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money for the benefit of the common schools of the state, and shall take duplicate receipts therefor; and it shall be his duty to file one of such duplicates with the probate court of the proper county. If, at any time within twenty-one years after the date of payment of said money to the county treasurer, any person shall appear and claim said money as the rightful heir to said estate, and shall prove heirship satisfactory to the probate court, the judge of said court shall so certify, and the state treasurer shall pay over to such claimant the sum so received from the county treasurer from such estate. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 15, sec. 10.)

SEC. 579. State and County Superintendents to Give Notice of Unclaimed Estates. That it shall be the duty of the state superintendent of public instruction and the county superintendent of public instruction whenever they, or either of them, have notice or knowledge of the existence of an estate of a person who has died without heir or bona fide will to notify the county attorney of the county in which the estate or any part of it is located, and to notify the attorney-general in like manner. (Laws 1913, ch. 273, sec. 1.)

SEC. 580. Probate Judge to Give Notice. Whenever it shall come to the notice of the probate judge that an estate of a deceased person is being administered under the supervision of his court, and the heirs or devisees, or pretended heirs or pretended devisees, are unknown to the probate judge it shall be the duty of such probate judge to notify the county attorney of the fact of such administration and to notify the attorneygeneral in like manner. (Laws 1913, ch. 273, sec. 2.)

SEC. 581. County Attorney to Investigate. Whenever it shall come to the notice of the county attorney that there exists in his county the estate of a person who has died without heir or will, it shall be his duty to investigate and closely scrutinize the claims of such claimants, and to prevent the spoliation of such estates by fraudulent claimants, and to conserve and secure all such estates for the benefit of the school fund where the claimants are not entitled thereto. (Laws 1913, ch. 273, sec. 3.)

SEC. 582. Expense of Inquiry. Whenever in the opinion of the probate judge the interests of the school fund so require, the probate court may make an allowance out of the estate to defray the reasonable expenses of the county attorney in making inquiries and in the examination of witnesses touching the rights of claimants to the estate of any such deceased person; but no expense to the estate shall be incurred under the provisions of this act where there are one or more heirs or devisees residing in the county, or where any one or more of the heirs or devisees are personally known to the probate judge. (Laws 1913, ch. 273, sec. 4.)

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SEC. 583. Unlawful to Act as Private Attorney. It shall be unlawful for either the attorney-general or county attorney to be employed as a private attorney in behalf of any pretended heir or devisee not residing in the county where the estate is located in any matter or proceeding before the probate court or where the rights of such pretended heir or devisee may be affected by the judgment or opinion of any court thereon. (Laws 1913, ch. 273, sec. 5.)

SEC. 584. Duty of Attorney-general. It shall be the duty of the attorney-general to see that this act is enforced and obeyed, and whenever in his opinion, or in the opinion of the governor, the public interests require it, the attorney-general may supersede the county attorney and perform his duties in the prosecution or defense of the interests of the school fund under this act. (Laws 1913, ch. 273, sec. 6.)

SEC. 585. Consolidation of Bonds. [7702] It is hereby made the duty of the School-fund Commissioners to consolidate all state bonds now belonging to or hereafter coming into possession of the permanent school fund, in the following manner, to wit: All bonds falling due on the same date and bearing the same rate of interest shall be consolidated into one bond, of equal amount to the bonds so consolidated; and coupons of interest shall be attached thereto, of equal amount to the consolidated coupons, and payable in the same manner as the coupons of the bonds so consolidated; such consolidated bonds shall be made out by the auditor of state, signed by the governor, and attested by the secretary of state, and shall be made payable to the permanent school fund of the state of Kansas, and shall have imprinted on their face the words, "Not transferable." All bonds presented by the School-fund Commissioners shall, in their presence, be canceled and destroyed by the auditor of state, after a consolidated bond shall have been issued for the same. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 15, sec. 11.)

SEC. 586. Registry of Consolidated Bonds. [7703] [7703] All consolidated bonds shall be registered by the auditor as other state bonds now are registered. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 15, sec. 12.)

SEC. 587. Registration of Bonds Belonging to School Fund. [7709] Immediately after the passage of this act, it shall be the duty of the auditor of state to prepare a register of all bonds belonging to the permanent school fund. (Laws 1877, ch. 172, sec. 1.).

SEC. 588. Registration of Bonds Purchased. [7710] That it shall hereafter be the duty of the commissioners of the permanent school fund to present to the auditor of state all bonds which may hereafter be purchased by them prior to the deposit of the same with the state treasurer, and it shall be the duty of

the auditor to register all bonds so presented. (Laws 1877, ch. 172, sec. 2.)

SEC. 589. Treasurer's Statement. [7711] That it shall be the duty of the state treasurer, immediately after collecting any interest on such bonds or the principal of the same, to file with the auditor a detailed statement or statements of the amount or amounts so collected, stating the name of the county, the number of the district, the number of the coupons or bonds paid by such district, and the amount paid; and the said treasurer shall cancel on the register in his office all coupons and bonds so paid. (Laws 1877, ch. 172, sec. 4.)

SEC. 590. Cancellation of Bonds and Coupons. [7712] That immediately after the filing of such statement or statements by the treasurer, the auditor shall cancel such coupons or bonds as are designated in said statement or statements upon the register in his office, and charge the treasurer with the amounts. (Laws 1877, ch. 172, sec. 5.)

SEC. 591. Bonds to be Compared. [7713] That it shall be the duty of the auditor of state, on the first Monday in August of each year, to compare the register kept by him with the bonds in the treasurer's office, and shall at the time of comparing such register require the treasurer to produce all coupons and bonds remaining unpaid, which shall be compared with the register. (Laws 1877, ch. 172, sec. 6.)

SEC. 592. Penalty. [7714] That any state treasurer who shall fail or refuse to comply with the provisions of section 3 and section 5 of this act150 shall be deemed guilty of having converted the same to his own use, and shall upon conviction be subject to all the penalties provided for in section 56 of chapter 102, General Statutes of the state of Kansas. (Laws 1877, ch. 172, sec. 7.)

SEC. 593. Exchange of Bonds. [7715] The board of commissioners for the management of the state permanent school fund shall have the power to exchange any school-district or board-of-education bonds belonging to the permanent school funds now in the state treasury for other bonds of the same district or board of education bearing a lower rate of interest and running a longer time than the bonds exchanged, upon the application of the proper officers of such school district or board of education; provided, that they shall not receive any funding bonds running a less time than five years; and provided further, that the rate of interest on bonds so accepted by said commission shall not be less than four per cent. (Laws 1907, ch. 377, sec. 1.)

SEC. 594. Funding Bonds to be Stamped. [7719] All bonds accepted as funding bonds by the board of commissioners shall 150. Section 590 of this book.

be stamped by the auditor and deposited with the state treasurer, and the auditor shall charge the treasurer with the amount in the same manner as though said bonds had been purchased for cash. (Laws 1879, ch. 160, sec. 5.)


for the sum of
for like amount

SEC. 595. Record of Proceedings. [7717] The said board of commissioners, after having examined and accepted, any funding bonds as contemplated in section 1 of this act, shall make a certificate in duplicate, directed to the state treasurer, stating that they have examined and accepted the funding bonds of school district No., of the county of board of education of the city of dollars, in lieu of bonds numbered issued by said district or board of education, now in the state treasury, and belonging to the fund, and the treasurer of state is authorized to cancel and return the bonds so funded, together with the coupons attached thereto, and not matured, to the proper officer of the county, city or school district, which said certificate shall be signed by a majority of the said commissioners, one of which shall be filed with the auditor of state and the other delivered to the state treasurer.

1879, ch. 160, sec. 3.)


CHAPTER XXVI.-State Annual School Fund.

$596. State annual school fund shall consist of what.

597. State treasurer hold annual school fund subject to order of state superintendent.

598. Treasurer shall pay county treasurer on order of state superintendent. 599. County treasurer shall apply to state treasurer for school moneys apportioned to county.

$600. County treasurer, upon proper application, shall pay over moneys to district treasurer.

601. Each insurance company doing business in the state shall annually pay fifty dollars into the state annual school fund.

SECTION 596. Shall Consist of What. [7722] The state annual school fund shall consist of the annual income derived from the interest and rents of the perpetual school fund, as provided in the constitution of the state. (Laws 1879, ch. 149, sec. 4, March 13.)

SEC. 597. State Treasurer. [7723] The state treasurer shall receive all the annual income of the state appropriated for the annual support of schools, whether derived from the interest of moneys loaned, rents of school-lands, or annual tax, and hold the same subject to the order of the state superintendent of public instruction. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 16, sec. 2.)

SEC. 598. Payment. [7725] He shall pay over to the treasurer of each county, on application, the amount of school money due to said county, on order of the state superintendent of public instruction. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 16, sec. 4.)

SEC. 599. County Treasurer. [7727] The treasurer of each county shall apply for and receive of the state treasurer the school moneys apportioned to his county as soon as the same shall become payable. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 16, sec. 6.)

SEC. 600. Pay to the District Treasurer. [7728] Each county treasurer receiving such moneys shall, upon proper application of the district treasurer of any district, pay over to the said district treasurer the amount apportioned to the district by the county superintendent. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 16, sec. 7.)

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SEC. 601. Insurance Companies. [7729] insurance company doing business in this state shall, in addition to the fees required by this act (chapter 93, Laws 1871), pay into the state treasury, for the benefit of the annual school fund, the sum of fifty dollars each year. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 16, sec. 8.)

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