A compendium of the ninth census, 1870

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1872 - 942 halaman

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Halaman 635 - Indeed, oven this is not always practicable, since it is matter of notoriety that in many of the states of the Union, and those not among the newest, the occupations of carpenter and farmer, or blacksmith and farmer, or farmer and fisherman, are frequently united in one person. In. large and more prosperous...
Halaman 706 - ... neighborhood of large cities, where, although the area is small, a high state of cultivation is maintained and considerable values are produced. A farm is what is owned or leased by one man and cultivated under his care. A distant wood lot or sheep pasture, even if in another subdivision or district, is to be treated as a part of the farm; but wherever there is a resident overseer or a manager, there a separate farm is to be reported.
Halaman 706 - ... during the year. Mere cabbage and potato patches, family vegetable gardens, and ornamental lawns, not constituting a portion of a farm for general agricultural purposes, will be excluded. No farm will be. reported of less than three acres, unless five hundred dollars' worth of produce has been actually sold off from it during the year.
Halaman 653 - The reasons why it was not deemed expedient lo undertake the work of reducing the aggregate valuation of real and personal property by the amount of the latter, which merely represents the former, were : "1. In nearly all the States of the Union, land and buildings are taxed to their full (assumed) value, without deduction on account of mortgages, while the mortgages are also taxed at their full value. " 2. The personal property representing real property is not always, perhaps not generally, owned...
Halaman 4 - It ought not to be possible that another census should be taken under this law; such a thing ought not to be seriously proposed.
Halaman 4 - ... the Superintendent of the ninth census had been able to achieve, notwithstanding grave inherent defects in the machinery provided, there was no doubt that the census law of 1850 was quite inadequate for the purposes of the tenth census. " It is not possible," says Francis A. Walker, " for one who has had such painful occasion as the present Superintendent to observe the workings of the census law of 1870 to characterize it otherwise than as clumsy, antiquated, and barbarous. The machinery it...
Halaman 528 - The law requires this report of newspapers and periodicals, on account of their relation to the moral, social, and intellectual condition of the people. To swamp this class of statistics by inconsiderately admitting hundreds of prospectuses, circulars, and advertising sheets, which can possibly have no such relations, would be undoubtedly an abuse. At the same time this subject has been treated liberally, and every periodical has been admitted to these tables...
Halaman 619 - The plan pursued in the compilation of these tables has been to refer every specification of occupation to some grand division of industry ; and within each of such grand divisions to constitute as many distinct subdivisions as the nature of the material furnished by the enumerators would allow to be formed with a reasonable approach to completeness, subject, however, to certain conditions which will be presented in the further course of these remarks.
Halaman 635 - A set of distinct occupational titles that reflected a rigid and formalized division of labor was of little use in most rural areas. In fact, the US Census acknowledged the ambiguity in attempting to classify rural nonfarm workers into existing occupational schemes in the 1870 Census. As communities advance in industrial character, functions become separated, and distinct occupations become recognized. . . . [However, in] many of the communities of the land it is difficult to draw distinctions much...
Halaman 610 - The total number of persons employed in gainful and reputable occupations, for which they receive compensation in the shape of wages or salary, or from which they derive products of a merchantable character, was, in 1870, 12,505,923, of which 10,669,635 were males, and 1,836,288 females.

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