The Works of Daniel Defoe: The history and remarkable life of the truly honourable Colonel Jacque, commonly called Colonel Jack

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Halaman 244 - These are the heroes that despise the Dutch And rail at new-come foreigners so much ; Forgetting that themselves are all derived From the most scoundrel race that ever lived...
Halaman 237 - Wherever God erects a house of prayer, The Devil always builds a chapel there: And 'twill be found upon examination, The latter has the largest congregation.
Halaman 246 - The royal refugee our breed restores, With foreign courtiers, and with foreign whores : And carefully repeopled us again, Throughout his lazy, long, lascivious reign, With such a blest and true-born English fry, As much illustrates our nobility.
Halaman 253 - 11 starve themselves and families. An Englishman will fairly drink as much As will maintain two families of Dutch : Subjecting all their labour to their pots ; The greatest artists are the greatest sots. The country poor do by example live ; The gentry lead them, and the clergy drive : What may we not from such examples -hope ? The landlord is their god, the priest their pope. A drunken clergy and a swearing bench Has...
Halaman 287 - England and erect a new colony, and give them great privileges, grants, and suitable powers, keep them under protection, and defend them against all invaders, and receive no taxes or revenue from them. This was the cruelty of the Church of England; fatal lenity!
Halaman 300 - The light foolish handling of them by mulcts, fines, &c. ; 'tis their glory and their advantage! If the Gallows instead of the Counter, and the galleys instead of the fines; were the reward of going to a conventicle, to preach or hear, there would not be so many sufferers...
Halaman 248 - Thus from a mixture of all kinds began That heterogeneous thing an Englishman...
Halaman 290 - The late reign is too fresh in the memory of all the world to need a comment ; how under pretence of joining with the church in redressing some grievances, they pushed things to that extremity, in conjunction with some mistaken gentlemen, as to depose the late king, as if the grievance of the nation could not have been redressed but by the absolute ruin of the prince : here is an instance of their temper, their peace and charity.
Halaman 279 - Could but our ancestors retrieve the fate, And see their offspring thus degenerate ; How we contend for birth and names unknown, And build on their past actions, not our own ; They'd cancel records, and their tombs deface, And openly disown the vile degenerate race : For fame of families is all a cheat, 'Tis personal virtue only makes us great.
Halaman 298 - Serpents, toads, vipers, &c., are noxious to the body, and poison the sensitive life ; these poison the soul, corrupt our posterity, ensnare our children, destroy the vitals of our happiness, our future felicity, and contaminate the whole mass.

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