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Association, the American Medical Society at Paris, and such other scientific bodies in Europe or other foreign countries as may be affiliated with us.


No one shall be permitted to address the Association, except he shall have first given his name and residence, which shall be dis. tinctly announced from the chair, and the member may be required to go forward and speak from the stand, but not more than ten minutes at one time.

No one appointed on a special committee, who fails to report at the meeting next succeeding the one at which he is appointed, shall be continued on such committee, or appointed on any other, unless a satisfactory excuse is offered.


No State or Local Medical Society, or other organized institution, shall be entitled to representation in this Association that has not adopted its Code of Ethics; or that has intentionally violated or disregarded any article or clause of the same.


When the previous question is demanded, it shall take at least twenty members to second it; and when the main question is put under force of the previous question and negatived, the question shall remain under consideration the same as if the previous ques. tion had not been enforced.


A council, consisting of twenty-one members, shall be appointed by the Nominating Committee, whose duty it shall be to take cognizance of, and decide, all questions of an ethical or judicial char. acter that may arise in connection with the Association. Of the twenty-one members of the council first appointed the seven first named on the list shall hold office one year, and the second seven named shall hold office two years.

With these exceptions the term of office of members of the council shall be three years, seven being appointed by the Nominaring Committee annually.

The said council shall organize by choosing a President and

Secretary, and shall keep a permanent record of its proceedings. The decisions of said council on all matters referred to it by the Association shal} be final, and shall be reported to the Association at the earliest practical moment.

All questions of a personal character, including complaints and protests, and all questions on credentials, shall be referred at once, after the report of the Committee of Arrangements or other presentation, to the Judicial Council, and without discussion.


No new business, resolutions by members, etc., shall be intro. duced at the general session of the Association except on the first and fourth days of meetings.


Resolved, That the several Sections of this Association be requested, in the future, to refer no papers or reports to the Committee of Publication, except such as can be fairly classed under one of the three following heads, viz: 1st. Such as may contain and establish positively new facts, modes of practice, or principles of real value. 20. Such as may contain the results of well-devised original experimental researches. '30. Such as present so complete a' review of the facts on any particular subject as to enable the writer to deduce therefrom legitimate conclusions of importance.

Resolved, that the several sections be requested, in the future, to refer all such papers as may be presented to them for examination by this Association, that contain matter of more or less value, and yet cannot be fairly ranked under either of the heads mentioned in the foregoing resolution, back to their authors with the recom. mendation that they be published in such regular medical periodi. cals as said authors may select, with the privilege of placing at the head of such papers, “Read to the

Section of the American Medical Association on the

18 ." (Vide Transactions, vol. xvi. p. 40.)

Resolved, That, instead of yearly reprinting the list of members of the American Medical Association, the Committee of Publication be instructed to prepare and print in the Transactions an alphabetical catalogne triennially, containing a complete list of the Permanent Members, with their names in full, designating their

day of

residences, the year of their admission, the offices they may have held in the Association, and, in case of death or rejection, the date thereof. (Vide Transactions, vol. xvii. p. 33.)

Resolved, That no report or other paper shall be presented to this Association unless it be so prepared that it can be put at once into the hands of the Permanent Secretary, to be transmitted to the Committee of Publication. (Vide Transactions, vol. xvii. p. 27.)

Resolved, That the Permanent Secretary hereafter and froin this date be authorized to draw a warrant upon the Treasurer for the expenses incurred in his attendance upon each session of the Association, and that the Treasurer is hereby instructed to pay the same. (Vide Transactions, vol. xviii. p. 42.)

Resolved, That the faculties of the several medical colleges of the United States be recommended to announce explicitly in their annual commencement circulars and advertisements that they will not receive certificates of time of study from irregular practitioners, and that they will not confer the degree upon any one who may acknowledge his intention to practise in accordance with any exclusive system. (Vide Transactions, vol. xix. p. 31.)

Resolved, That those gentlemen who desire to report on special subjects, and will pledge themselves to report at the next meeting, be requested to send their names, and the subjects on which they desire to report, to the Permanent Secretary. (Vide Transactions, vol. xix. p. 42.)

Resolved, That hereafter the necessary expenses for rent of ball for general meetings and rooms for sections to accommodate the annual meetings, and the necessary expenses for cards of membership, be paid out of the treasury of the Association. (Vide Transactions, vol. xix. p. 42.)

Resolved, That each State Medical Society be requested to prepare an annual register of all the regular practitioners of medicine in their respective States, giving the names of the colleges in which they may have graduated, and date of diploma or license. (Vide Transactions, vol. xx. p. 20.)

Resolved, That this Association recognizes specialties as proper and legitimate fields of practice.

Resolved, That specialists shall be governed by the same rules of professional etiquette as have been laid down for general practilioners.

Resolved, That it shall not be proper for specialists publicly to

advertise themselves such, or to assume any title not specially granted by a regularly chartered college.

Resolved, That private bandbills addressed to members of the medical profession, or by cards in medical journals, calling the attention of professional brethren to themselves as specialists, be declared in violation of the Code of Ethics of the American Medi. cal Association. (Vide Transactions, vol. xx. p. 28.)

Resolved, That a Committee of one be appointed, residing at Washington, to render the Librarian of Congress such assistance as the interests of the Association may require. (Vide Transactions, . vol. xx. p. 29.)

Whereas, The proper construction of Art. IV., Sec. 1, Code of Ethics, A. M. A., having been called for, relative to consultation with irregular practitioners who are .graduates of regular schools.

Resolved, That said Art. IV., Sect. 1, Code of Ethics, excludes all such practitioners from recognition by the regular profession. (Vide Transactions, vol. xx. p. 30.)

Resolved, That if any member fail to reply for more than one year to the circular sent to him by the Committee of Publication, he shall forfeit his right to the volume, and it shall revert to the Association, to be sold to any applicant at the current rates. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxi. p. 30.)

Resolved, That the Committee of Arrangements for the next en. suing meeting of this Association, and for all meetings thereafter, be directed to prepare a list of members present on a separate roll, for convenience and accuracy in calling the ages and nays when the same shall be demanded. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxi. p. 60.)

Resolved, That each year, until otherwise ordered, the President elect and the Permanent Secretary be directed to appeal, in the name of the Association, to the authorities of each State where no State Board of Health exists, urging them to establish such boards. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxvi. p. 50.)

Resolved, That the Permanent Secretary is hereby directed annually to report the names of States where boards of health exist, and also of those which decline to establish them; said report to form a part of the annual proceedings of the Association. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxvi. p. 50.)

Resolved, That members of the medical profession who in any way aid or abet the graduation of medical students in irregular or exclusive systems of medicine, are deemed thereby to violate the

spirit of the ethics of the American Medical Association. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxvii. p. 48.)

Resolved, 1. That the American Medical Association adopts the International Metric System, and will use it in its Transactions. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxx. p. 44.)

2. Requests that those who present papers at its future meetings employ this system in their communications, or reprints thereof. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxx. p. 44.)

3. Requests the medical boards of the hospitals and dispensaries to adopt the Metric System in prescribing and recording cases; and that the Faculties of the medical and pharmaceutic. schools adopt it in their didactic, clinical, or dispensing departments. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxx. p. 44.)

Resolved, That the President and Secretary of this Association are directed to annually petition Congress to enact a law which shall permit every person engaged in a scientific pursuit to import for his own use, free of duty, any one book or instrument appertaining to his special pursuit. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxx. p. 45.)

Resolved, That the above-named officers are further directed to urge the State Medical Societies and their auxiliary branches to aid this Association in accomplishing this purpose, by petitions to Congress, and by otherwise influencing Congressmen. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxx. p. 45.)

Decision by Judicial Council: A gentleman who is not in affili. ation with a County, District, or State Medical Society, where such organizations exist, is not entitled to be registered as a permanent member upon the claim of having been a delegate from a body not now entitled to representation in this body. (Vide Transactions, vol. xxx. p. 57.)

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