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of the Countenance, for Criminal Jurisprudence. New York, 1830. 8vo.

180 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Macculloch (John)

Malaria : an essay on the production and propagation of this poison, and

on the nature and localities of the places by which it is produced : with an enumeration of the diseases caused by it, and of the means of preventing or diminishing them, both at home and in the naval and military service. Philadelphia, 1829. 8vo. 219 pp. Donor, Dr. E. C. Bright,

Eminence, Ky. Mackintosh (John)

Principles of Pathology, and Practice of Physic. Second American, from

the fourth London edition, with Notes and Additions by Samuel George Morton. In two volumes. Philadelphia, 1837. 8vo. Vols. I. II. Donor,

Dr. E. C. Bright, Eminence, Ky. Magendie (F.)

An Elementary Compendium of Physiology; for the use of Students. Trans

lated from the French, with copions Notes and Illustrations, by E. Milligan. Revised and corrected by a Physician of Philadelphia, with an Appendix. Philadelphia, 1824. 8vo. viii. 496 pp. Donor, Dr. E. C.

Bright, Eminence, Ky. Magendie (M.)

Formulary for the Preparation and Employment of several New Remedies.

Translated from the Sixth Edition of the Formulaire, published in Paris
October, 1827, with an Appendix, containing the experience of British
practitioners, with many of the new remedies, by Joseph Houlton,
London. New York, 1829. 12mo. xi. 145, 18 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S.

Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio.
Marine Hospital Service-

Regulations for the Government of. Washington, 1879. Maury (F.

Treatise on the Dental Art, founded on actual experience. Illustrated by

two hundred and forty-one figures in lithography, and fifty-fonr wood-cuts. Translated from the French, with Notes and Additions, hy J. B. Sanir. Philadelphia, 1843. 8vo. 324 pp. 20 plates. Donor, Dr. Wm. H. Sharp,

Chillicothe, Ohio. Mead (Richard)—

Opera Medica Figuris illustrata ac variis mendis diligentissime expurgata

(v. De Nummis quibusdam a Smyrnæis in Medicorum honorem perenssis. missine). Editio Novissima ad Editionem Londinensem. Neapoli, 1752.

8vo. plates. Donor, Dr. Wm. Lee. Washington, D. C. The Medical Works of. London, 1762. 4to. Portrait. xxiv. xxvii. 662

pp. 5 plates. Donor, Dr. Chas. E. Lining, Evansville, Indiana. Metcalf (Samuel S.)

A New Theory of Terrestrial Magnetism. (Read before the New York

Lyceum of Natural History.) New York, 1833. 8vo. 158 pp. Donor,

Dr. E. C. Bright, Eminence, Ky. Mitchell (Thomas D.)

Medical Chemistry; or, a compendious view of the various substances em

ployed in the practice of medicine that depend on chemical principles for

their formation ; designed for the use of Medical Students. To which is appended a discourse on the Medical Character. Pennsylvania, 1819.

16mo. 131 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Morgan (Ethelbert C.)

Diphtheria Paralytica. Reprinted from the National Medical Review,

April, 1879. Washington, D. C., 1879. 8vo. 6 pp. Donor, Author. Moss (William)

An Essay on the Management and Feeding of Infants. Philadelphia, 1808.

12mo. 104 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Museums

Das Museum Ludwig Salvator in Ober-Blaseintz bei Dresden. 8vo. 32 pp.

Juli, 1879. Donor, Dr. Schaufuss. Navy, U. S., Medical Department

Hygiene and Medical Reports by Medical Officers of the U. S. Navy, No.

IV. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1879. 8vo. vii. 1079 pp.

Illustrated. Exchange. Neligan (J. Moore)

Medicines, their Uses and Mode of Administration ; including a complete

conspectus of the three British Pharmacopæias, an account of all the New Remedies, and an Appendix of Formulæ. With Notes and Additions, conforming it to the Pharmacopæia of the United States, and including all that is new or important in recent improvements; by David Meredith Reese. Third edition. New York, 1846. 8vo. 453 pp. Donor, Dr. D.

N. Porter, Eminence, Ky. Osler (William)

Clinical Notes on Smallpox: 1, the initial rashes; 2, hemorrhagic small.

pox; 3. a form of hemorrhagic smallpox. Montreal, n. d. 8vo. 35 pp. Case of Obliteration of Vena Cava Inferior, with great Stenosis of Orifices

of Hepatic Veins. (From the Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, vol.

xü.) Edinburgh, 1879. 8vo. 16 pp. 1 illustration. Case of Congenital and Progressive Hypertrophy of the Right Upper Ex

tremity. N. d., n. p. 8vo. 4 pp., with cabinet photograph. (From the

Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. xiv.)
Over-strain of the Heart, as illustrated by a case of hypertrophy, dilatation,

and fatty degeneration of the heart, consequent upon prolonged muscular
exertion. (From the Canada Medical and Surgical Journal, March, 1878.)

Montreal, 1878. 8vo. 13 pp.
On the Pathology of the so-cailed Pig Typhoid. (Reprint from the Vete-

rinary Journal, June, 1878.) London, 1878. 8vo. 20 pp.
and Ross (George) -
Case of Aneurism of the Hepatic Artery, with Multiple Abscess of the

Liver. (Read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal.) (Reprinted from Canada Medical and Surgical Journal, July, 1877.) Mont

real, 1877. 8vo. 14 pp. 1 illustration. Donor, Author. Otis (F. N.)

Urethrismus, or Chronic Spasmodic Stricture. (Reprinted from the Hos

pital Gazette, April 19, 1879.) 8vo. 22 pp. Chronic Spasmodic Stricture, or Urethrismus. Second paper in reply to

Nr. II. B. Sands. (Reprinted from the Hospital Gazette, June 28, 1879.) 8vo. 22 pp. Donor, Author.

Paris (J. A.)

Pharmacologia: comprehending the Art of Prescribing upon fixed and

scientific principles ; together with the History of Medical Substances. Second American, from the fifth (enlarged) London edition, with addi. tions and illustrations of the Materia Medica of the United States, by Ansel W. Ives. Two volumes in one. New York, 1824. 8vo. 324, 375

pp. Donor, Dr. Wm. H. Sharp, Chillicothe, Ohio. Parker (Langston)

The Modern Treatment of Syphilitic Diseases, both Primary and Secondary:

: comprising an account of the New Remedies, with pumerous formulæ for their preparation and mode of administration. Philadelphia, 1840. 8vo. 94 pp. (Dunglison's American Library.) Donor, Dr. G. S. Frank

lin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Parmly (Eleazar)

An Essay on the Disorders and Treatment of the Teeth. Second edition,

London, 1821. 12mo. 62 pp. (Prefixed with an advertisement.) New
York, December, 1821, 4 pp. Dovor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe,

Parrish (Joseph) -

Practical Observations on Strangulated Hernia, and some of the Diseases

of the Urinary Organs. Philadelphia, 1836. 8vo. xvii. 330 pp., 4

plates. Donor. Dr. E. C. Bright, Eminence, Ky. Parsons (Usher)

Directions for making Anatomical Preparations, formed on the basis of

Pole, Marjolin, and Breschet, and including the new method of Mr. Swan.
Philadelphia, 1831. 8vo. xxiv. 316 pp., 4 plates. Donor, Dr. G. S.

Franklin, Chillicothe, Obio.
Parvin ('Theophilus)-

Philosophical Problems in Medicine. Presidential address before the Amer

ican Medical Association at its thirtieth annual session, Atlanta, Ga., May 6, 1879. (Extracted from the Transactions of the American Med

ical Association.) Philadelphia, 1879. 8vo. 33 pp. Periodicals BelgiumArchives Médicales Belges. Organe du corps sanitaire de l'armée Bruxelles.

(Sciences Medico-Chirurgicales, Pharmaceutique, et Veterinaires.) Third Series, Vol. 15, fasciculi 5 to 6; Vol. 16; Vol. 17, fasciculi 1, 2, 3.

Exchange. British AmericaCanada (The) Medical Record. A monthly journal of Medicine, Surgery,

and Pharmacy. Editor, Francis W. Campbell, Montreal. Vol. VII.

Nos. 6 to 12; Vol. VIII. Nos. 1 to 6. Exchange.
Canada Medical and Surgical Journal. Monthly. Edited by Geo. Ross

and W. A. Molson. Nos. LXXXII., LXXXIII., LXXXIV. Vol. VIII.

Nos. 1 to 9. Exchange.
Canadian (The) Journal of Medical Science Toronto. Vol. IV.; Vol. V.

Nos. 1 to 5. Exchange.
L'Union Médicale du Canada. Revue Medico-Chirurgicale paraissant tous

les mois. La Redaction M. le Dr. E. P. Lachapelle. Montreal. Vol.
8, Nos. 4 to 12; Vol. 9, Nos. 1 to 4. Exchange.

France. Algeria-
Alger Médicale. Paraissant le 1er de chaque mois. Comité de Rédaction

pommé par les Professeurs de l'Ecole de Médecine, la Société de Méde-
cine, l'Association des Médecins de l'Algérie et la Société des Pharma-

ciens du departement d'Alger. 7th année. Exchange. Gazette Médicale de l'Algérie. Directeur-Fondateur, le Dr. A. Bertherand,

29 Rue Vergere à Paris. Monthly. 24th année, Nos. 3 to 12; 25th

année, Nos. 1 to 6. Exchange. BordeauxJournal de Médecine de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Médical et Gazette Médical

reuvis) parait tous les samedis. Septième année, Nos. 34 to 47, 49 to

52; nenvième année, Nos. 1 to 37. Exchange. CaenL'Année Médicale. Journal de la Société de Médecine de Caen, et du

Calvados. Paraissant le dernier jour de chaque mois. 3e année, Nos.

3, 6, 7. Exchange. MontpellierMontpellier Medical. Journal Mensuel de Médecine. Boehm et fils, Im

primeur-editeurs. Rue d'Alger, 10. Tome XLII. Nos. 1, 2, 3. Exchange. ParisGazette Hebdomadaire de Médecine et d'Chirurgie: bulletin de l'enseigne

ment medical. Publié sous les auspices du ministère de l'instruction publique. Second Series, toines X. Nos. 29 to 52 ; XI. Nos. 1 to 52; XII.; XIII. Nos. 1 to 13, 16 to 22, 24 to 37, 40 to 52; XIV. Nos. 1, 3 to 53; XV. Nos. 1 to 19, 22 to 37, 40 to 52; XVI. Nos. 1, 3, 5, 8 to

10, 12 to 15, 20 to 35. Exchange. Journal des Connaissances Médicales pratiques et de Pharmacologie. Par

aissant tous les gendis. Fondé par le Dr. Caffe. Publié par V. Cornil, Secretaire de la Rédaction, Dr. V. Galippe. IIIe Serie, T. 1, Nos. 2, 4 to

14, 17 to 21, 23. Exchange. Journal de Médecine et de Chirurgie pratiques, à l'usage des médecins prac

ticiens. Fondé par Lucas-Champonniere. Paris. Monthly. Third

Series. Tomes L. Nos. 4 to 12; LI. Nos. 1 to 4. Exchange. Lansette (La) française, Gazette des Hôpitaux civils et militaires, parais

sant les mardi, jeudi et samedi. 51° année; 52e année, Nos. 1 to 126.

Exchange. Recueil de Mémoires de Médecine, de Chirurgie et de Pharmacie militaires.

Publié par ordre du Ministère de la Guerre sous la direction du conseil de santé des armés. Paraissant tous les deux mois. Vol. 35, Nos. 2 to

6; Vol. 36, No. 1. Exchange. Germany. Leipzig. Aerstliches Vereinsblatt für Deutschland. Organ des Deutschen Aerzte

vereinsbundes. Redacteur, Dr. Heinze. Nos. 83 to 95. Exchange. Archiv für Anatomie und Physiologie. Separat-abdruck aus dem, Physio

logische Abtheilung. Herausgegeben von His le Braune und von E. dn Bois Raymond (aus der Physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig). pp. 39 to

78, 513 to 524. Exchange. Great Britain. China.

Customs Gazette—Imperial Maritime Customs Medical Reports. Pub

lished by order of the Inspector-General of Customs. Shanghai. Med.

ical Series, Nos. 16, 17. Exchange. Glasgow (The) Medical Journal. Edited by Joseph Coats. Vol. XI. Nos. 4

to 12; Vol. XIII. Nos. I to 4. Exchange. London Journal (The) of Medicine according to the Dosimetric Method of

Dr. Bürggraeve, with notes of the latest scientific discoveries. Edited by T. S. Phipson, assisted by several eminent physicians. Published

monthly. Vol. I. No. 2 (Feb. 1880). Medical (The) Press and Circular. Nos. 1, 863, 1, 996. Donor, Dr. S. J.

Radeliffe, Washington, D. C. Medical Times and Gazette, No. 1300. Donor, Dr. S. J. Radcliffe, Washi

ington, D. C. Italy. Venetia. Padua. Gazetta Medica Italiana Provincie Venete. Diretta e compilata F. Coletti

e Antonio Barbo Soncin. Padua. Publica agni Sabbato. Auno 21, Nos.

11, 13 to 52; anno 23, Nos. 1 to 14. Exchange. Mexico. Nienda de Yucatan. La Emulacion. Periodico de la Sociedad Medico-Farmaceutica. Tome

III. Nos. 5, 12. Exchange. RussiaSt. Petersburgher Medicinische Wochenschrift. Redacteur Dr. E. Moritz.

Vol. III. Nos. 51, 52; Vol. IV. Nos. 9 to 17, 19 to 25, 28 to 52; Vol. V.

Nos. 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 11. Exchange. Sweden, Arkiv (Nordiskt Mediciniskt) unter Medverken af Prof. Dr. G. Asp (and

17 others) redigeradt af Dr. Axel Key. Elfte Bandet. Stockholm.

Exchange. TurkeyGazette Medicale D'Orient. Publiée par Société Imperiale de Médecine de

Constantinople. Parait 1er de chaque mois. XXIIma annee, Nos. 1 to

10. Exchange. Venezuela, Escuela Medica. Revista Juricenal de Cuncias Medicas, Fisicase Historia

Natural (Organo de la Sociedad “ Escuela Medica”) Administrador: Dr.
Adolfo Frydensberg Hijo. Caracas, Segunda Epoca. Ano 1, No. 9.

United States-
American (The) Journal of Dental Science. Edited by F. J. S. Gorgas.

Monthly. Baltimore. Vol. XII. No. 12; Vol. XIII. Exchange. American (The) Journal of Insanity. Edited by the Medical Officers of the

New York State Lunatic Asylum. Quarterly. Utica. Vol. XXXV. No.

4; XXXVI. Nos. 1, 2, 3. Exchange. American (The) Journal of the Medical Sciences. Quarterly. Edited by

Isaac Hays. Philadelphia, Nos. CIX. to CXVI. Donor, Dr. J. 2. Ger

bard, Harrisburg, Pa. American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. New

York. Quarterly. 8vo. 176 pp. Paul F. Mundé, Editor. Vol. XII. Nos.

11 10 14; Vol. XIII. Nos. 1, 11. Exchange. American (The) Medical Bi-Weekly. Louisville, Kentucky. E. S. Gaillard,

Euitor. Vol. X. Nos. 8 to 13; Vol. XI. Nos. 1 to 8. Exchange.

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