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February number of the N. O. Medical and Surgical Journal (1879). 8vo.

14 pp. Donor, Author. Potter (Nathaniel),

A Memoir on Contagion, more especially as it respects the Yellow Fever :

read in Convention of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, on the 3d of June, 1817. Baltimore, 1818. 8vo. 118 pp. Donor, Dr.

G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Potter (William Warren)

On Rectal Alimentation and the Induction of Abortion for the relief of the

Obstinate Vomiting of Pregnancy. Reprinted from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, vol. xiii., No. 1,

January, 1880. New York, 1880. 8vo. 16 pp. Donor, Author. Prince (David)

Bathing, Cupping, Electricity, Massage. A comparison of the therapeutic

effects of bathing, of cupping or atmospheric exhaustion, of electricity in the form of galvanism and faradism, and of massage, in the treatment of debilities, deformities, and chronic diseases. (Reprinted from American

Practitioner, February, 1878.) 8vo. 16 pp. 3 figures. Donor, Author. Reece (Richard)—

The Lady's Medical Guide : being a popular treatise on the causes, pre

vention, and mode of treatment of the diseases to which females are particularly subject. Philadelphia, 1833. 18mo. 144 pp. Donor, Dr. G.

S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Robinson (Jacques) (nom de plume)

An Account of the Perineosinu extractor. A new instrument for the ex

ploration of sinuses. Especially adapted to gynecological practice. (Reprint from Louisville Medical News, May 13 and June 7, 1879.) Louis

ville, Ky., 1879. 8vo. 8 pp. Donor, Author. Rush (Benjamin

Medical Inquiries and Observations. Second American edition. Philadel.
phia, 1794. 8vo. Vol. I.

A new edition. Vol. II. 1793; Vol. IV. 1796; Vol. V. 1798.
An Account of the Bilious Remitting Yellow Fever, as it appeared in the

City of Philadelphia in the year 1793. Second edition. Philadelphia,

1794. 8vo. x. 363 pp. Donor, Dr. E. C. Bright, Eminence, Ky. Six Introductory Lectures, to Courses of Lectures, upon the Institutes and

Practice of Medicine, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania. Phil.

adelphia, 1801. 8vo. 168 pp. Donor, Dr. E. C. Bright, Eminence, Ky. Rush (James)

The Philosophy of the Human Voice: embracing its physiological history;

together with a system of principles by which criticism in the art of elo. cution may be rendered intelligible, and instructive, definite, and comprehensive; to which is added a brief analysis of song and recitative. Phil.

adelphia, 1827. 8vo. 586 pp. Donor, Dr. E. C. Bright, Eminence, Ky. Ryan (Michael)

A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, compiled from the best medical and

legal works : being an analysis of a course of lectures on Forensic Medicine, annually delivered in London. First American edition, with Notes and Additions, by R. Eglesfield Griffith. Philadelphia, 1832. 8vo. 327 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio.

Saissy (J. A.)

An Essay on the Diseases of the Internal Ear, honored with a premium by

the Medical Society of Bordeaux, and since enlarged by the Author. Translated from the French by Nathan R. Smith, with a Supplement on Diseases of the External Ear, by the Translator. Baltimore, 1829. 8vo.

228 pp. 1 plate. Donor, Dr. Wm. H. Sharp, Chillicothe, Ohio. Sands (Henry B.)—

On Spasmodic Stricture of the Urethra. A reply to Dr. F. N. Otis. 12mo.

12 pp. 1. d., n. p. (Received June, 1879.) Donor, Author. Schmidt- Mulheim (Adolf )

Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Peptons und seiner physiologischen Bedentung

aus der physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig, 1880. 8vo. 23 pp. Donor,

Dr. Kries. Shoemaker (John V.)

Ringworm in Public Institutions: Extracted from the Transactions of the

American Medical Association. Rosacea: Extracted from the Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. Philadel.

phia, 1878. 8v0. 16 pp. Baths and their Uses in the Treatment of Diseases of the Skin. Valedic

tory Address to the Class on Diseases of the Skin, at the Philadelphia
School of Anatomy and Surgery, January 16, 1878. Published by the

Class. Philadelphia, 1878. 8vo. 31 pp.
Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Free Dispensary for Skin Diseases, No.

920 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., for the Medical Relief of the Poor
affected with Diseases of the Skin. From November 1, 1877, to October

31, 1878, etc. etc. Philadelphia, 1878. 8vo. 16 pp. Some Important Topical Remedies and their Use in the Treatment of Skin

Diseases. (Reprinted from the Transactions of the Medical Society of the

State of Pennsylvania, Vol. XII., 1879.) 8vo. 7 pp.
A History of the Origin and Growth of the Jefferson Quiz Association ;

together with a condensed account of Six Years' Experience in Medical
Teaching. Valedictory Address to the Class of the Jefferson Quiz Asso-
ciation, at the Philadelphia School of Anatomy and Surgery, March 10,
1880. Printed by the Association. Philadelphia, 1880. 8vo. 27 pp.

Donor, Author. Shurtlef (G. A.)

Valedictory Address, on behalf of the Faculty, to the Graduates of the

Medical Department of the University of California, at the Annual Commencement, Nov. 7, 1878. Published by request. Stockton, California,

1878. 8vo. 14 pp. Donor, Author. Singleton (J. W.)

Medical Heroism of 1878. Read before the Tri-State Medical Society,

Springfield, III., November, 1878. (Reprinted from the St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, June, 1879.) St. Louis, 1879. 8vo. 11 pp.

Donor, Author. Societies. BelgiumBrussels L'Academie Royale de Médecine de Belgique. Bulletin de 3d Series.

Tomes XIII. fasciculi 2 to 11; XIV. fasc. 1, 2.

Mémoires Couronnés et autres Mémoires, publiés par. Tome V. fasc. 3, 4.

Exchange. LiegeSociété Médico-Chirurgicale. Annales de la 17th année, Nov. et Dec. ;

18th année, Mars à Dec.; 19th année, Jan., Fev., Mars. Exchange. France

Association Française pour l'Avancement des Sciences. Compte rendu de

la 6e Session. Le Havre, 1877. Paris, 1878. 8vo. Exchange. BordeauxSociété de Pharmacie. Bulletin des Travaux. 18e année, dp. to Dec. 19e

année, Mai to Dec. 20e année, Jan., Fev. Exchange. CherbourgMémoires de la Société Nationale des Sciences Naturelles et Mathematique

de Cherbourg. Publiés sous la direction de M. Auguste le Jolis, Direc. teur et Archiviste-Perpetuel de la Société. Paris, Cherbourg, 1877-78.

Tome XXI. Exchange. ParisAcademie de Médecine. Bulletin. Tomes VIII. Nos. 4 to 30, 37 to 52;

IX. Nos. 1 to 14. Exchange. Société Chimique. Bulletin. Tomes XXXI. Nos. 6 to 12; XXXII. ;

XXXIII. Nos. 1 to 7. Exchange. Société Médicale des Hôpitaux. Bulletins et Mémoires. 2d Series, Tome

XV. Exchange. Germany. Breslau

Schlesische Gesellschaft für vaterländische Cultus. 55th Jahres-Binekt der.

Exchange BonnNiederrheinischen Gesellschaft für Natur- und Heilkunde-Sitzungsberichte.

1878, 1879. Exchange. ErlangenPhysikalisch-Medicinischen Societät. Sitzingsbinchto. 10th Hest. Ex

change. Kiel

Universität-Schriften. Band XXV. 4to. Exchange. MunichKoeniglich Baerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Physicalischen Classe. 4to. 13th vol.

1st and 2d parts. Sitzungsberichte de Mathematisch-Physikalischen Classe der Heften. 8vo.

I., II., III., IV. 1878.
Königliche Böhnische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften Abhandlungen der

Mathematisch-natur-wissenchaftlichen Classe. VI. Folge. 9 Band. 4to.
Sitzungsberichte, Jahrgang, 1877, 1878. 8vo.
Jahresberichte Ausgegeben am 9 Mai, 1877, und am 10 Mai, 1878. 8vo.

Physikalische - Medicinische Gesellschaft in, Verhandlungen der, XIII.

Band, Heft. 3, 4. Exchange.

Great Britain

British Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual reports, 46th,

Glasgow, 1876; 47th, Plymouth, 1877. Exchange. London Clinical Society. Transactions, Vol. XII. General index to the first twelve

volumes. 8vo. 115 pp. Exchange. Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of Medico-Chirurgical Transactions.

Vols. LIX. and LX. Exchange. Holland. AmsterdamKoninklige Akademie von Wetenschappen. Verslagen en Mede deelingen.

2d Reeks. Deel XII., XIII. Exchange. Luxembourg

L'Institut Royal Grand Ducal Publications. Section des Sciences Natu

relles. Tome XVII. Exchange. Russia. Moscow

Société Imperiale des Naturalistes, Bulletin de la. Tomes LIII. Nos. 3,

4; LIV. No. 1. Switzerland. Lausanne

Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles. Bulletin, 2e Serie. Vol. IV.

Nos. 81, 82. Exchange. St. Gall— Naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft. Beitrage über die Thatig

keit. Vereinsjahres 1877-78. Exchange. United States

International Ophthalmological Congress. Report of the Fifth, held in New

York, September, 1876. New York, 1877. 8vo. 265 pp. Donor, Dr.

Chas. S. Bull.
American (The) Gynecological Transactions, Vol. 3. Exchange.
American Medical Association Transactions. Vol. 30.
American (The) Pharmaceutical Association Proceedings. Vols. 26, 27.

State Medical Society. Annual Transactions. First, Third, Fourth. Ex-

change. Connecticut-

Medical Society, Proceedings of the annual Convention for 1879. Exchange. District of Columbia

Medical Association. Standard fees, 1879. 12mo. 2 pp. Maryland

Medical and Chirurgical Faculty. Transactions, 1879. Exchange. Massachusetts Gynecological Society of Boston. The journal of the, devoted to the advancement of the knowledge of the diseases of women.

Edited by Winslow Lewis, Horatio R. Storer, and Geo. H. Bixby. Vol. I. Vos.

1, 2, 3; Vol. III. No. 6. Donor, Dr. J. Z. Gerharu, Harrisburg, Pa Medical Society. Medical Communications. 2d Series, Vol. VIII. Part V.

Exchange. Minnesota

State Medical Society. Transactions, 1879. Exchange.


Medical Association of the State. Transactions, 22d. Exchange. New Hampshire

Medical Society. Transactions, 1879. Exchange. New Jersey

Medical Society. Transactions, 1879. Exchange. New YorkBrooklynAnatomical (The) and Surgical Society. Annals of the, Vols. I. (1878

9); II. No. 1. Exchange. Medical Society of the County of Kings. Proceedings, Medical and Sci

entific Papers, Reports, Discussions, and Notes. Published montbly in the interest of the profession in Kings County. Conducted by the Council of the Society. Vol. IV. Nos. 3 to 12 ; Vol. V. Nos. 1, 2.

Exchange. New York State Medical Society Transactions, 1807-1831 (1 vol.); 1840

43 (1 vol.); 1857, 1860, 1861, 1862, 186, 1865, 1871, 1873-4, 1875 to

1879 (5 vols.). Exchange. North Carolina

State Medical Society Transactions. 26th vol. Exchange. PennsylvaniaPharmaceutical Association. Proceedings for 1878-79, with the Consti.

tution, By-laws, and a list of members. Harrisburg, Pa., 1879. 8vo.

64 pp. Donor, Association. Adams County Medical Society, Report of the, by J. W. C. O'Neal. Ex

tracted from the Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania for 1879. Philadelphia, 1879. 8vo. 19 pp. Donor, Re

porter. Pennsylvania State Medical Society. Transactions, 4th series. Vol. XII.

Part II. Donor, Society. Rhode Island

Medical Society. Transactions for 1878-9. Exchange. South Carolina

Medical Association. Transactions, 1879. Exchange. Tennessee

State Medical Society. Transactions, 46th annual meeting. Exchange. Il'est Virginia

Medical Society. Transactions, 1879. Wisconsin

Medical Society. Transactions, 1879. Exchange. Sterenson (John)

On the Morbid Sensibility of the Eye, commonly called weakness of sight.

Hartford, 1815. 12 mo. 99 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, O. Teale (Thomas Pridgin)

A Treatise on Neuralgic Diseases, dependent upon irritation of the Spinal

Marrow and Ganglia of the Sympathetic Nerve. Concord, n. d. 16mo.

120 pp. Donor, Dr. G. S. Franklin, Chillicothe, Ohio. Thomson (Thomas)

A System of Chemistry, in four volumes. From the fifth London edition,

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