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*#* The Map facing the Title page of this Volume is taken from one of North America, engraved by Lucini, an Italian artist, originally on four sheets, three of which belong to the Warden Collection of the State Library.

It will be perceived from its Title that it is a Map of New Belgium (now New-York,) and part of New England, the former of which Provinces was claimed at the time, to extend from Cape Cod to the Capes of Delaware. The absence of any date renders it difficult, however, to ascertain precisely the year it was engraved and this point can be determined only by other evidence.

Boston, which was settled in 1630, is found laid down, but there is no mention of Maryland, the Province of Virginia forming the southern Boundary of New Belgium.

As Maryland was first granted in 1632, it is evident the date of this Map must be some year between that and the settlement of Boston. Most probably, it was engraved in 1631.

In point of time, it may be considered the third oldest Map of the Province extant, having, as far as yet known, been preceded by only two Dutch Maps, one of 1616 and one of 1618, transcripts of which are in the office of the Secretary of State, and of one of which this Italian Map is evidently an improved copy.



I. Papers relating to the Iroquois and other Indian tribes, * 9

II. Papers relating to the first settlement at Onondaga, and the discovery of the Salt

Springs at Salina, ----■-----..._ 07

III. Papers relating to De Courcelles' and De Tracy's expeditions against the xMohawk

Indians, 1665-6, ----- ^

IV. Govs. Nicoll and Andros' reports on the Province of New-York, 1669-1678, - 57
V. Papers relating to M. de la Barre's expedition to Hungry Bay, 1684, 63

VI. Governor Dongan's report on the state of the Province, 1687, - 93
VII. Papers relating to Denonville's expedition to the Genesee Country and Niagara,

1687> ------ n9

VIII. Names of the male inhabitants of Ulster Co., 1689, 171

IX. Papers relating to the invasion of New-York and the burning of Schenectady by

the French, 1690, 177

X. Civil list of the Province of New-York, 1693, 197

XI. Papers relating to Frontenac's expedition against the Onondagas, 1696, - - 205

XII. New-York army list, 1700, - 227

XIII. Census of the counties of Orange, Dutchess and Albany, 1702, 1714, 1720, - 237

XIV. Cadwallader Colden on the lands of New-York, 1732, 247

XV. Papers relating to the Susquehannah river, 1683-1757, 257

XVI. Papers relating to Ogdensburgh, 1749, 275

XVII. Papers relating to Oswego, --------.._ 287

XVIII. Papers relating to the Oneida Country and Mohawk Valley, 1756, 1757, - - 327

XIX. Papers relating to French Seigniories on Lake Champlain, 345

XX. Boundary line between the whites and the Indians, 1765, 377

XXI. Papers relating to the city of New-York, -- 333

XXII. Papers relating to Long Island, ------_... 499

XXIII. Statistics of population, 1647-1774, - -------- 465

XXIV. Statistics of revenue, imports, exports, etc., 1691-1768, - ----- 475

XXV. Papers relating to trade and manufactures, 1705-1757, - 433

XXVI. Report of Gov. Try on on the state of the Province, 1774, ----- 501

Index, ------- 527

Index to illustrations, _ «


Map of Nuova Belgia, To face Title.

Indian Totums, ,.... To face page 13

That marked Indian Portrait, do 14

Map of the head waters of the Susquehanna, do 274

Plan of La Presentation, do 281

Oswego in 1727, ... do 292

English Plan of Oswego in 1756, do 312

French Plan of Oswego in 1756, do 315

View of Oswego, do 319

Outline Map, showing sites of Torts Bull and Williams,.... do 329

French Map of Lake Champlain, •.. •. do 359

English Map of Lake Champlain, do 368

Boundary Line between the Whites and Indians, 1768, do 377

Sauthier's Map of the Province of New-York in 1779, do 526

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