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CHAPTER XXXI.-Warrants, Registration of.

$681. How and to whom drawn.
682. Shall be sworn to before.
683. Shall be signed by and attested by.
684. Record of all warrants.
685. All warrants countersigned by.

8686. Payment of warrants.
687. Indorsed when no funds.
688. Publication of lists.
689. Delivery of books to successor,
690. Penalty.

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SECTION 681. How and to Whom Drawn. [7263] All warrants shall be drawn to the order of the person or persons entitled to receive the same, and shall specify the nature of the claim or service for which they were issued and out of what funds payable; and the term “warrants," as used in this act, shall be understood to include all orders of any kind or description authorized by law to be drawn on public treasurers for money payments. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 1.)

SEC. 682. Sworn to. [7264] No warrants shall be issued except under due authority as provided by law; and no warrants shall be issued or authorized by any board of county commissioners, city council, township board, school-district board, or board of education, except on audited account duly itemized in writing and verified by affidavit, setting forth that the same is just and correct and remains due and unpaid; and for the purpose of such affidavit, the chairman of the county board, the mayor of the city, the township trustee, the director of the school district, and the president of the board of education, and the respective clerks thereof, shall have power to administer oaths. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 2.)

SEC. 683. Signed and Attested. [7265] County warrants shall be signed by the chairman of the board of county commissioners, and attested by the clerk; city warrants shall be signed by the mayor, and attested by the city clerk; township warrants shall be signed by the township trustee, and attested by the township clerk; school-district warrants shall be signed by the director, and attested by the clerk; board of education warrants shall be signed by the president, and attested by the clerk. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 3.)

SEC. 684. Record. [7266] The clerk of every county, township, city, school district, or board of education shall keep a correct record of all warrants drawn on the treasury of such county, township, city, school district, or board of education, showing the number, date and amount thereof, on what fund drawn, and the name of the person or persons to whom the same are made payable. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 4.)

SEC. 685. Countersigned. [7267] Before delivering any warrant to the person or persons for whose benefit the same is drawn, the clerk shall present the same to the treasurer, who shall enter, in a book by him kept for that purpose, the number, date and amount of such warrant, on what fund drawn, and the name of the payee, and thereupon countersign the warrant upon the face thereof. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. .5.)

SEC. 686. Payment. [7268] It shall be the duty of the treasurer of any county, city, township, school district or board of education to pay on presentation any warrant properly drawn on any fund in his custody by virtue of his office, and, when paid, write across the face of such warrant the word "Paid" in red ink, and sign the same; provided, that there is sufficient money in his possession belonging to the fund upon which such warrant is drawn to pay the same. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 6.)

SEC. 687. Indorsed. [7269] In case there is not sufficient money in the hands of such treasurer to pay any warrant when presented, he shall indorse thereon a proper registered number, in the regular order of its presentation, and the words, “Presented and not paid for want of funds,"163 with date, and sign said indorsement; and he shall record in his warrant register the number, amount and date of all such warrants, to whom payable, and the date when presented for payment, and their register number as indorsed thereon, and such warrants shall be paid in the order of their presentation as shown by such register; and no warrants shall be received for taxes by any county treasurer unless he shall have in cash a sufficient sum to redeem all warrants having such priority over the warrants so offered for taxes. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 7.)

SEC. 688. Publication of Lists. [7270] It shall be the duty of any treasurer, whenever any money comes into his hands by virtue of his office, to set apart a sufficient sum to pay any or all warrants that have been registered in compliance with the provisions of this act, and to keep the same until called for; and it shall be the duty of every county, township and school-district treasurer to publish in the official county paper, and of every city treasurer and board of education to publish in the official city paper, between the 1st and 15th days of February and August in each year, a call for the redemption of such warrants as he can pay, describing the warrants by giving their issue number, register number, and amount; and interest shall cease on each of said warrants on and after such publication. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 8.) SEC. 689. Books Delivered. [7271]

[7271] Every county, city and township treasurer and every treasurer of a school district or board of education shall, upon the expiration of his term of office, deliver to his successor the warrant register containing the lists of warants originally recorded and countersigned, and presented and registered, who shall in all things act as though the entries of such warrants were made by himself. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 9.)

163. Such warrants bear six per cent interest until paid.

SEC. 690. Penalty. [7272] Any officer of any county, city, township, school district or board of education who shall sign or attest any warrant not duly authorized by the proper board or city council, and any treasurer who shall countersign any warrant not theretofore signed and attested by the proper officers as required in this act, shall be liable to the county, city, township, school district or board of education in the sum of such warrant; and any such officer who shall violate any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum of not less than $50 nor more than $500. (Laws 1891, ch. 249, sec. 10.)

CHAPTER XXXII. Frances Willard Day.

$691. Observance in public schools. SECTION 691. Observance of Frances Willard Day in Public Schools. That September 28, or the school day in each year hereafter nearest to said date, shall be set apart and designated as “Frances Willard Day"; and, in every public school in the state of Kansas, one quarter of the school day shall be set apart for instruction and appropriate exercises relative to the history and benefits of the prohibitory amendment to the constitution and the prohibitory laws of the state of Kansas. It shall be the duty of all state, county, city, and school district officers, and of all public school teachers in the state, to carry out the provisions of this act. (Laws 1915, ch. 305, sec. 1.)


[blocks in formation]

Academies, eligible for normal training without state aid...
Accredited colleges :

application for approval..
examined by State Board of Education.
graduates receive state certificates.

graduates with practice-teaching.
Act of admission, educational provisions.
Adjacent territory attached for school purposes:

cities first class..

cities second class.
Age certificate, employed children.
Age certificates, inspected..
Age, compulsory attendance
Age, school:

cities second class.

school districts

special normal-school certificates..
special state certificates..

state aid in normal training high schools.
Agricultural College. (See State Agricultural College.)
Aid to high schools:

county aid, population less than 10,000...
state aid, agriculture and domestic science.

state aid, normal training...
Alcoholic stimulants:

pupils instructed in effects..

teachers examined on effects.
Annexation of school districts to other districts.

division of districts annexed.
Annexation of territory to city.


value of property.
Annual meeting:

board of education, cities first and second class.
consolidated school district.
graded school district..
school district
union district

(See, also, District, annual meeting.)
Annual report:

[blocks in formation]

board of education, cities first class.
board of education, cities second class.
clerk of joint district.
county superintendent
district clerk

trustees of county high school.
Annual school fund..

apportioned how
consists of what.
county treasurers receive.
distributed by state superintendent.
paid to county treasurers by state treasurer.
paid to district treasurers by county treasurer.

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