Journal - Federal Home Loan Bank Board

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Federal Home Loan Bank Board, 1972
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Halaman 7 - The time has now come in America to reverse the flow of power and resources from the states and communities to Washington, and start power and resources flowing back from Washington to the states and communities and, more important, to the people all across America.
Halaman 22 - Secretary of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
Halaman 5 - We Do Business in Accordance With the Federal "Fair Housing Law" It is illegal, because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, to : Deny a loan for the purpose of purchasing, constructing, improving, repairing, or maintaining a dwelling or Discriminate in fixing of the amount, interest rate, duration, application procedures or other terms or conditions of such a loan.
Halaman 8 - Banks, and the vaults of commercial banks; (2) travelers checks of nonbank issuers; (3) demand deposits at all commercial banks other than those due to domestic banks.
Halaman 38 - Secretary to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, 101 Indiana Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20552, and the time prescribed shall not be less than 15 days.
Halaman 86 - Book value of ledger assets of all legal reserve life insurance companies in the United States as estimated by the Institute of Life Insurance.
Halaman 31 - Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia. Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia District Chief Examiner: Howard L.
Halaman 25 - OF THE FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK BOARD The Federal Home Loan Bank Board...
Halaman 27 - Negotiable time certificates of deposit issued in denominations of $100,000 or more by large weekly reporting commercial banks.

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