Excellency the Governor and the Honorable the Council of this State, be, and hereby are fully authorised and empowered, upon application to them made, during the adjournment of this Assembly, to pardon any of the said persons who have been banished from this State by the supreme court as aforesaid, in as full and ample a manner as this Assembly could do if convened.

AN ACT directing the Treasurer to issue State Notes on interest, for

debts due from this State.

Whereas, it is found necessary that the several due bills and orders heretofore issued in behalf of this State, should be reduced to one channel, the better to ascertain the amount of the out-standing debts of the same, and reasonable that such debts should be on interest :

Be it enacted, &c. that the committee of pay-table be, and they hereby are directed to make regular entries of all accounts, by them allowed, and orders thereupon drawn on the treasurer, and make return to his office, of all such orders, quarterly, viz :-on the first day of January, the first day of April, the first day of July, and the first day of October annually. And that the superior court be, and hereby are directed to keep a record of all orders by them drawn on the treasurer, and make a return of the same into his office, at the close of every session of said court. And the commissary-general of purchases, is also hereby directed to deliver to the treasurer, on or before the twentieth day of March next, an exact list of all debts contracted in behalf of this State, by him or his deputies, with the several sums, date of each contract, and the names of the several persons to whom due. And the commissary-general of purchases, drawing on the treasurer for the payment of such debts, so returned, as aforesaid, the treasurer is hereby directed to give his notes on interest, in behalf of this State, and make the commissary debtor for such sums. And the treasurer is also hereby directed to give his notes, in behalf of this State, on all due bills issued out of his office before this date, including such also as must be given on accounts necessary to be liquidated at the close of this session, and on regular orders heretofore drawn on him, and the commissary's orders for debts heretofore contracted by him, and all due bills which have been or may be issued by the pay-master. And such State notes to be issued by the treasurer as aforesaid, shall bear date and draw interest from the 13th day of February instant. Provided, such treasurer's due bills, orders and pay-master's due bills, be returned into the treasury-office on or before the first day of August next.

Be it further enacted, that all State notes, which may be issued by the treasurer, for orders hereafter to be drawn on him, and all such commissary's and other orders and due bills as aforesaid, which shall not be returned into the treasury-office, by the said first day of August next, shall be on interest and bear date from the time only of the treasurer's issuing notes as aforesaid, thereupon.

And whereas, a quantity of the bills of credit emitted by this State, are likely to remain in the hands of individuals, after the several taxes now levied are collected; Therefore,

Be it further enacted, that the treasurer be, and he hereby is directed, on the receipt of any such bills into his office, which are not received for taxes, to issue his notes therefor, in manner aforesaid, dating said notes at the time of receiving such bills ; provided it be for no sum less than one pound; and such money so received by the treasurer, shall be destroyed in the manner heretofore prescribed. And all such State notes,

so issued or to be issued, by the treasurer as aforesaid, shall be given on demand and draw interest at the rate of six per cent per annum : and the interest thereon shall be paid in hard money, annually, if demanded.

And the substance or form of such State notes shall be in the terms following, viz :

( No. ) TREASURY-OFFICE, , day of The State of Vermont acknowledge themselves indebted to A. B. the sum of

lawful money, which I promise in behalf of said State, to pay the said A. B. or possessor, on demand, with interest at six per cent, per annum : said interest to be paid in hard money, annually, if demanded. “ By virtue of an act of Assembly, passed at Windsor, February, 1783. « Witness,

I. A. Treasurer.”

Provided always, that no interest shall be allowed on any State notes, which shall be received in payment of taxes, that have been or may be granted, for the purpose of calling in and discharging said notes, after the day appointed, for the payment of such taxes to the collectors.

AN ACT to confirm the substance of the last Will and Testament of

Rufus Rude, late of Royalton, deceased, as the last Will of the said deceased.

Whereas, it appears that the last will and testament of Rufus Rude, late of Royalton, in the county of Windsor, deceased, was burned by the enemy in the destruction of Royalton, in the year 1780, and that the substance of the said will appears by the united testimony of the witnesses thereto to be as follows : After setting forth his being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and commending his soul to God Almighty, and his body to the earth, to be buried in a decent manner, &c. he did dispose of his wordly estate in manner and form as follows :

Imprimis.-He did give and bequeath unto Sarah, his wife, one third part of his estate, both real and personal.

Item.-He did give and bequeath unto his son Rufus, five shillings, lawful money, to be paid by his executor thereafter named; he having had his portion, before hand.

Item.--He did give and bequeath unto his daughter, Abigail, the wife of Simeon Curtis, of Norwich, in said county, one middling cow, or the value thereof; to be paid by the said executor_also one moiety of his wearing apparel.

Item.-He did give and bequeath unto his son-in-law, Elias Stevens, of said Royalton, all the remainder of his real estate : and to the said Elias and Sarah, his wife, daughter of the said Rufus, he did give and bequeath all the remainder of his personal estate. And further did constitute and appoint the said Elias Stevens, to be executor of his said last will and testament : at the same time revoking all other, and ratifying and confirming the said instrument, and no other, to be his last will and testament :--Therefore,

Be it enacted, &c. that the substance of the said last will and testament of the said Rufus Rude, be and hereby is ratified and confirmed to be tlte last will and testament of the said deceased : and that it be of equal force and validity as if the same will were still in being.

AN ACT granting a pardon to - Whereas, — , late of Brattleborough, has been found guilty of treason against this State, and banished therefrom, not to return on pain of death ; and all his estate, both real and personal, condemned to and for the use of this State. And whereas, the said has petitioned this Legislature for pardon, setting forth his sincere and hearty penitence and determination to behave orderly and submissive, in case of pardon : and as this Legislature are disposed to extend clemency to the unfortunate, and are made to believe that the said 's penitence is sincere : Be it therefore enacted, &c. that

, late of Brattleborough, be, and he is hereby pardoned, and discharged from the sentence passed against him in the superior court, holden at Westminster, in September last, on his paying all the cost of such suit, and his confinement in consequence thereof.

AN ACT for lengthening the time of redemption of three lots of land,

belonging to the heirs of Thomas French, deceased, Whereas, it has appeared to the Legislature that there was some collusion made use of, in the purchase of some lands, lying in Pawlet, the property of the heirs of Thomas French, late of Manchester, which were sold to pay the land-tax granted in the year 1781.

Be it therefore enacted, &c. that the right of redemption of three lots of land in said Pawlet, formerly the property of said heirs, and now held by other persons on said vendue purchase, be and is hereby prolonged antil the first day of June next.

AN ACT, in addition to an Act, entitled, “ An Act directing and regu

lating the levying and serving Executions." Whereas, through a scarcity of a circulating medium, it is very difficult to satisfy all debts in specie. Therefore,

Be it enacted, &c. that neat cattle, beef, pork, sheep, wheat, rye, and indian corn, shall be a lawful tender, it turned out by the debtor, on any execution. And it is hereby declared to be the duty of an officer having any execution, to levy the same on any or all the aforesaid estate, so turned out by the debtor : and such estate, so turned out and taken on execution, shall, unless the debtor shall, within four days, otherwise satisfy

such execution, be appraised to the creditor, at the sign-post in the town where the same shall be taken, or other place where the parties may agree. And the appraisers of such estate shall be appointed in the sime manner as the appraisers of real estate are by law to be appointed. And the officer shall satisfy all reasonable charges of such appraisement, out of the debtors estate. And the appraisers, before they proceed to make the appraisement, shall take the following oath ; which such officer is hereby impowered to administer, viz:

You being appointed to appraise such estate as shall be presented to you, do swear that, all partiality, prejudice, and other sinister respects, laid aside, you will appraise the said estate, according to the present and just value thereof in money, to the creditor or creditars, who is to receive the same ; and that you will do therein according to your best judgment and conscience. So help you God.

And be it further enacted, that an act passed at Manchester, in October, 1782, entitled “An Act, in addition to an act directing and regulating the levying and serving executions," be and the same is hereby repealed.

Provided always, that this act shall not extend to executions, issued on any judgments obtained on any contracts made, or hereafter to be made, since the first day of July last. And the date of such contract shall be certified on such executions.

AN ACT for the purpose of granting Daniel Taylor, a new trial in a

certain cause therein mentioned.

Whereas, by authentic evidence laid before this Assembly, it appears that manifest injustice has taken place in a certain cause beard and finally determined, before the county court for the county of Windham, at their adjourned session, at Westminster, August term, 1782, wherein Daniel Taylor of Newfane, in the county of Windham, was plaintiff, and John Mercy of Windsor, in the county of Windsor, was defendant : which injustice to prevent, and to grant the parties a new trial in a due course of law,

Be it enacted, &c. that there be and hereby is granted to the said Daniel Taylor, a new trial in the above recited cause : and that it be the duty of the said Daniel to enter his cause at the next session of the county court for the county of Windham, and to proceed to trial as though said cause ha i never been heard. And the said court are hereby directed to hear, adjudge and finally determine said cause, according to the laws, ordinances and statutes of this State, made and provided : of which premises the parties are to take notice at their peril.

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