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Welsh descent of Cromwell . g so * > o o to
Story of Sir Richard Cromwell and Henry VIII. & * te
Lands in Huntingdomshire granted to Sir Richard Cromwel e e
Henry Cromwell knighted by Queen Elizabeth g & & &
Robert Cromwell, the father of the Protector .
Sir Oliver Cromwell . o g to d te { } g e
Marriage of Robert Cromwell to * * * * © e { }
Birth of the Protector . & wo © & o & g ©
Traditions at Huntingdon . to * o o to *
Educated at the Free Grammar School of Huntingdom g ©
Plays the part of ‘Tactus’ in the comedy of ‘Lingua’ & &
Curious extract from ‘Lingua’ to * e te to se e
Story of the “gigantic figure’ g © to * * * g
Story of Cromwell and Prince Charles in 1604 e

Value of traditionary anecdotes . se & & o o « » Removed to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge * As * * Blaced at Lincoln’s Inn o e co e Qe so go o Returns to reside on his paternal property to g © wo to Low course of life led by Cromwell at this period . too to i. Petitions for a commission of lunacy against his maternal uncle, Sir Thomas Steward . o to e e * e

Marries Elizabeth Bourchier . o to
Returned to King Charles's first parliament for the

*tingdon to & o to & ©
Related to Hampden and St. John . & go e to <>

borough of Hun

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Returned a second time for Huntingdon . e © * g o
Sells a part of his estate and stocks a grazing farm at St. Ives . to
His sheep-irons and other memorials of him at St. Ives in 1784
Death of Sir Thomas Steward wo & wo e o

Removes to the glebe-house in the city of Ely . § g * & Acquires the popular title of “Lord of the Fens” . to wo go

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