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Halaman 21 - I say there is not an occupation of civilized life, from the making of laws and poems and histories, down to the opening of New Jersey oysters with a broken jack-knife, that is not better done by a bright than a dull man, by a quick than a slow mind, by an instructed man than a gross or simple man, by a prudent, thoughtful, and careful man, than by a light and foolish one. Every one of these...
Halaman 21 - Remember that the learning of the few is despotism; the learning of the multitude is liberty ; — and that intelligent and principled liberty is fame, wisdom, and power.
Halaman 20 - Here is a demonstration of the bearing of popular education on national industry. It proves that education is economy and that ignorance means ,waste ; that the skilled workman so forecasts and plans his work that every blow tells, while he economizes both his strength and...
Halaman 21 - ... but only go to the fountain-head, as you ought to do, when you seek, by an improved culture and a better knowledge, to give force and power to the imperial capacity behind, and to set a thoughtful and prudent spirit to urge and to guide it.
Halaman 14 - For corporations being composed of individuals, subject to human frailties, are liable, as well as private persons, to deviate from the end of their institution. And for that reason the law has provided proper persons to visit, inquire into, and correct all irregularities that arise in such corporations, either sole or aggregate, and whether ecclesiastical, civil, or eleemosynary.
Halaman 9 - Governor, whose duty shall be to inquire into the feasibility of abolishing the system of contract labor...
Halaman 20 - Mann, probably as good authority as can be quoted, says, that "throughout the whole range of mechanical industry the well educated operative did more work, did it better, wasted less, used his allotted portion of machinery to more advantage and more profit, earned more money, commanded more confidence, rose faster, rose higher, from lower to the more advanced positions of employment, than did the uneducated operative.
Halaman 14 - I suppose it to be the universal sentiment of all those who mingle any ingredient of benevolence with their notions on political economy that vast and overshadowing private fortunes are among the greatest dangers to which the happiness of the people in a republic can be subjected.
Halaman 7 - York, to examine as to the true location of the monuments which mark the boundary line between this state and the state of New York, and...
Halaman 14 - ... for it is as true now as it was in the days of Solomon, "The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

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