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SEC. 520. County Clerk; Excessive Levies. [9421] Any levy which may be certified to the county clerk in excess of the limitations placed by this act shall be unlawful, and in any such case it shall be unlawful for the county clerk of any county within the state to enter upon the tax-roll of the county any such excessive levy; and in case of any such excess in any levy it is hereby made the duty of the county clerk and he is hereby required to reduce such levy and to extend upon the tax-roll only such a part thereof as will comply with the provisions of this act. (Laws 1909, ch. 245, sec. 28.)

SEC. 521. Penalty; Officers. [9422] Any officer of any taxing district or any county clerk who shall violate any provision of this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars and shall also be subject to removal from office by a civil action. (Laws

( 1909, ch. 249, sec. 29.)

CHAPTER XIX.—Libraries.

ARTICLE I.-School-district Libraries. 8522. School districts may vote a tax not 8523. The money so collected shall be used to exceed two mills for district

for no other purpose. library.

524. Librarian to be appointed by district

board. SECTION 522. Library Fund.

Library Fund. [7546] That the several school districts of the state many, at the annual meeting in each year, vote a tax142 upon all the taxable property of the district, not to exceed two mills143 on the dollar, which tax shall be certified by the district clerk to the county clerk, at the same time and manner as other school-district taxes are certified; and the county clerk shall place the same on the tax-roll of the county in a separate column, designating the purpose for which such tax was levied; and said tax shall be collected and paid over to the treasurer of said district in all respects as other school-district taxes are collected and paid ; provided, however, that in the districts where the taxable property of the district is more than $20,000 and not more than $30,000, there shall not be levied more than one and one-half mills143 on the dollar; and where the taxable property is more than $30,000 and not more than $50,000, there shall not be levied more than one mill143 on the dollar; and in all cases where the taxable property of the district shall exceed $50,000, there shall not be levied more than one-half mill143 on the dollar. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 8, sec. 1.)

SEC. 523. How Used. [7547] The money so collected shall be used under the direction of the board of directors for the purchasing of a school-district library, and for no other purpose; and the district board, in the purchase of books, shall be confined to works of history, biography, science, and travels. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 8, sec. 2.)

SEC. 524. Librarian; Rules. [7548] The district clerk shall be the librarian, unless the board of directors shall appoint some other competent and suitable person, who shall reside in the district, to perform the duties of that office; and the board shall have power to make such rules and regulations in regard to the management of said library as they shall deem best, and they shall revise and change said rules from time to time as the necessities of the case may require. (Laws 1876, ch. 122, art. 8, sec. 3.)

142. The library tax is an additional levy.

143. Limited to twenty-five per cent of the above amounts by Laws 1909, ch. 245, sec. 25 (section 517 of this book).

ARTICLE II.—Kansas State Traveling Libraries and Aplington Art

Gallery. $525. Management of library.


8527. Management of gallery. 526. Aplington art gallery.

SECTION 525. Management of Library. [8252] That the Kansas Traveling Libraries Commission shall have the management of the traveling library department of the state library, shall make such rules for the government of such department and the use of the books and other property thereof as they may deem necessary, and, under such regulations as they may prescribe, they may send out temporarily from the miscellaneous department of the state library such books (not including reference books or other books inappropriate for such purposes) as may be designated for that purpose by the directors of the state library and any books specially given to or bought for such traveling libraries to any library in the state, or to any community or organization not yet having an established library but which has conformed to the conditions of said regulations of said commission, and such books, when so sent out to such library, community, or organization, shall be there kept for the use of the public, subject to such reasonable regulations with reference thereto as may be adopted by said commission. And said commission shall from time to time so send out and distribute such books throughout the state, and at suitable intervals change such distribution, in such manner as to secure to the greatest practicable degree the use and enjoyment of such books to the people of the entire state. Said commission shall be entitled to receive the assistance of the assistant librarian of the state library who is in charge of the miscellaneous department of the state library. (Laws 1899, ch. 163, secs. 3 and 4.)

SEC. 526. Aplington Art Gallery. [8254] That the state of Kansas accepts the proffer made by the Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, and takes the collection of carbon photographic reproductions of the world's famous paintings for circulation amongst and for the use of the people of the state; provided, that the collection shall be marked and known as "The Aplington art gallery." (Laws 1907, ch. 385, sec. 1.)

SEC. 527. Management of Gallery. [8255] That the Aplington art gallery is hereby constituted a part of the Kansas traveling libraries, and is placed under the direction and control of the Kansas Traveling Libraries Commission, with the same powers, duties and restrictions as are provided for the care, circulation and distribution of books belonging to the Kansas traveling libraries by chapter 163, Laws of 1899. (Laws 1907, ch. 385, sec. 2.)

CHAPTER XX.—Night Schools. $528. School boards shall have power to $530. Sessions; term. establish night schools.

531. Equipment; rules and regulations. 529. Cost paid from public-school fund. 532. Teachers; qualifications; certificates.

SECTION 528. School Boards Shall Have Power to Establish Night Schools. The school board of any district or the board of education of any city in this state shall have the power to establish and maintain free public night schools in connection with the public school of such district or city, for the instruction of persons of the age of fourteen years and over residing in said district or city, not required by law to attend the public day school therein; provided, that it shall be the duty of such board to establish and maintain such public night school whenever petitioned in writing therefor by the parents or guardians of ten persons eligible to attend said night school; provided further, that said board may discontinue such night school whenever the average nightly attendance thereof shall be not more than seven. (Laws 1913, ch. 267, sec. 1.)

SEC. 529. Cost Paid from Public School Fund. The cost of establishing and maintaining said public night school shall be paid from the public school fund of said district or city and the said night school shall be a part of the public school system, and governed, as far as practicable, in the same manner and by the same officers as provided by law for the government of the other public schools of this state; provided, that nothing in this act shall be construed to change the law, not in conflict herewith, relating to the public day schools of this state; and provided further, that nothing in this act shall be held to compel attendance upon such public night school. (Laws 1913,

, ch. 267, sec. 2.) SEC. 530. Sessions; Term.

Sessions; Term. The sessions of said public night school shall be held at night on not less than three nights each week during the continuance of such school in one or more of the regular class rooms in one or more of the public school buildings of said district or city, and the term or terms of said public night school shall continue only during the term or terms of the regular public school in such district or city; provided, that said night school term shall begin not later than the fifteenth day of October of any year and shall continue for not less than five months thereafter, except as provided in section 1 of this act. (Laws 1913, ch. 267, sec. 3.)

SEC. 531. Equipment; Rules and Regulations. The board, as far as practicable, shall furnish the same equipment used in the public day school of said district or city, and shall provide for the courses of study, rules and regulations, not in conflict herewith, that it may deem best for such night school. (Laws 1913, ch. 267, sec. 4.)

SEC. 532. Teachers; Qualifications; Certificates. The board shall hire one or more teachers, who may or may not be employed as a public school teacher, having the like qualifications, evidenced by the proper teacher's certificate, required by law for teachers in the public day school of such district or city, and shall pay said night school teacher a monthly salary, calculated upon the number of hours actually spent in teaching in said night school, and in the manner provided by law for the paying of teachers in the public schools of said district or city. (Laws 1913, ch. 267, sec. 5.)

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