Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology

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Dundurn, 1985 - 278 halaman

A revised and greatly expanded edition of this important and long out of print reference book on Upper Canada to 1841. Similar in format to a A Handbood of British Chronology, this work is a listing of all legislative councillors, and assemblymen, all officials, dates of all parliaments, and judges and court officials. It gives as well, a complete picture of local government: legislation relating to local territorial authorities, lists of countries, districts, cities and townships, and all major officials.

The new edition includes the basic population statistics, a completely revised list of the events fo the War of 1812 and new lists of the events of the Rebellion of 1837 and the Patriot Raids that followed the next year, tables of the provincial and British statutes relating to the incorporation of businesses, the officers of the major Upper Canadian corporations, a complete list of post office officials and post offices, and a list of the provincial surveyors, and the major disasters.


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Part I British Sovereigns Ministers Officials and Major Events
Part II Provincial Officials 17911841
Part III The Parliaments 17921840
Part IV The Judiciary and the Legal Profession
Part V Local and Municipal Government 17881849
Tables and Diagrams
Part VI Special Government Departments and Commissions
Part VII Supplementary Information
Part VIII Select Bibliography
Subject Index
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Frederick H. Armstrong, a graduate of the University of Toronto, is a Professor of History at the University of Western Ontario, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is the author or editor of numerous books and studies on Upper Canada including a new edition of Henry Scadding's Toronto of Old; Aspects of Nineteenth Century Ontario; and Toronto: The Place of Meeting. He has been awarded the President's Medal of the University of Western Ontario and the Award of Merit of the American Society for State and Local History.

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