The Old New York Frontier, Its Wars with Indians and Tories, Its Missionary Schools, Pioneers and Land Titles, 1614-1800

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1901 - 432 halaman

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Halaman 38 - If a white man, in travelling through our country, enters one of our cabins, we all treat him as I do you ; we dry him if he is wet, we warm him if he is cold, and give him meat and drink, that he may allay his thirst and hunger ; and we spread soft furs for him to rest and sleep on ; we demand nothing in return.
Halaman 162 - Scalping-knife of the savage ; to call into civilized alliance the wild and inhuman inhabitants of the woods ; to delegate to the merciless Indian the defence of disputed rights, and to wage the horrors of his barbarous war against our brethren ? My lords, these enormities cry aloud for redress and punishment. But, my lords, this barbarous measure has been defended, not only on the principles of policy and necessity, but also on those of morality ; " for it is perfectly allowable," says Lord Suffolk,...
Halaman 315 - Also sixty-two of farmers killed in their houses ; the hoops red ; the skin painted brown, and marked with a hoe ; a black circle all round, to denote their being surprised in the night ; and a black hatchet in the middle, signifying their being killed with that weapon.
Halaman 38 - ... spread soft furs for him to rest and sleep on: We demand nothing in return. But if I go into a white man's house at Albany, and ask for victuals and drink, they say, where is your money; and if I have none they say, get out, you Indian Dog.
Halaman 29 - The Empire State, as you love to call it, was once laced by our trails from Albany to Buffalo — trails that we had trod for centuries — trails worn so deep by the feet of the Iroquois that they became your roads of travel, as your possessions gradually eat into those of my people.
Halaman 8 - Palos. Those centuries, so barren of history here, had witnessed events of great pith and moment elsewhere. England had gone forward from the Wars of the Roses almost to the reign of George III. Shakespeare, Milton, Bacon, Dryden, and Pope are among those gifted men of genius by whom her intellectual greatness had been advanced. Her political destiny meanwhile had been broadened and deepened under Henry VIII., Elizabeth, and Cromwell. In France had lived Richelieu and Louis XIV., while under Charles...
Halaman 194 - But in the moment of his triumph at an exploit of which even the mighty Hector, or either of the sons of Zeruiah might have been proud, a ball laid this brave man low in the dust. Such a conflict as* this could not be continued long ; and the Indians, perceiving with what ardor the Provincials maintained the fight, and finding their own numbers sadly diminished, now raised the retreating cry of " Oonah /
Halaman 81 - is too strong. Of all the number before mentioned I do not hear of more than one-half who have preserved their characters unstained." He added that " some who on account of their parts and learning bid the fairest for usefulness, are sunk down as low, savage and brutish in manner of living as they were in before any endeavours were used to raise them up.
Halaman 194 - For God's sake, captain, you are killing your own men!" He replied, "They are not our men — they are the enemy! Fire away!" A deadly fire ensued, during which about thirty of the Greens fell slain, and many Indian warriors. The parties once more rushed upon each other with bayonet and spear, grappling and fighting with terrible fury ; while the shattering of shafts and the clashing of steel, mingled with every dread sound of war, and death, and the savage yells more hideous than all, presented...
Halaman 315 - FATHER! — We wish you to send these scalps over the water to the Great King, that he may regard them and be refreshed; and that he may see our faithfulness in destroying his enemies, and be convinced that his presents have not been made to ungrateful people.

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