Around & about South America: Twenty Months of Quest & Query

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Appleton, 1895 - 473 halaman

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Halaman 472 - Take it all in all, the History promises to be the ideal American history. Not so much given to dates and battles and great events as in the fact that it is like a great panorama of the people, revealing their inner life and action. It contains, with all its...
Halaman 472 - The third volume contains the brilliantly written and fascinating story of the progress and doings of the people of this country from the era of the Louisiana purchase to the opening scenes of the second war with Great Britain — say a period of ten years. In every page of the book the reader finds that fascinating flow of narrative, that clear and lucid style, and that penetrating power of thought and judgment which distinguished the previous volumes.
Halaman 471 - A new volume from Mr. Frank Vincent is always welcome, for the reading public have learned to regard him as one of the most intelligent and observing of travelers.
Halaman 472 - This is due to the art of presentation. The author's position as a scientific workman we may accept on the abundant testimony of the experts who know the solid worth of his work; his skill as a literary artist we can all appreciate, the charm of his style being self-evident.
Halaman 473 - Mr. Conway's volume is a splendid record of a daring and adventurous scientific expedition. . . . What Mr. Whymper did for the Northern Andes, Mr. Conway has done for the Karakorum Himalayas." — London Times. " It would be difficult to say which of the many classes of readers who will welcome the work will find most enjoyment in its fascinating pages. Mr. Conway's pen and Mr. McCormick's pencil have made their countrymen partners in their pleasure.
Halaman 473 - Hispar, at the foot of the longest glacier in the world outside the polar regions ; the first definitely recorded passage of the Hispar Pass, the longest known pass in the world ; and the ascent of Pioneer Peak (about 23,000 feet), the highest ascent yet authentically made. No better man could have been chosen for this important expedition than Mr. Conway, who has spent over twenty years in mountaineering work in the Alps. Already the author of nine published books, he has recorded his discoveries...

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