Letters of the Late Rev. Mr. Laurence Sterne, to His Most Intimate Friends. With a Fragment in the Manner of Robelais. To which are Prefix'd, Memoirs of His Life and Family Written by Himself and Published by His Daughter, Mrs. Medalle, in Three Volumes. ...

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Richter, 1776 - 260 halaman

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Halaman 133 - I am glad that you are in love — 'twill cure you at least of the spleen, which has a bad effect on both man and woman — I myself must ever have some Dulcinea in my head — it...
Halaman 187 - Now be a good dear woman, my H , and execute these commissions well ; — and when I see you, I will give you a kiss. — There's for you ! — But I have something else for you which I am fabricating at a great rate, and that is my Sentimental Journey...
Halaman 5 - It was in this parish, during our stay, that I had that wonderful escape in falling through a mill-race whilst the mill was going, and of being taken up unhurt ; the story is incredible, but known for truth in all that part of Ireland, where hundreds of the common people flocked to see me.
Halaman 181 - I was placed in a family who judged ignorance the best and only security for obedience. A little reading and writing I got by unwearied application.
Halaman 40 - You have it in your power to make that, which is an amusement to yourself and others, useful to both : at least you should, above all things, beware of its becoming hurtful to either, by any violations of decency and good manners; but I have already taken such repeated liberties of advising you on that head, that to say more would be needless...
Halaman 182 - That subject, handled in your striking manner, would ease the yoke perhaps of many ; but if only of one, gracious God ! what a feast to a benevolent heart ! and sure I am you are an epicurean in acts of charity.
Halaman 2 - My birth-day was ominous to my poor father, who was, the day after our arrival with many other brave officers broke, and sent adrift into the wide world with a wife and two children...
Halaman 8 - York ; but he quarrelled with me afterwards, because I would not write paragraphs in the newspapers ; — though he was a party-man, I was not, and detested such dirty work, thinking it beneath me. From that period he became my bitterest enemy.
Halaman 8 - At her return she fell into a consumption ; — and one evening that I was sitting by her, with an almost broken heart to see her so ill, she said, ' My dear Laurey, I never can be yours, for I verily believe I have not long to live ! but I have left you every shilling of my fortune.
Halaman 9 - In sixty-two I went to France, before the peace was concluded ; and you both followed me. I left you both in France, and, in two years after, I went to Italy for the recovery of my health...

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