Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook

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SAGE Publications, 13 Des 2018 - 408 halaman
"This comprehensive, practical, user-friendly book provides a wealth of data analysis strategies that are essential for any qualitative research. It is a must-have tool book for moving from data analysis to writing for publication!"

–Guofang Li, University of British Columbia, Canada

Miles, Huberman, and Saldaņa’s Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook is the authoritative text for analyzing and displaying qualitative research data. The Fourth Edition maintains the analytic rigor of previous editions while showcasing a variety of new visual display models for qualitative inquiry. Graphics are added to the now-classic matrix and network illustrations of the original co-authors. Five chapters have been substantially revised, and the appendix’s annotated bibliography includes new titles in research methods. Graduate students and established scholars from all disciplines will find this resource an innovative compendium of ideas for the representation and presentation of qualitative data. As the authors demonstrate, when researchers "think display," their analyses of social life capture the complex and vivid processes of the people and institutions studied.


Participant Family Profiles 156
Conceptually Clustered Matrix Motives and Attitudes Format 169
A Model in Progress of HIV Test Anxiety 185
River School District RSD Timeline Showing 18 Years of Linear
A Process Map of a Chaos Narrative About Cancer 205
Composite Sequence Analysis Career Trajectory Data for 11
Chapter 9
Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Qualitative Data Analysis

The Case as the Unit of Analysis 25
Prior Instrumentation Key Decision Factors 31
Mixed Methods DataAnalytic Procedures 38
A Model of Lifelong Confidence From High School Speech
Ethical Issues
First Cycle Coding Examples
Details of the Coding System 75
Definitions of Codes
From Codes to Patterns
Matrix of Smoking Cessation Patterns at Months 1 and 6 84
On Visual Data
The Hypothesis Process 94
PART II Displaying the Data 1 Chapter 5 Designing Matrix Network and Graphic Displays 2 Chapter 6 Methods of Exploring 3 Chapter 7 Methods o...
Effects Matrix Assistance Location and Types Masepa Case 106
Trajectory of Learning to Use Professional Judgment 115
Closure and Transition
Data Accounting Log 121
Case Analysis Form Exhibit With Data 127
Checklist Matrix on Preparedness Alternative Format 1 141
Conceptually Clustered Matrix
The Antecedents Contingencies and Follower Outcomes of
Case Dynamics Matrix The IPA Innovation as a Force
Explaining Causation
Narrative for Causal Network PerryParkdale CARED Program
Subnetwork for Job Mobility Calston Case 251
Methods of Predicting 6 Chapter 10
Prediction Feedback Form 256
PART III Making Good Sense 1 Chapter 11 Drawing and Verifying Conclusions 2 Chapter 12 Writing About Qualitative Research 3 Chapter 13 Cl...
Methods of Predicting
Reasons Given for Adoption by Users 279
Possible Explanation of Spurious Relationship 300
Analysis of Data Categories and Emergent Themes 313
The Reader and the Writer
Elements That Influence Nursings Professional Respect
An Annotated Bibliography of Qualitative Research Methods

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