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DEATH IS A TRANSFER The end of human existence is not death. When a person dies, he or she continues to live. They exist in the unseen world. The unseen world is real. ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE see us every day; they hear us very well. Sometimes they intervene into our daily activities. They want us to know that they are still living. They do not like it when their relatives forget them. One of the most important thing is, when your loved one dies, do not change or destroy his or her memories around the house. Their ideas are the only energy source that brings them back to the family.

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Conrad Larson author and father of fi ve sons, fi ve grandchildren and hopefully many more, former teacher, coach, farmer, entrepenuer, truck driver, corporate sales, corporate management, lay ministry, and everyday enthusiast of life. Conrad has a Historical Fiction mystery novel of World War I called "The Overcoat" based on the World War I soldier from this book. The author has a new book, Carry On Private Dahlgren, available now.

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