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CHAP. IX. Reflexions on his Tenth Chapter,

intituļd, A brief History of Human Soul, p. 378.

Not to bis Purpose how the Heathen Philosophers

came by this Norion of H. Soul, ibid. Yet he

contradicts his own Account of it, p. 379. And the

best Account he has given is false, p. 383. This

Notion not an Heathenish Invention. p. 382. Un-

accountable that the Ægyptians had it from their


p. 376.

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mitaking the Sense of Moses, p. 383. More wonderful that

the Jews shou'd all fall into the same Mistake of the Sense of

Moses, p. 384. The chief of the Ancient Philosophers assert-

ed the Immortality of the Soul upon tbe true Ground of it, p.

386. Absurd to suppose the Primitive Fathers had this or any

of their Religious Principles from the Heathens, p. 388. Or

that the whole Body of Christians shou'd be Platoniz'd, p. 389.

Excepting only one despicable Number of Hereticks condemn'd

by a general Synod, and confuted by Origen, p.390. His

Reflexions on the Ignorance of the Fathers a gross Slander, p.

391. The Romis for Grandeur no foundation of this

Doctrine, p. 393. This however no Reason why the Reform’d

Churches shou'd maintain it, p. 394.

CHAP. X. Conclusion, being a summary Confutation

of the whole Hypothesis, from what has been prov’d, and

fome farther Considerations, p. 395. Some Expressions

quoted which contain the Sabit ance of his Notion, p. 396.

His Notion not grounded on Reason ; because ist, it is unin-

teiligible, p. 397. 2dly, Absurd, p. 400. Life not produ-

cible out of meer Magnitudes, Figures, Sites and Motion,

ibid. Spontaneous Motion in no part of the Body, p.401.

nor cou'd be communicated in the Propagation of Mankind,
p. 402. Life can return to God,in nocther sense than all other
Accidents do, p.4o3. His Notion against natural Religion,p.
474. The validi y of the Argumen: drawn from the consent of
Mankind, ib. Two Reasons offer'd why this belief became uni-
versal, ist, The natural Appetite and Expectation of Mankind,
p. 105.

which proves the Reality of that State, p. 406. 2dly,
The present Adminitration of Providence, p. 407. This

proves their supposition of a future State well groun:led, p.
478. an:l particularly the separate E.xijtence of the Soul, p.

409. His Notion directly opposite to the main design of Chri-
fti.inity, in making the Rajurrection a new Creation of ano-

ther Person, p. 410. In order to prove this, the Terms,

Person, Creation and Reviving explain’d, ibid. and p.
41. To have the same Parlon live in the other World, it

is necessary he shor'd continue the same Self-conscious Being
thro the intermediate Siete, p. 412. The Reviving a real

Creation according io him, p. 414. This plain to commin
apprehenron. p. 415 This consequence which Eftibius de-

nies, own'! and maintain'd by Lucretius, p. 416. The

horrid Consequences of it hinted at, p. 418. FINIS

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