Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session on S. 2222, a Bill to Authorize the Allowance of Leave Credit to Officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the Reserve Components Thereof, who Were Denied Such Credit as the Result of Certain Changes in Their Status Between September 8, 1939, and August 9, 1946; S. 4028 ... ; S 4088 ... ; S. 4117 ... ; S. 4118 ... ; S. 4128 and S. 4135 ... ; H.R. 8677 ... ; Nomimations (as Per References Nos. 388, 392, 403, 409, 410). First Report of the Preparedness Subcommittee. September 7, 1950

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950 - 45 halaman
Considers legislation on restoration of leave credit for certain WWII officers, French student admission to Naval Academy, establishment of additional state military forces while National Guard units are in active Federal service, establishment and extension of Coast Guard induction and enlistment programs, appropriations for the Air Engineering Development Center, five-star rank designation for the JCS Chairman, administration of the Panama Canal by the Canal Zone Government, and sundry nominations.

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