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Halaman 156 - person cited as herein provided, shall fail, without reasonable cause, to appear and abide by the order of the court, or to bring the child, he may be proceeded against as in case of contempt of court. In case the citation can not be served, or the party served fails to obey the same, and
Halaman 156 - may require, and to take such charge of any child before and after trial as may be directed by the court. A probation officer or deputy probation officer under this act shall have, as to any child committed to his care, the power of a peace officer. At any time in his own discretion
Halaman 155 - is found destitute, or whose home, by reason of neglect, cruelty, or depravity on the part of its parents, guardian or other person in whose care it may be, is an unfit place for such child; or
Halaman 111 - S. Francisco — Almsh'se San Joaquín San Luis Obispo San Mateo .. Santa Barbara Santa Clara — Hospital Santa Clara — Almsh'se Santa Cruz Shasta Sierra Siskiyou Solano Sonoma Stanislaus Sutler Tehama . - . Trinity Tulare . Tuolumne Ventura Yolo Yuba .. . Totals HOSPITAL. Pay Patients.
Halaman 139 - it, terminate the period of probation and discharge the person so held, and in all cases, if the court has not seen fit to revoke the order of probation and impose sentence or pronounce judgment, the defendant shall, at the end of the term of probation, be by the court discharged.
Halaman 146 - than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail not less than two months nor more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment ; or, if such person so convicted be under the age of sixteen years, then he shall be sentenced to the
Halaman 174 - recovered ; 2. Any patient who is not recovered, but whose discharge, in the judgment of the superintendent, will not be detrimental to the public welfare, or injurious to the patient. The medical superintendent may, when he deems it advisable, refuse to discharge any patient as improved, unless the guardian, friends or relatives of
Halaman 151 - lowest bidder at a public letting thereof, and if the price bid is a fair and reasonable one and not greater than the usual market value and prices. Each bid shall be accompanied by such security as the board may require, conditioned upon the bidder entering into a contract upon the terms of his bid,
Halaman 130 - Every convict who shall have no infraction of the rules and regulations of the prison, or laws of the State, recorded against him, and who performs in a faithful, orderly, and peaceful manner the duties assigned to him, shall be allowed from his term, instead and lieu of the credits heretofore allowed
Halaman 139 - An Act to establish a Code of Civil Procedure," approved March 11, 1872, by adding a new section thereto, to be numbered one hundred and thirty-one, relating to the powers and duties of the Courts of the State in the appointment of probation officers, and defining the duties and powers of such officers. [Approved

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