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ding for the same, five pewter plates, two platters, two basons, one V. Pot, one tea kittle, one small brass kittle, one brass skillett,- the bedding to consist of three coverlids, one bed quilt, four blankets, and eight sheets, -one chest, her wearing apparrel, and her children's, and knives and forks. By order,


Bennington, 28th Feb. 1778. To the Commanding Officer at Albany,

Sir-I am directed by Council, to enclose a letter from the inhabitants of our frontiers, by which you will have opportunity to observe their complaints, which I judge are not groundless. Those inhabitants have been, for some time past, supported by a small scout of about twenty-four men, inhabitants of this State, who are in an unhappy situation, on account of their familes and stocks being left at home, and almost destitute of provisions for their families, or fodder for their cattle, occasioned by the ravages of the enemy, last campaign ; which has been so universally the case of the inhabitants of this State, that it has put it out of our power to furnish a public store of provisions. I therefore desire your honor, if consistent, to furnish a sufficient guard to protect the frontiers, or give orders that provisions be supplied out of the Continental stores, for the subsistence of one hundred men, exclusive of officers, to be raised within this State, for that purpose; which this Council are of opinion will be sufficient, until the opening of the spring. I am, Sir, &c.


In Council, March 5, 1778. Whereas, application has been made to this Council, by the frontier inhabitants of this State, near Lake. Champlain, and Otter Creek, requesting a suitable number of men to guard them from the incursions of the enemy; on which this Council laid the same before the commander in chief at Albany, requesting of him a number of troops for the above purpose, or at least, provisions for one hundred men, exclusive of commissioned officers, to be raised by this State; who was pleased to give his approbation for raising said men, and orders to the Commissary at Bennington, to furnish them with provisions,-therefore,

Resolved, to raise two companies, consisting of fifty able bodied effective men, in each, exclusive of commissioned officers, to be commanded by one Captain and two Lieutenants, each,—to give one months pay to them, to enable them to recruit their men, and ten dollars bounty to each non-commissioned officer and soldier, together with four pounds per month, as wages to continue in service two months from this date, unless sooner discharged. By order of Council,

THOMAS CHITTENDEN, President. Jos. Fay, Sec'y

In Council of Safety, Feb. 25, 1778. Lt. Martin Powel,

Sir -- You are hereby required to call the Committee of Safety for the town of Manchester, as soon as may be, to take cognizance of the case, depending between Lt. Peter Roberts and Arthur Bostwick, relative to the salt, Roberts accuses Bostwick of taking, without his licence therefor ; and to make, and execute, judgment thereon, as to justice appertains ;-- and to order the promise made by Bostwick to Roberts, for nia. king restitution for the salt, by the 27th instant, to be suspended, until such trial may be had. I am, Sir, your humble servant,


In Council, Pennington, 4th March, 1778. Messrs. Fitch and Roberts,

Gentlemen—The bearer, Daniel Kinney and Jonathan Trusdel, have this day made application to this Council for, each, the rent of a farm, within this State. They appear to be men that will make useful members of society, will deposit money in the treasury office of this State, sufficient, at least, for the rent of such farms as they may agree for. This Council therefore, desire that, if you have any farms now in possession, that you can dispose of, by virtue of your commission of sequestration, on the usual rate of renting them, that you oblige the bearers, to the best of your abilities. Your obedient servant, By order of Council,

JOSEPH FAY, Secy. In Council, Bennington, 6th March, 1778.

Instructions for Capt. Ebenezer Allen. The object of ordering the troops to be by you raised and commanded, is, to protect the northern inhabitants of this State, near Lake Champlain and Otter Creek. You will, therefore, proceed and raise your men, with all possible despatch; and when you have enlisted a sufficient number, you will march them to New-Haven fort, where you are to take post. You are to keep out proper scouts, to reconnoitre the woods to watch the movements of the enemy, and report them to this Council, or the of ficer commanding the troops in the northern department, as often as you shall find, from time to time, necessary. As there is some few inhabitants north of the fort, should you judge them to be disaffected persons to the interests of the United States of America, you will confine him or them, and secure his or their estate, for the use of this State, until such person or persons may be tried by a Committee of Safety, next adjacent to the offender or offenders; and if such Committee shall acquit them or either of them, he or they, so acquitted, to be restored in their property.

You are to be particularly cautious that none of the inhabitants may puffer, by their effects being taken, on suspicion of their being tories. By order of Council,


In Council, Windsor, 12th March, 1778. This Council do recommend to the several gentlemen appointed by the freemen of the several towns within this State, to represent them, in General Assembly, to assemble at the town house in this place, immedidiately, and to form a House of Assembly, by choosing a Speaker and Clerk; and make report of your proceedings hereon, as soon as may be, to this Council. By order of Council,


In Council, Windsor, 12th March, 1778. To John Benjamin, gentleman.

Whereas, a number of the inhabitants of this State, are now met together, in this place, appointed by the freemen of the several towns within the same, in order to form a House of Assembly;- and whereas it is found necessary that some person be appointed to act in the capacity of a Sheriff; - You are therefore, hereby appointed, authorised and empowered, in the capacity of Sheriff, during the session of this present Assembly, unless sooner discharged; and to subject yourself to such rules and orders as you shall, from time to time, receive from this, or a future Couneil of this state; for which this shall be your sufficient warrant. By order of Council,

THOMAS CHITTENDEN, President. Attest, Jos. Fay, Secy.

The government of Vermont commenced its operations under the Constitution, on the 13th of March, 1778. As the principal power was, by the Constitution, vested in the General Assembly- whose journal will be found in a subsequent part of this volume—it is deemed unimportant to publish the journal of the Governor and Council. For the purpose, however, of exhibiting some of the powers exereised by that branch of the government, immediately after its organization under the Constitution, we extract the following from its journal.

In Council, Arlington, April 10, 1778. To Capt. Ebenezer Wallace,

Sir - You are hereby required to call to your assistance, two sufficient, able bodied, effective men, and such as you can repose the greatest trust and confidence in, and with them, immediately to proceed to the green mountain, east of this place, and from thence you are to proceed to the north, and to search the woods, critically and diligently; and, in case you, or either of your party, shall make discovery of any person or persons, who have voluntarily heretofore gone over to the enemy, and are now within this State, as spies, or otherwise, that you secure any such person or persons, and him or them bring, forthwith, before this board, to be further dealt with, according to law. And you are hereby author. ised and empowered to call to your assistance, such of the militia ot this. State, as you may, from time to time, find necessary, to carry this measure into effectual execution ;- and if, at any time, you should tind necessary, you are to immediately post away the intelligence of your situation, and the discoveries you have made, to the Governor of this State. And you are hereby further directed and empowered to administer an oath of secrecy to the persons whom you shall take to your assistance; and you are likewise, to secure any other person or persons, whom you may judge to be enemies to this or the United States of America.

THOMAS CHITTENDEN. Attest, M. Lyon, D. Sec'y.

In Council, Arlington, 24th April, 1778. To Abram Mattison, Pownal.

Whereas, it has been represented to this Council, by Austin Sealey, that you have taken from him a cow and calf, which is either the property of this State, or his son ;-- this is therefore to request, and order, you to deliver the cow and calf to said Sealey, or to appear before this Council to give the reasons why you withhold said cow and calf, forthwith. By order of Governor and Council,


In Council, Arlington, 25th April, 1778. Mr. Joseph Smith is to sell the wheat that he has seized, formerly the property of — - * now stored at widow Peters', and pay Mr. Sprague two pounds, five shillings and six pence, lawful money, and as much to himself; and the remainder to send by a safe hand to the Treasurer of this State, as soon as may be ;- the money to be paid to Mr. Sprague and Mr. Smith, is for travel to Bennington, and giving evidence against said By order of Governor and Council,


In Council, Arlington, 28th May, 1778. To Capt. Jesse Sawyer,

You are hereby directed to engage five soldiers to go with you in search of enemical persons, to the north of this, in such places as you shall think proper, and make returns of your proceedings, within six days, to this Council.

THOMAS CHITTENDEN, Governor. Attest, Matthew Lyon, D. Secoy. Whereas, it has been represented to this Council, that the wife of

- * late of Manchester, (now in arms with the enemy,) is very turbulent and troublesome, where she now is, and refuses to obey orders ;-

* See note, page 198.

To Stephen Washburn,

Sir --You are hereby commanded to take said woman, and her chil. dren that are now in Manchester, and transport them to head quarters at Rutland, and there deliver them to the commanding officer, who will order a party of the men under his command to transport and guard them to some convenient place, on the east side of Lake Champlain, where she can go to the enemy, in order to get to her husband; and also take, of her moveable estate, formerly 'he property of said , now in her possession, two feather beds and bedding, not exceeding eight sheets, six coverlids or blankets, five plates, two platters, two basons, one quart cup, and knives and forks, if he has such things, and her own, and her children's, wearing apparrel. The rest of the moveables, belonging to said estate, you will sell to the best advantage, in order to defray the charge of transportation of her family. You will keep exact accounts, and the overplus, you will pay to the Treasurer of this state. By order of Governor and Council,

M. LYON, D. Secy.

In Council, June 4, 1778. To Benjamin Fay, Esq. Sheriff of the County of Bennington.

This Council have taken into consideration, this day, the petition of David Redding, now a prisoner, under sentence of death, and do hereby, in consequence, reprieve him the said David Redding, until Thursday next, the 11th instant June, precisely at the hour of two o'clock, in the afternoon of said day. You are therefore, hereby ordered to suspend his execution until that time. By order of Council,


In Council, June 5, 1778. Col. Samuel Herrrick,

Sir Yours of this days date, have received. In answer thereto, would inform you that Redding did petition the General Assembly of this State, for a re-hearing, inasmuch as he was tried by a jury of six men, only. The members of the Assembly not being come so fully before the time of his execution, so as to determine the matter, therefore, this Council have reprieved said Redding from being executed, until Thursday next, two o'clock, in the afternoon. This Council do not doubt, in the least, but that the said Redding will have justice done him, to the satisfaction of the public. By order of Governor and Council,


In Council, June 9, 1778. Resolved, that Col. Ethan Allen be, and is hereby chosen to act in the capacity, and do the duty, of States Attorney, in the cause depending bemween this, the United States of America, and David Redding, a prisoner

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