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ifubritla: Trie Beauty; by Dr. Clancy, of* Duffo-iv .11 lixland -lifi

The judicious Bac'chdmil £41

Tie Tea-Spot/!; occasioned by Dr, HilTs prescribing a' fed-ffioohsut of every Medicine to every Patient indiscriminately *' iKff.

Aquibbling EfittrfV, W. Lowndes, Esq; Se'cfelaYy to the friS/uty1 in /^J

Translation of'an dnclihl Roman Inscription jfeid*.

Ode oit Heastfr; by Ariihron} the Sicyonum,- translate J 241

Maxims in Love; ty LordL * * * f • ifria.

A Seng; ivritten ty Mr. Pope, and never before published z^j.

Solitude; from the fame ,- ■ . ifcio.

Translation of Regina's Epitaph ffeldf.

&de to SpleeHi" 161* 'the Ode upon dedicating a- Building and ereShig d Statue' so Shakespeare, at

Stratford-upon-Avnn; by David Garrick, £sq\ £4$

A Sonnet: by igueen Elizabeth 2$Z

A Sonnet on Isabella Markbum* y from a MS. if Join ifdringtbn, dated

1564 .2/3

Account df BOO&S published in the Year 1769;

The History of she feign of the Emperor Charles V. <wiib & view of ihe progress of society in Europe, from the subversion of the Roman irhpire to. the beginning of the sixteenth century. By William Robertson, D. D. principal of the university of Edinburgh, and historiographer to his majesty for Scotland. In ■$■ 4>ols< Quarts. _ ... 254

■An ejfay on the natural history of Guiana, in South-Americd. Containing a description of many curious productions in the anitnal and vegetable Jy/itm

of that country; togt'.her ivith an account of the religion, manners, and ■customs of several tribes of its Indian inhabitants. Inteffpetfed tuitbr a •variety of literary and medical observations, In several letters from a gentleman of the medical faculty, during his residence in that country 272

Am essay on theviritings and genius of Shakespeare, compared with the Greet. and French dramatic poets. With some remarks upon themisrepresentatims M. de Poltaire. I vol. 8vo. 2%$

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