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In addition to the nominations previously reported, the Committee respectfully submits the following:

As Chairman of the Section on Practice of Medicine, Materia Medica, and Physiology, in place of Dr. DENISON, who has declined, Dr. WILLIAM PEPPER, of Pennsylvania.

Section on Diseases of Children.-Dr. A. JACOBI, of New York, Chairman; Dr. W. II. BRADFORD, of Massachusetts, Secretary. Assistant Secretary, Dr. J. GRATTAN CABELL, of Virginia.

Committee of Arrangements. - Drs. F. D. CUNNINGHAM, H. MCGUIRE, and J. D. CULLEN, of Richmond, Va., with power to select others to make a committee of seven.

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The Committee also recommend that the following resolutions, passed by the Association last year at Atlanta, be recognized as remaining in force until further order by the Association, viz.:—

"That the Committee of Publication be instructed to advertise for proposals to publish the Transactions of this Association in six of the largest cities of the Union, and that the contract be awarded to the lowest and best responsible bidder.

"That the Treasurer be instructed to deposit the funds of the American Medical Association monthly as Treasurer in the name of the Association in the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Philadelphia.

W. O. BALDWIN, M.D., Chairman."

Dr. H. G. PIFFARD, of New York, offered the following, which was, on motion, referred to the Judicial Council:

Resolved, That the representation of the Richmond County. Society of New York be disbarred from membership in the American Medical Association for admitting an ex-homoeopath as a member.

Dr. JAS. M. KELLER, of Arkansas, offered an amendment to the by-laws, which was laid over until next year.

In the election of officers and appointment of committees by this Association and its President, they shall be confined to members and delegates present at the meeting, except in the Committees of Arrangement, Climatology, and Credentials.

On motion of Dr. M. A. PALLEN, the rule requiring the advertisement for proposals for publishing the Transactions was reconsidered, and on motion it was unanimously agreed that the publication be assigned to the same publishers as in 1879.

The Sections reported their minutes and accompanying papers, which were severally referred to the Committee of Publication. Dr. WM. BRODIE offered the following, which was adopted unanimously by a rising vote:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association be and are hereby tendered to His Honor Mayor Cooper and lady, Mr. August Belmont and lady, Drs. Fordyce Barker and T. Gaillard Thomas, to the President and Vice-President of the Academy of Medicine, to Postmaster James, of New York, to the officers of the Western Union Telegraph Company, to the officers of the Young Men's Christian Association for their many courtesies, and to the medical profession of the city of New York for their courteous attention in making this meeting pleasant and profitable. Also to the Faculty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons for the use of their building; to the press and Dr George F. Shrady, editor Medical Record, for publishing a daily record of the proceedings; to Messrs. W. Wood & Co. for the interesting steamboat excursion; to Messrs. Reed and Carnick, Scott and Bowne, and the Pharmacal Association for the magnificent entertainment given at Booth's Theatre; and to all others who may have added to the entertainment and pleasure of the members during the session.

A special vote of thanks was tendered to the Committee of Arrangements.

Dr. H. O. MARCY, of Massachusetts, offered a resolution that the usual honorarium of $600 be granted to the Permanent Secretary, which, on motion of Dr M. A PALLEN, was made $1000, and the resolution was unanimously adopted.

On motion of Dr. JAS. F. HIBBERD, from the Section on State Medicine, it was

Resolved, That a general sanitary organization is a necessity of every enlightened commercial nation, and that the service of the National Board of Health of the United States since its organization has been such as to impress us that both in its personnel and organization it is entitled to the confidence of the Government and the people, and we join the American Public Health Association and the National Academy of Sciences in earnestly recommending to Congress that the suggestions and estimates of the Board receive their legal sanction, believing that the money asked for is necessary to the work of the Board, and will be a most judicious expenditure of public money.

Resolred, That this Association approves the plans proposed by the Superintendent of the Tenth Census for the collection of data with regard to the insane and idiots of the United States, and it urges upon all physicians that they should aid in every

suitable way the efforts of the Census Bureau to perfect its statistics in regard to idiots and the insane.

Whereas, The value of vital statistics depends upon their scientific accuracy as regards their etiology as well as diagnosis of diseases, therefore be it

Resolved, That this Association recommends that each medical school establish a chair on State Medicine as an essential part of its curriculum.

Resolved, That the Section now known as that of State Medicine, Public Hygiene, Medical Jurisprudence, etc., be hereafter designated simply "State Medicine;" it being understood that the various subjects heretofore named in the title, and all other subjects for the execution of which State authority is necessary,

are included under the said Section.

He also announced that this Section had selected as their Committee on Prize Essays under the amendment to the Constitution just adopted: Drs. S. E. CHAILLÉ, of Louisiana, J. L. CABELL, of Virginia, and A. N. BELL, of New York.

Dr. R. P. HOWARD, as President of the Canadian Medical Association, desired, on behalf of that body and of the medical profession of Canada, to return thanks for the many courtesies and attentions extended to them by the American Medical Association, and for the privileges they had enjoyed in being permitted to attend and take part in the meetings of the various sections of that body, representing, as it does, the learning, experience, and practical ability of the entire medical profession of the United States. He felt specially grateful for the honor done the Canadian delegates in making them, by a unanimous vote, Honorary Members of the American Medical Association. Should any members of that body attend the approaching meeting of the sister association to be held in Ottawa on the 1st of September next, Canadians will endeavor in some small degree to reciprocate the hospitable and generous treatment they have been the subjects of at the hands of their American cousins. Finally, he gladly availed himself of this, the first opportunity afforded him, to convey to the "National Board of Health" of the United States, the thanks of the "Canada Medical Association" for the courteous manner in which the Board has sent its valuable journal, "The Bulletin," to the President of the Cana dian Association.

Dr. J. R. BRONSON offered the following:

The committee appointed to consider the practicability of formulating all the proceedings of this Association in journalistic form, find on approaching the subject that its merits are such as to warrant the belief that the medical profession as a whole, upon due consideration, will heartily endorse the radical change proposed, in that it will enable the profession aforesaid to commence to utilize at an early day the valuable contributions to the literature of this Association. The details necessarily incident to the change proposed are too important and too numerous to be compassed within the period given the committee to report. We desire, therefore, to report progress. Signed in behalf of the committee. J. R. BRONSON, Chairman.

A motion to lay the report on the table was lost, and, on motion of Dr. WM. BRODIE, the report was accepted, and the committee continued.

The President elect, Dr. JoHN T. HODGEN, of Missouri, was then introduced, and thanked the Association for the honor conferred upon him by their choice of him as President.

Dr. JOHN L. ATLEE, of Pennsylvania, moved a vote of thanks to Dr. LEWIS A. SAYRE for the able and efficient manner in which he had performed the duties of President at this session, which was unanimously adopted by a rising vote.

Dr. SAYRE responded with much feeling, and thanked the members of the profession for the many kindnesses which had been extended to him, and particularly for the numerous manifestations of sympathy which he had received from all over the world in the hours of his great bereavement.

On motion of Dr. WM. BRODIE, the Association adjourned to meet in Richmond, Virginia, on the first Tuesday in May, 1881.

Permanent Secretary.

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