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TUESDAY, June 1, 1880. DR. LAURENCE TURNBULL, of Pennsylvania, temporary Chair


Dr. W. H. Daly, of Pennsylvania, read a paper on A Case of Syphilitic Stenosis of the Larynx, etc. Two photographs, taken before and after the tracheotomy, show the comparative condition of patient. Paper referred.

Dr. CARL SEILER, of Pennsylvania, read a paper entitled Remarks on the Lesions of the Larynx in Pulmonary Phthisis. Paper referred.

Dr. H. KNAPP, of New York, made extensive remarks on Tumors of the Lachrymal Gland, their Pathology and Treatment, with Demonstrations.

Dr. Chas. KIPP, of New Jersey, showed two photographs of a woman, taken before and after removal of a tumor, which was an ordinary adenoma, consisting of cartilage cells, epithelial cells, and tubes containing gelatinous masses. Case was looked upon as tumor of lachrymal gland.

Dr. SEGUIN read a paper, which was referred.

WEDNESDAY, June 2, 1880. Dr. Daly, of Pennsylvania, read a paper entitled The Thera peutic Value of the Galvano-Cautery in Diseases of the Naso-Pharynx. Referred.

Dr. H. KNAPP, of New York, demonstrated, with models, The Refraction of Light by Asymmetrical Surfaces.

Dr. EUGENE SMITH presented an enucleated eye, in which there was a peculiar bone formation in the place of the lens, and which looks as if it is bony degeneration of the lens.

Dr. S. J. JONES, of Illinois, read a paper on The Introduction of Liquids into Eustachian Tubes and Middle Ear. After a lengthy discussion, the paper was referred.

Dr. E. GRUENING read a paper on The Preservation of Eyes in Wickersheimer's Fluid. The doctor showed specimens so preserved in which the refractive media were perfectly transparent after the specimen had lain in the fluid three inonths.

THURSDAY, June 3, 1880. Dr. B. Joy JEFFRIES, of Massachusetts, spoke at length on Color Blindness.

Dr. David Hunt spoke on Variability of the Human Eye, and exbibited plates and microscopic sections showing the embryology of the eye.

Dr. R. C. BRANDEIS, of New York, read a paper on The Probable Cause of some forms of Globus Hystericus.

Dr. E. GRUENING, of New York, exhibited a magnet for the removal of particles of steel and iron from the interior of the eye.

Dr. H. KNAPP showed a case of, and made remarks on, Perichondritis Auricula.

Dr. T. R. Pooley, of New York, read a paper entitled On the Detection of the Presence and Location of Pieces of Steel and Iron in the Eye, by the Indication of a Magnetic Needle.

A lively discussion followed by Drs. GRUENING and Pooley.

Dr. S. D. Risley, of Pennsylvania, read a report on cases of Ear Troubles, and showed photographs of a typical dermoid tumor of the cornea.

Dr. D. H. GOODWILLIE, of New York, read a paper on Erectile Tumors of the Turbinated Bones.

Dr. E. S. Peck, of New York, presented a case of Primary Lupus of the Conjunctiva.

Dr. TURNBULL, of Pennsylvania, read by title a paper entitled Observations, with Cases of Aural and Auditory Vertigo Referred.

Dr. HalcomBE, of New York, read several papers by title, but did not submit them.



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