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Resolution of March 2, 1907, No. 7, 186.

Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory Tribal Government, etc,
Continued, 186.

Act of March 8, 1906, Ch. 629, 186.

Sec. 1. Columbia and Colville Reservations, Wash.


Patents to Indians for
Allotted Lands in Lands Held in Trust for Ten Years Patent in
Fee at Expiration - Prior Conveyance, etc., by Allottee Void, 186.
2. Allottees May Sell Lands - Restriction - Sales by Heirs - Approval by
Secretary of Interior Taxation, 187.

Act of March 20, 1906, Ch. 1125, 187.

Sec. 1. Oklahoma Town Sites Authorized on Kiowa, etc., Lands, 187.

2. Surveys, etc. - Land Reserved for School Purposes - Sale, etc., of Intoxicants Prohibited - Penalty, 187.

3. Expense of Surveys, etc. - Disposal of Net Proceeds, 187.

Act of March 22, 1906, Ch. 1126, 188.

Sec. 1. Colville Indian Reservation, Wash. 2. Allotments, 188.

Sale, etc., of Unallotted Lands in 188

3. Classification, etc., of Surplus Lands Opening to Settlement — Minimum Price Payments - Forfeiture-Sale of Remaining Lands, 188.

4. Proclamation - Homestead Rights of Soldiers and Sailors Not Affected,


5. Sale of Timber Lands, 189.

6. Net Proceeds to Credit of Indians Per Capita Payments, 189.

7. Lands Reserved for Agency, School, etc., Purposes - Restriction, 189.

8. Regulations, etc., 190.

9. Nonresponsibility of United States, 190.

10. Appropriation - Reimbursement

Use of Proceeds of First Sales, 190.

11. Lands Reserved for Town Sites, 190.

12. Irrigable Lands Reserved - Sale of Payments, 190.

Act of April 26, 1906, Ch. 1876, 190.

Sec. 1. Five Civilized Tribes - Final Disposition of Affairs of - Enrolment Rules - Applications Filed Prior to December 1, 1905, 190.

2. Minor Children Status of Illegitimate Children - Payment to Chero-
kees Equalization of Creek Allotments Continued Completion of
Rolls Filing Enrolment Applications Restricted, 191.

3. Approved Roll of Creek Freedmen Cherokee Freedmen
Chickasaw Freedmen Homestead Allotments, 192.

4. Citizens by Blood Transfer to Roll of, Restricted, 192.

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Choctaw and

5. Patents, etc., to Issue in Name of Allottee All Patents, etc., Recorded Convey Legal Title- Pending Contests Not Affected, 192.

6. Removal of Principal Chief for Nonperformance of Duties - Approval of Conveyances on Failure of Chief to Execute - Approval by Principal Chief of Seminoles, 193.

7. Segregation of Specified Choctaw Lands - Exceptions Appraisal and Sale of Pine Timber, etc., 193.

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8. Land-office Records Transferred to Clerk of District Court — Transcripts

·Fees, 193

9. Payments to Loyal Seminoles Ratified Recoveries by Individuals Not Barred Charles F. Winton Claims of Estate of, to Be Heard by

Court of Claims, 194.

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10. Tribal Schools Transferred to Control of Secretary of Interior Distribution of School Funds Use of Remainder of Appropriated Funds Use of Surplus Fees, etc., 194.

Sec. 11. Tribal Revenues to Be Collected by Special Officer - Payment of Claims -Tribal Taxes Abolished - Refund - Accounting, Delivery, etc., of Tribal Property - Failure to Account - Penalty, 195.

12. Choctaw and Chickasaw Town Lots

Sale of Those Reserved for Mining Leases-Proceeds - Forfeiture for Nonpayment - Resale - Rever sion of Vacated Streets, etc., 196.

13. Coal and Asphalt Lands Reserved from Sale, 196.

14. Conveyance to Owner of Lands Reserved from Allotment or Sale Reversion - Railroad Easements Not Affected - Exception - Murrow Indian Orphans' Home Donation Patents to, Authorized - Conveyance of Fractional Rights - Conveyance of Other Lands-Description, 196.

15. Tribal Buildings, etc., to Be Sold-Proceeds - Purchases by Munici

16. Residue of Unallotted, etc., Lands to Be Sold-Proceeds - Preference Rights of Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen — Reversion and Sale on Nonpayment-Sale of Unallotted Nonmineral, etc., Lands— Agricultural Lands, 198.

17. Per Capita Distribution of Tribal Funds, 198.

18. Furisdiction of Tribal Suits - Pending Suits Not Affected-Set-offs Allowed Defendants, 198.

19. Alienation Restrictions Extended · Lease of Other than Homestead Lands Permitted-Prior Conveyances Not Invalid Taxes, 199.

20. Leases by Full-blood Allottees Restricted-Minors, etc. · Leases to Be Recorded, 199.

21. Lands of Allottees Dying Intestate Without Heirs — Mississippi Choctaws Claims of Heirs of, 200.

22. Conveyance of Inherited Lands, 200.

23. Disposal of Property by Will Permitted - Restriction, 200.

24. Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole Lands-Highways on Section Lines Obstruction of Highway - Penalty –

Notice, 201.


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25. Power and Light Companies Granted Rights of Way for Dams, etc.
Proceedings to Acquire Lands, etc. -Approval by Secretary of Interior
Appraisement by Referees on Failure of Amicable Settlement
Municipal Control, etc. Future Control of Granted Rights, 201.
26. Municipalities Granted Additional Powers Improvement of Streets, etc.
Special Assessments - Maximum-Issue of Scrip or Certificates -
Taxation of Railroad Property — Municipal Assessments - Appeal —
Costs, 202.
27. Tribal Lands to Be Held in Trust Allotments Not Affected, 203.
28. Tribal Governments Continued — Restriction — Contracts, 203.
29. Repeal, 204.

Act of May 8, 1906, Ch. 2348, 204.

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Lands in Severalty to Indians-Citizenship Rights to Allottees on Issue
of Fee Simple Title-Restrictions Removed Furisdiction in Trust
Patents Continued - Indian Territory Not Included-Fee Simple
Patents to Allottees' Heirs - Sale of - Disposal of Proceeds, 204.

Act of June 4, 1906, Ch. 2578, 205.

Sec. 1. Oklahoma - Osage Indian Reservation Made a Recording District Recorder at Pawhuska- Compensation - Reports - Disposal of Surplus Fees, 205.

2. Effect of Recording Deeds, etc.- Termination, 205.

Act of June 5, 1906, Ch. 2580, 206.

Sec. 1. Oklahoma - Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Indian Reservations Pasture, etc., Lands Opened for Settlement, 206.

2. Land to Be Opened for Entry-Proclamation-Public
of Proceeds-Sales Subject to Prior Leases, etc., 206.

3. Price and Terms of Sale - Forfeiture - Title, 206.

4. Regulations, 207.

5. Sale of Undisposed Lands, 207.

6. Allotments to Children Born Since June 6, 1900, 207.


Act of June 21, 1906, Ch. 3504, 207.

Sec. 1. Rations to Mission Schools on Indian Reservations, 207.

Continuing Alienation Restrictions - Indian Territory Excepted, 207.
Allotments in Severalty — Lands Not Liable for Prior Debts, 207.

Trust Funds, 207.

Interest on Funds Held for Minors Sales Within Reclamation Pro-
jects-Proceeds, 208.

Annual Report of Commissioner of Indian Affairs Modified - Detailed
Statement of Contracts - Reporting Employees Repealed, 208.
Printing in Schools, 208.

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Right of Way through Indian Lands-Width -For Stations, etc.,
Increased, 208.

Superintendent of Indian Schools - Expenses - Per Diem - Other
Duties, 209.

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Indian Agents - Salaries Not Available for Army Officers - School
Superintendents May Act as Agents - Bonds, 209.

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Appraisal Sales

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Gila River Reservation-Irrigation-Annual Charge, 209.
Nez Perces- Leases Permitted Certificate, 209.
Lemhi Reservation Schedule of Abandoned Lands
Proceeds Sale of Mission Land, 210.
Cœur d'Alene Indian Reservation Disposal of Allotted Lands
Allotments Classification of Unallotted Lands-Opening to Entry
Terms Commutation Timber Mineral Lands Coal and Oil
Deposits Reserved - Sale of Lands Remaining-Purchase of School
Lands- Indemnity Selections Proclamation of Opening - Town Sites
Reserved - Disposal of Proceeds - Per Capita Payment - Interest on
Tribal Fund Agency, etc., Lands Reserved. Maximum Rules,
etc.- Liability of United States Limited-Appropriation for Expenses
Use of Proceeds, 210.
Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen. · Reservations for Churches, etc.-
Cemeteries Choctaw Coal Lands· · Additional Lands - Payments by
Lessees, 213.
Rolls of Citizenship of Five Civilized Tribes - Penalty for Illegally Copy-
ing, etc.- Authorized Copies - Mississippi Choctaws-Enrolment, 213.
Terms of Court at Town of Wilburton - Recording District No. 30 Estab-
lished-Recording District No. 27 Established Court at Bartlesville
Recording District No. 28 Established-Court at Tulsa

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- Attached to Western District Court at Duncan - Recording District No. 29 Established- Court at Duncan, 213.

Employee of Commission Not Allowed to Practice as Agent, etc., 215.
Coal Lands-Investigation of Choctaw and Chickasaw Use of Informa-

tion, 216.

Allotment to Children Born Since Prior Allotment — Trust Patents, 216.
Alienation Restrictions Removed- Leases by Nonresident Allottees

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Lands of Minors, 216.
Allotments for Religious, etc., Work-Patents Authorized Payment to
Indians, 216.

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Osage Reservation - Limit of Credit Allowed by Traders, Increased, 217.
Klamath Reservation Agreement - Lands Ceded. Payment to Indians
-Per Capita Distribution — Expenditure for Irrigation, Cattle, etc.-
Nonirrigable Lards - Additional Payments - Treaty Benefits - Effect
-Ratification and Appropriation - Railroad Grant Lands in Klamath
Reservation Exchange Authorized-Power Plants, Mills, etc., 217.

Act of June 28, 1906, Ch. 3572, 219.

Sec. 1. Osage Indians, Okla. · Division of Tribal Land, etc. Tribal Roll Fraudulent Enrolment - Revision of Roll- Decision of

- Restriction

Secretary Final, 219.

2. Division of Lands - First Selection

Filing Notice Time Limit

Ratification-Failure to Select - First Selections for Minors - Parents

May Select- Time of Selection, 220.

Prior Rights Protected-Disposal of Improvements, 220.

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Lands Reserved for Dwelling Purposes - Sale of Reserved Lands, 222.

Osage Boarding School Reserve, etc.

Sale of Proceeds, 222.

Sale of Government Buildings, etc.- Erection of New Buildings —
Buildings Reserved from Sale, 223.

Cemetery Reserve Donated to Pawhuska

Reversion, 223:

Osage Town-site Commission - Present Law Not Affected, 223.

Sec. 3. Oil and Mineral Lands - Leases-Royalties - Prospecting Restricted -
Existing Contracts, etc., Not Affected, 223.

4. Trust Fund- Segregation of Funds - Pro Rata Division Interest
Payments Misuse of Interest Money of Minors Payments to
Guardians-Deposit of Funds to Credit of Indians Distribution of —
Royalties Reserved for School Purposes For Agency Purposes, 224.

5. Termination of Trust Fund, 225.

6. Right of Inheritance - Exception, 225.

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7. Leases for Farming Purposes Parents to Control Minors' LandsApproval of Leases, 225.

8. Deeds, 225.

9. Tribal Officers Elections, etc., 225.

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10. Public Highways, 226.

11. Lands for Railroad Purposes

12. Enforcement, 226.

Act of March 1, 1907, Ch. 2285, 226.

Restriction, 226.

Sec. 1. Purchase of Supplies to Be Advertised - Exception - Irrigation — Open Market Purchases, etc. Work on Irrigation Projects Use of Surplus for Subsistence Deficiencies - Report of Diversions - Stock Cattle from Subsistence Funds Treaty Funds Excluded- Transfer of Funds for Employees, etc. Amount for Supplies Immediately Available — Transfer of Property Not in Use, 226.

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Commissioner of Indian Affairs Payment of Taxes from Share of
Allottee in Tribal Funds Restriction, 227.
Admission of White Children to Indian Schools

of Fees, 227.

Noncompetent Indians Sale of Allotments
Issue, 228.

Act of March 2, 1907, Ch. 2523, 228.

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Sec. 1. Indian Tribal Funds - Allotment, etc., of, Authorized to Individual Indians-Application-Payment of Existing Claims, 228.

2. Payment to Helpless, etc., Indians, 228.

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Act of April 30, 1908, Ch. 153, 229.

Sec. 1. Purchase of Supplies for Indian Service to Be Advertised-ExceptionIrrigation Indian Labor, 229.

Disbursing Officers' Bonds -Acceptance of New Bond Releases Sureties on Prior Bond, 229.

Five Civilized Tribes — Buildings, ete., on Lands of, May Be Sold - Use of Proceeds Patents in Fee-Preference Rights

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Indian Schools Supervision of Expenditures — Limit of Per Capita
Expense Total for School Annual Compensation of Superintendents
Restricted-Disposal of Nonreservation Schools - Investigation and
Report to Congress - Banks of Deposit for Indian Funds -Negotiations
for Commutation of Perpetual Annuities, 230.

Warehouses for Goods of Indian Service-Locations - Transportation
of Indian Goods, etc. Basis for Computing Compensation, 231.
United States to Pay Cost of Bonds of Agents, etc., 231..


Irrigation Projects over Indian Lands, 231.

Five Civilized Tribes - Restoration to Final Rolls- Contracts with
Attorneys for Services, 232.

Act of May 27, 1908, Ch. 199, 232.

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Sec. 1. Five Civilized Tribes Status of Allotments Alienation Restrictions Removed Restrictions Continued Removal by Secretary of the Interior Oklahoma - Rights of Way through Indian Lands Continued, 232.

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2. Leases of Restricted Lands

Minors, 233.

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3. Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen Evidence of Quantum of Indian Blood

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5. Alienation, etc., of Restricted Lands Void, 234.
6. Authority of Oklahoma Probate Courts over Minor Allottees. - Local
Agent of Interior Department for Estates of Minors Duties - Other
Duties as to Restricted Lands Appropriation for Expenses Restric-
tion on Lands of Minors Appropriation for Suits in Oklahoma - For
Western District - Suits against Vendees, etc., of Town Lots· - Con-
clusion of Investigation Suits as to Title, etc., of Restricted Lands, 234.
7. Contests of Selections of Allotment · Time Limited, 235.

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8. Wills of Full-blood Indians — Acknowledgment before Oklahoma Fudge,


9. Allottees Restrictions Removed by Death - Conveyances - Distribution of Estates of Indians of Half-blood or More In Case of No Issue Acknowledgment of Wills, 235.

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10. Choctaw and Chickasaw Warrants - Payment of Outstanding - Payment to Holders for Value To Original Payees, 236.

11. Seminole Lands-Payment of Royalties to Lessor, etc. -Interest of Seminole Nation to Cease Fune 30, 1908, 236.

12. Deposit of Tribal Allotment Records

Counties of Oklahoma, 236.

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13. [Amends Sec. 11 of the Act of April 26, 1906, given on p. 1951, 237.
14. Town Sites-Sale of Lots in Established - Coal and Asphalt Retained,


Act of May 28, 1908, Ch. 216, 237.

Sec. 1. Indian Allotments

May Be Sold on Petition of Allottee


Lands -Lands of Minors, etc. Heirs to Have Fee Simple Title -
Use of Proceeds Patent to Purchaser - States Excepted, 237.

[blocks in formation]

7. Segregation and Survey of Towns, etc., in Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations Appraisal, etc. Coal and Asphalt Lands Expenses, 238.

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8. Cherokee Nation - Payments to Intermarried White Cherokee Citizens Payments to Heirs, etc. Right of Protest, 238.

9. [Special], 238.

10. Sale of Lands of Five Civilized Tribes for School Purposes - Maximum Acreage Restrictions Removed from Sales by Allottees, 239.

11-30. [Special], 239.

Act of March 3, 1909, Ch. 256, 239.

Kaw or Kansas and Osage Indians - Sale of Surplus Lands of, Authorized, 239.

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