Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Volume 77

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Halaman 85 - to be the advantage or benefit which is acquired by an establishment beyond the mere value of the capital, stock, funds, or property employed therein, in consequence of the general public patronage and encouragement which it receives from constant or habitual customers, on account of its local position, or common celebrity, or reputation for skill or affluence, or punctuality, or from other accidental circumstances, or necessities, or even from ancient partialities or prejudices.
Halaman 18 - ... to show cause why he should not be adjudged in contempt of court for...
Halaman 475 - When the transfer is of property made by a resident or by a nonresident when such nonresident's property Is within this state, or within its Jurisdiction, by deed, grant, bargain, sale or gift made in contemplation of the death of the grantor, vendor or donor, or intended to take effect In possession or enjoyment at or after such death.
Halaman 390 - J. (dissenting). I am unable to concur in the conclusion reached by the majority of the court in this case...
Halaman 21 - J.— This is an appeal by the defendants from a judgment of damages arising out of a transaction in which the plaintiffs, as architects, were employed.
Halaman 323 - The complaint, in an action to foreclose a mortgage upon real property, must state, whether any other action has been brought to recover any part of the mortgage debt, and, if so, whether any part thereof has been collected.
Halaman 277 - ... property, and the effect of the enforcement of such Judgment or transfer will be to enable any one of his creditors to obtain a greater percentage of his debt than any other of such creditors of the same class.
Halaman 14 - It may, however, be stated generally, that due process of law requires an orderly proceeding, adapted to the nature of the case, in which the citizen has an opportunity to be heard, and to defend, enforce, and protect his rights. A hearing or an opportunity to be heard is absolutely essential. We cannot conceive of due process of law without this.
Halaman 478 - ... in contemplation of death or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment after the death of the grantor...
Halaman 356 - personal estate," and " personal property," as used in this chapter, include chattels, money, things in action, debts due from solvent debtors, whether on account, contract, note, bond or mortgage; debts and obligations for the payment of money due or owing to persons residing within this state, however secured or wherever such securities shall be held; debts due by inhabitants of this state to persons not residing within the United States for the purchase of any real estate; public...

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