The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser: With Memoir and Critical Dissertations, Volume 4

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Halaman 202 - Which th' earth brings forth; and wet he seemed in sight With waves, through which he waded for his love's delight. Then came fair May, the fairest maid on ground, Decked all with dainties of her season's pride, And throwing flowers out of her lap around : Upon two brethren's shoulders she did ride, The twins of Leda ; which on either side Supported her like to their sovereign queen : Lord! how all creatures laughed when her they spied, And leapt and danced as they had ravished been ! And Cupid's...
Halaman 309 - It fortuned (as heavens had behight) That in this gardin, where yong Clarion Was wont to solace him, a wicked wight The foe of faire things, th...
Halaman 229 - Lord of creatures all, Thou placer of plants both humble and tall, Was not I planted of thine...
Halaman 209 - Cease therefore, daughter, further to aspire, And thee content thus to be rul'd by me: For thy decay thou seekst by thy desire: But time shall come that all shall changed bee, And from thenceforth none no more change shall see.
Halaman 126 - doe men The heavens of their fortunes fault accuse, Sith they know best what is the best for them; For they to each such fortune doe diffuse, As they doe know each can most aptly use: For not that which men covet most is best, Nor that thing worst which men do most refuse ; But fittest is, that all contented rest With that they hold : each hath his fortune in his brest.
Halaman 136 - Centaures made that bloudy fray With the fierce Lapithes which did them dismay; Being now placed in the firmament, Through the bright heaven doth her beams display, And is unto the starres an ornament, Which round about her move in order excellent.
Halaman 161 - LIKE as a ship, that through the Ocean wyde Directs her course unto one certaine cost, Is met of many a counter winde and tyde, With which her winged speed is let and crost, And she her selfe in...
Halaman 210 - Then gin I thinke on that which Nature sayd, Of that same time when no more Change shall be, But stedfast rest of all things, firmely stayd Upon the pillours of Eternity, That is contrayr to Mutabilitie ; For all that moveth doth in Change delight : But thence-forth all shall rest eternally With Him that is the God of Sabaoth hight : O ! that great Sabaoth God, grant me that Sabaoths sight ! COMPLAINT OF THALIA (COMEDY).
Halaman 209 - I well consider all that ye have sayd, And find that all things stedfastnes doe hate And changed be: yet being rightly wayd, They are not changed from their first estate; But by their change their being doe dilate: And turning to themselves at length againe, Doe worke their owne perfection so by fate: Then over them Change doth not rule and raigne; But they raigne over Change, and doe their states maintaine.
Halaman 202 - And backward yode, as bargemen wont to fare Bending their force contrary to their face, Like that ungracious crew which faines demurest grace.

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