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up in his bed without affistance, and said, “I would not exchange my happy condition for all the honours and riches of the world; no, not for the maslieft crown that ever the greatest monarch wore. I am complete in Chrift, and am brimfull of his love. O blessed be our glorious and adorable Father in Chrift, for so plentiful an outpouring of his Spirit and grace upon us. I never experienced the like. This is a foretaste of the ravishing glories and transporting delights of the world I am just going to. God hath fent the Spirit of his Son into you hearts, my dear brethren, to comfort and exhilarate them, and to quicken you to fervency, diligence, and faith in prosecuting your Christian warfare. Be animated to fight manfully against fin, Satan, and the world; and God will bruise Satan under your feet shortly. He will, I trust, keep you by his mighty power, through faith, unto falvation. Now, O Death, where is thy sting? O Grave, where is thy victory ? I am more than conqueror', through him that loved me. Behold, the King of glory is calling me, O child of the duft, for whom I shed my precious blood, whom I redeemed by price and by power, and whom I washed froin the vilest fins, come unto me, and enter into the joy of thy Lord. I am ready, Lord Jesus, I cheerfuly accept thy call, to spend an everlasting fabbath with thee, in those manfions thou hast prepared for all that love thee. Behold, the angels are waiting at my bedside to receive my soul, and carry it to my God and


Redeemer." He then lay down about three minutes, during which we observed his lips to move.

Then he fat up again, and faid, " My dear Mr Nu, tell my honoured parents and other dear relations, that I died in the Lord Jesus, full of the consolations of - bis Spirit ; and forget not to inform them of the

magnificent grace of

magnificent conquest made by my adorable Savi. our of all my companions in iniquity; and that with my last breath I recommended them all to the mercy and


reconciled Father. Now, my dearly beloved brethren in Chrift, my time is come; my Lord calleth me, and I can stay no longer. Glory awaiteth me, and inexpreflible felichty will be my portion.” Putting up his hands to close his eyes, and I taking hold of him, he said, “ Farewell, dear friends, till we meet in glory. God is with me. I am full of the consolations of his Spirit. His loye dilates my soul ; and I swim in an ocean of heavenly joys. Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” And so, exactly at 6x o'clock, he expired, without pain, sigh, or groan, with a pleasant and heavenly smile on his lovely face.

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The behaviour of Mr T-s's companions on his

death, and his funeral. The author retires to the country. His reception at old Mr Ts's house. His insuccess in his affair with Miss 6-m, and her death.

Our cheeks were covered with tears amidst all

this affecting scene; and when the dear youth actually expired, we could not refrain from weeping and crying. We were forced to say, “O that our souls were in his soul's stead ! O the reality of religion ! O the triumph of faith! O the blefredness of those that die in the Lord !" We could not but gaze for some time on his lovely face, the smiling and serene aspect of which indicated his felicity.

Our dear deceased friend had, on Saturday moraing, ordered his dead dress to be made that


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day, and brought to his room this morning car. ly. Accordingly it came ; and the women, at our defire, put it immediately on; and the corpse was laid upon a board in the bed. Agreeably to his own directions, we resolved to have the body decently, but privately interred on Tuesday night, and accompanied to the grave by none but ourselves, and the other gentlemen his companiors.

The body being dressed, and the women retired, Mr —, who had fat up with me all the night, said, “ Dear brethren, I desire to bless God, who determined me to ask permission of our dear brother deceased to witness his departure. It has given me a great deal of pleasure, and I hope I Thəll never forget it ; but improve it as a motive to diligence in the great work of my salvation. I now see that religion is no vain and fanciful thing, and that communion with the blessed God is a sacred reality, I see the propriety and beauty of the pfalmift's saying, Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace. I must acknowledge, to the praise of diyine grace, that I have had a large share of the comforts of the bleffed Spirit on this occasion, which have rejoiced my soul, and which I pray a gracious God may for ever keep on the imagination of the thoughts of my heart. then, my brethren, join in singing an hymn of thanksgiving for redeeming grace, and returning thanks to God for the wonderful displays of his matchless love on this occafion, and for enabling us and our other brethren to persevere in the good ways of the Lord. I hope, after praise, Mr Mwill be our mouth in prayer.

Accordingly we sung the hymn, entitled, Redemption by Christ, Watts, book 2. hymn 78.; and Mr Maddressed the throne of grace in .a



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very moving and pathetic prayer, in which joined in faith and with rapturous joy, having our souls refreshed with the lively influences of the Holy Spirit ; and happily experienced the pleasure and delight of being in the Spirit on the Lord's day.

After a good deal of spiritual conversation, I told the two gentlemen, I would stay in the room alone all day, and would not go abroad till I-accompanied the corpse of my dear deceafed friend to his long home; that they might go to church, and that I would be glad to see them, with the other gentlemen, in the evening, after public worship. They went away about nine; when the other gentlemen came in ; to whom I related all that had passed from the time that Mr Twaked, till

' his triumphant death; whicb filled them with wonder and praise. They all looked at his corpse, and expreffed their surprise at the lovely appearance he made even in death. I'invited them to drink tea with me in the afternoon, and, if they pleased, to spend the evening in praise and prayer.

Accordingly all the gentlemen afsembled in the room between four and five. After tea, and drink. ing a glass or two of wine, we spent two or three hours in prayer, praise, and Christian conference; fome of the gentlemen whom I had never heard before being employed in prayer, greatly to my satisfaction. I hope the Lord was with us of a truth. I then told them, that upon condition of their keeping the matter a profound fecret, I would oblige them with a hearing of several letters written by my dear friend on his death bed, which, I supposed, would be very agreeable to them. They having accepted the condition, I read the five letters, and also his will, in the order he had wrote them, excepting those parts relating to my connection with

Miss Cin, which I thought proper to suppress. They severally expressed their satisfaction with the letters, and blessed God for so excellent a religious entertainment. I then told them, that as Mr T-swould never, during his illness, permit a female attendant to wait on him, so I did not now incline to have any women to affift on this occasion; but defired that two of them would attend in the room for that and the following night, conformable to the custom of the place. Whereupon two of the gentlemen cheerfully offered themselves, ready to perform that service. I then read to them the written directious he had given me relating to his funeral; which I told them I was resolved strictly to comply with ; aod invited them all to assemble in the room on Tuelday evening between feven and <=;ht, to pay our last duty to the deceased. Mean time I defired them to visit me on Monday night, when I would entertain them with some other remarkable ancodotes of our dear deceased brother,

On Monday morning, I sent for an undertaker, and gave him proper directions relating to the funeral, and injoined him secrecy, that it might be folemnized in the most private manner, conformable to the will of the deceased. I employed great part of this and the following day in taking exact copies of the several letters written by my friend, as I was soon to send away the originals, and in writing a letter to his father, to inform him of his death,

On Monday evening all the gentlemen attend. ed me, as I desired; when I read them the letter Mr Tos sent me when in the country, with his several speeches and soliloquies, in short, every thing I had then committed to writing. With all which they were greatly delighted, blefling God for the instruction and entertainment thereby con


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