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NOTE. — The following telegram was not received by the Secretary until after the adjournment of the Association. It and the letter from Dr. Chaillé are here appended at the request of the State Medical Society of Nebraska.


Permanent Secretary.


NEW ORLEANS, July 23d, 1880. DR. A. S. v. MANSFIELD,

Secretary Nebraska State Medical Society. Dear Sir: It has given me great satisfaction to read the following telegram from your society to the American Medical Association:


We congratulate the American Medical Association on its success, and claim that we have ever been loyal to its constitution and to its code.

It is no fault of ours that proper legislation has not been obtained. Twelve other States are similarly situated. We recommend the Illinois laws. Our financial standing is good; out of debt, and money in the treasury.

We have never indorsed advertisements contrary to the code; no members have withdrawn from the society; our attendance and membership averages with any new State.

In loyalty to the science of Medicine and to a proper regard for all the Ethics, the Nebraska State Medical Society challenges comparison with older societies.

A. S. v. MANSFIELD, Secretary,

Nebraska State Medical Society. HARVEY LINK, President."

This telegram emphatically contradicts the following passage in my report on State Medical Societies to the American Medical Association in 1879:


“ This society is reported to be in bad financial condition because of debt incurred in publishing in 1877 its Transactions. It is also reported to have indorsed the advertisements of some of its members, which were deemed to violate the code of ethics; and that as results thereof a number of members abandoned the society, and anticipate forming a new organization."

My only explanation is, that the information contained in the above extract was procured from what I had reason to believe was a reliable source; and that I had not time nor opportunity to secure additional reports. I congratulate you heartily on the satisfactory condition reported.

Yours, very truly,



The Judicial Council met in Association Hall, New York, June 1, 1880.


Dr. BALDWIN moved that Dr. Toner be made Chairman of the Judicial Council for the present meeting; carried, and, on motion, Dr. BENHAM was re-elected Secretary.

Dr. PRATT moved that a sub-committee of one, consisting of Dr. HOWARD, take all the papers relating to the registration of delegates from the Navy, examine the same, and report at the next session of the Council; also, that Dr. BENHAM, the Secretary, be requested to examine the papers relating to the Allen County Medical Society of Indiana, and report upon the same at our next session. Carried.

The second session of the Judicial Council was held in Association Hall, June 2, 1880, Dr. Toners in the Chair. Drs. BaldWIN, BARTLETT, BENHAM, HOWARD, and Pratt, present.

Dr. BARTLETT moved that, inasmuch as the chairman of the committee on rules and regulations is absent, the same committee be continued, and be requested to report without fail at our meeting next year. Carried.

Dr. BALDWIN moved that five members constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at the present meeting of the Judicial Council. Carried.

Dr. BENHAM then reported the result of his examination of the papers relating to the Allen County Medical Society of Indiana, after which Dr. Pratt moved that all questions arising in, or growing out of, the communication from the Allen County Medical Society of Indiana be, and they are hereby referred for action thereon to the State Medical Society of Indiana, for the reason that the matters in controversy, partly personal and partly of a Society nature, involve questions which must be settled in accordance with its law, and which it has not decided. Also,

That the Secretary be and he is hereby instructed to forward the papers relating to this case, and now in his hands, to the Secretary of the aforesaid State Medical Society. Carried.

Dr. HOWARD reported upon the matter relating to the protest against the registration of delegates from the Medical Statf of the Navy, and on motion of Dr. BARTLETT the report was received; after which Dr. PRATT offered the following, which was adopted as the decision of the Council:

Whereas, A protest, without signature, against the registration of delegates from the Medical Staff of the Navy, on which the Committee of Arrangements had refused them registration, was presented by the said committee to the Association, and by it referred to the Judicial Council but unaccompanied by charges, specifications, or proof; therefore, Resolvedl

, That the protest against the registration of the delegates to this Association from the Medical Department of the Navy is not sustained, and the Council find no cause of action thereon.

The third session of the Judicial Council was held Thursday morning, June 3, 1880, Dr. TONER in the chair; Drs. BARTLETT, BENHAM, PRATT, and STORMONT present.

Dr. BENHAM read the protest in reference to the admission of delegates from the Hannibal Medical Society of Missouri. As witnesses, Drs. J. S. Jillett and J. C. Ilearn were examined in reference thereto, after which Dr. BARTLETT offered the following:

Resolved, That the Hannibal Medical Society of Missouri is not entitled to representation in this Association, because it is not in affiliation with the State Medical Society. The protest against the registration of its delegates is therefore sustained.

The following questions were then read:-
To the President of the American Medical Association:-

We desire to submit the following questions, and respectfully request that the same be referred to the Judicial Council for answer, viz.:

1. Would a gentleman who has certificates of five (5) years' study, two (2) years at Olmutz and three (3) years at Perth, Hungary, be eligible to membership in the American Medical Association? A gentleman possessing the above qualifications was admitted to a local medical society in Arkansas. Is such relationship ethical, under the Code of the American Medical Association ?

2. Wonld a gentleman having a certificate from the State Board of Health of Illinois or from its State Medical Society be eligible to membership in the American Medical Association ?

E. R. DUVAL, M.D.,
E. T. DALE, M.D.,


Delegates from Arkansas State Medical Society. To the above questions the Judicial Council answered as follows:

Answer to the first question: If the gentleman in question be a member in good standing of the State Medical Society of his State, or of one of its regularly recognized auxiliary societies, and is regular in practice, he is, if duly elected and accredited by either State or local society of which he is a member, entitled to membership in this Association.

The answer to the second question is the same as the answer to the first question.

Dlembers of the Judicial Council.

S. N. BENHAM, Pa. W. 0. BALDWIN, Ala. J. K. BARTLETT, Wis.
J. M. TOXER, D. C. N. S. Davis, III. F. STAPLES, Minn.
D. A. LINTHICOM, Ark. John P. GRAY, N. Y. D. R. WALLACE, Texas.
Foster PRATT, Mich. E. L. HOWARD, Md. J. S. BILLINGS, U. S. A.
A. WoodWARD, Conn. A. N. TALLEY, S. C. J. H. WARREN, Mass.
J.H. Vax DEMAX, Tenn. D. W. STORMONT, Kan. A. T. WOODWARD, Vt.


Secretary of Judicial Council.


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