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Cases, gin, .
Coffee,-in bulk,
Cambooses and stoves, large size,

others, Cannon,

per ton,
per 100 lbs.,

according to



per ton,
per cask,
per box,
per 100 lbs.

Crates,-crockery, &

single, in boxes,

loose, Carriages :

Coaches and barouches, -
Chaises, gigs or sulkeys,

Carts and wagons,
Carboys containing acids,

empty, Carriage springs,

Cars for fish,
Coal-scoops and hods,
Clock weights,

Dyewoods, -
Firkins,—butter, lard, &c., weighing

over 30 lbs., :
butter, lard, &c., weighing

under 30 lbs.,
Grain,—wheat, rye, flax-seed, beans

and corn,
Gun stocks,

per pair,
per pair,
per 100,
per ton,
per ton,
per bolt,
per bolt,
per ton,


per quintal, -
per 1000 lbs., -

Hops, Hemp,

Hides,—ox or cow,

horse, (dry,)

per 100 bushels,
per keg.
per 100 stocks,
per bale,
per 1000 lbs.,
per bundle,
per reel,
per 100 lbs.,
per M.


Hemp yarn, -
Hains, dried beef, &c.,
Horns, -
Iron, steel, copper, block-tin, zinc,

spelter, iron hoops, hollow

ware, lead, shot, old junk, &c., Jars,-raisins, olives, oil, . Kegs,-crackers, under 6 lbs.,

per ton,

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per 1000 ft. B. M.
per 1000 ft. B. M.
per 1000 ft., ..
per 100 plank, -
per 100 boards,
per M.,
per M.,
per 1000 clapboards,
per ton,
per inch,
per 1000 ft. B. M.,
per M.,
per M.,





Lumber :

Board, scantling and timber,
Albany plank,
Albany boards,
Shingles, -
Rent Clapboards, -
Ship timber, per ton of 40 feet,
Spars, -
Pipe staves,

Hhd. staves and heading, -
Lumber :-

Barrel staves and heading,
Hoops, -
Lath, -
Hhd. shooks,
Hoop-poles, (hhd.,)

Poles under 4 inch,'
Wood, -

Cedar logs,
Leather, -upper, saddle and harness,

sole, -
Lead, (white) in kegs,
Mattresses, -
Millstones, .
Marble, building and step-stone,

in blocks and slabs, -
Manure, (barn,)
Nails,-in casks over 200 lbs.,

in casks under 200 lbs., Nankeens, Onions,

in bulk,

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per M.,
per M.,
per M.,
per M.,
per M.,
per 1000 poles,
per cord,
per cord,
per 1000 ft. B. M.
per cask,
per 100 lbs.
per side,
per 100 lbs.,
per ton,
per ton,
per horse-cart load,
per cask,
per cask,
per 100 pieces, -
per 100 ropes, .
per 100 bushels,
per 100 bushels,
per 100 bushels,
per box or basket,
per ton,
per 100 bushels,
per 100 bushels,
per dozen,
per cask,
per cubic foot,
per 100 lbs.,
per ream,


Oysters and clams,
· Plaster,
Provender, .
Powder, -
Ploughs, -
Packages, (goods,) -
Paper,-sheathing, -

printing, ..

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Paper,—writing and wrapping, - per ream,
Raisins,-in casks, -

per cask,
in boxes,

per box, Rice, -

per cask, Sacks, ---almonds, .

each, . feathers,

per 100 lbs., rags,

per ton,, Shovels, spades and scythes,

per dozen, Sheep,

each, Swine,

each, . Salt,-in bulk,

per 100 bushels, in sacks of 4 bushels each, .. per sack,

in bags of 28 lbs, each, per bag, Shorts and bran,

per 100 bushels, Snuff, -in bladders,

each, Sand, -white, .

per 100 bushels, · moulding,

per ton, for potters' use,

per ton, for ballast,

per ton, Stone,-flagging and curb,

per 100 feet, cellar-steps and bridge,

per 100 feet, ballast and building,

per ton, Tea,-bohea,

per box, bohea, half box,

per box, hyson, souchong, &

per box, Tobacco, .

per keg or box, rolls,

per roll, Tin plate, .

per box, Trunks, (goods, &c.,)

each, . Wheels,

per pair, Wool,

per 1000 lbs., Wood,-box, rose, satin, cocoa, lig

numvitæ, &c., . per ton, . . 124 All other articles, not enumerated, in the same proportion.

This resolve shall at all times be liable to be altered or repealed by the general assembly.



PASSED 1845.

WAEREAS, a resolution has passed this assembly at its present session relating

to the rate of wharfage on the basin wharf in the city of New Haven:

Resolved by this Assembly, That nothing therein contained shall be construed to affect the rights of the Union Wharf Company, or the con

tractors to re-build and support Union wharf and pier in New Haven, to collect wharfage in any case whatever, or any other existing rights of said company.


PASSED 1854.

Resolved by this Assembly, Sec. 1. That Oriinel B. Wright, Amasa Spencer, Augustus Bushnell, Henry M. Stannard, Ezra Stannard, Isaiah Post and their associates, or all such persons as from time to time may be associated with them, be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name of the Salt Island Wharf Company, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and extending their whart, with all necessary slips and piers, situated on a small island, called Salt Ísland, in the town of Westbrook, and by that name to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and to be defended, and to have, purchase, receive, possess and enjoy to them and their successors, real and personal estate, to such an amount as may be necessary for the purposes aforesaid, not exceeding five thousand dollars, and to have and to use a common seal, to make and establish such rules, regulations and by-laws as appear necessary and convenient for the government of said corporation, and for the preservation and management of said property, and for collecting and enforcing payment of wharfage, and may appoint not more than three directors, a treasurer, a secretary, a whartinger, or such other officer or officers as said company may deem expedient.

SEC. 2. Said corporation shall have power, and they are hereby anthorized to construct and forever maintain the present wharf in said Westbrook, and to enlarge and extend the same, with the necessary piers and slips, they paying to the owners of said property, where said wharf may be enlarged, such sum or sums as may be assessed them by the county court of Middlesex county, and shall have right to collect toll or wharfage for all vessels which moor thereat, or which take advantage from said wharf, and for all merchandise which shall be laden or unladen from or upon said wharf, or from within any of the piers or slips thereof.

Sec. 3. The capital stock of said company shall not exceed five thousand dollars, to be divided into such number of shares as the directors shall appoint, which shares shall be considered personal property, and shall be transferable on the books of said company, as the directors shall direct, and in all meetings of the stockholders of said company, each share of stock shall entitle the holder thereof to one vote.

SEC. 4. The directors shall have power to call meetings of the stockholders at such time and place as they shall appoint, and also call the annual meetings of said company for the purpose of choosing their officers, who when chosen shall continue in office until others shall be chosen in their stead; all which meetings shall be called in such manner and on such notice as the directors in their by-laws shall prescribe, and the first meeting shall be called by Ezra Stannard, Esq., of said Westbrook, by giving notice to all the owners of said wharf.

Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the wharfinger to collect the wharfage when due, and on neglect or refusal to pay the same after notice and de mand, the directors shall have power to institute a suit for the same, and the wharfage due for, or on account of any vessel or the cargo thereof, shall be and remain a lien upon such vessel, until the same shall be discharged, and the wharfinger, with the advice of any one of the directors, shall have authority to regulate and station all vessels lying at or near said whart, and to remove such as shall not be employed in receiving or discharging cargo, to make room for others to receive or discharge theirs ; and as to the fact of their being fairly employed in receiving and discharging cargo or needing accommodation therefor, said directors and wharfinger, or in the absence of the wharfinger, any two directors, shall be sole judges, and they shall have authority to determine how far and in what instance it shall be the duty of the master or other person having charge of any such vessel, to accommodate each other in their respective stations, or in making room to grave or pass up and down said whart, slip or slips, and if any master or other person having charge of any such vessel, shall refuse or neglect to obey said wharfinger and director, in matters so within their authority to direct, or if any person shall resist or oppose them in the execution of their duties, such master or other person shall forfeit and pay the sum of twenty dollars, to be recovered in the name of the treasur. er of said company, for the use and behoof of the stockholders, according to their respective shares and joint stock.

Sec. 6. This act may at any time be altered, amended or repealed at the pleasure of the general assembly.

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