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Justices in the County of Richmond
Ellis Duxbury Esqr Judge of the Comdn Pleas
Abraham Cannor -n

Abraham Lakeman f jws

Dennis Theunisse L

John Shadwell'

John Stillwell Esq' Sheriff

Justices in the County of Ulster
Thomas Garton Esqr Judge of the Comon Pleas
Henry Beeckman x -

Dirck Shepmers f

Wessell Tenbrook t Es(lrs

Abraham Haasbrough'

Nicholas Antonio Esqr Sherriffe

Justices in Suffolk County
Isaac Arnold Esqr Judge of ye Comon Pleas.
John Howell
Samuell Mulford
Rich* Smith

William Barker /*Esar

Matthew Howell
Ebenetus Piatt
Thomas Mapes
Josiah Hobbart Esqr Sheriffe

Justices in Queens County

Thomas Hix Esq1* Judge of the Common Pleas
Eichard Cornwall
Ellias Doughty

Dan. Whitehead ^Esq'

John Smith
Tho. Stevensant
John Harrison Esqr Sherriffe
Andrew Gibb Clerke

Justices in the Kings County
Stephen Courtlandt Judge of ye Common Pleas
Roeloffe Martinse ^ Dirk Huyle

Nicholas Stillwell r John Theunisse

Joseph Hogeman I ^ Peter Cortiliau « s^

Henry Filkin J Stoffell Probasco

Gerryt Strycker Esqr Sherriff Dukes County consisting of Nantuckett and Martins Vineyard claimed by Sr William Phipps, the case of Martins Vineyard laid before their Ma'ties.

Orange County not above twenty families, for the present under the care of New York Dutchess County haveing very few inhabitants committed to the care of the county of Ulster [vol I J 26

Surveyors of Highways, Collectors, Assessors and Constables, are elective throughout the whole Province

An Account of all Establishmts of Jurisdiction toithin this Province.

Singh Justice—Every Justice of the Peace hath power to determine any suite or controversy to the value of forty shillings.

Quarter Sessions—The Justices of the Peace in Quarter Sessions have all such powers and authorities as are granted in a Commission of ye Peace in England.

County Court—The County Court or Common Pleas hath cognizance of civil Acc6ns to any value, excepting what concerns title of land, and noe Accon can be removed from this court if the damage be under twenty pounds.

Mayor and Aldermen—The Court of Mayor and Aldermen hath the same power with the County Courts.

Supreme Court—The Supreme Court hath the powers of Kings Bench, Common Pleas & Exchequer in England, & noe accon can be removed from this court if under <£100.

Chancery—The Governour and Councill are a court of Chancery and have the powers of the Chancery in England, from whose sentence or decree nothing can be removed under <£300.

Prerogative Court—The Governour discharges the place of Ordinary in granting Administracons and proveing Wills &c. The Secretary is Register. The Govern1" is about to appoint Delegates in the remoter parts of the Government, with Supervisors for looking after intestates estates & provideing for orphans

Court Marshall—The Govern* hath established a Court Martiall att Albany whereof Major Richd Ingoldesby is President & Robert Livingston Judge Advocate who with the other comissionated Captains att Albany have power to exercise Martiall Law, being a frontier Garrison and in actuall warr.

Admiralty—Their Majesties reserve the appointment of a Judge, Register, and Marshall

M. Clarkson, Secry.



[ Lond. Doc. IX. ]


The Millitia of the City and County of New Yorke & Orange, commanded by Coll: Abraham Depeyster, being Eight Companys of foot, and one Troop of Horse, consisting of - 477

The Millitia of Queens County in y* Island of Nassaw, commanded by Coll. Thomas Willett being nine Companys Foot, and one Troop of Horse, consisting of 580

The Millitia of Suffolke County in the Island of Nassaw, commanded by Coll: John Young being nine companys of Foot, consisting of _-- 533

The Millitia of Kings County in ye Island of Nassaw, commanded by Coll: Stephanus Van Cortland, being six Companys of Foot and one Troop of Horse, consisting of - 319

The Millitia of the county of Albany comanded by Major Peter Schuyler being five companys of Foot and one Troop of Horse, now formed into Dragoons by the Govern*, consisting of---------------- 359

The Millitia of Ulster and Dutchess Countys comanded by Lieut Coll. Beeckman being four Companys of Foot and one Troop of Horse now made Dragoons, consisting of - - 277

The Millitia of the County of Westchester, comanded by Coll. Caleb Heathcott, being six Companys of Foot, consisting of----------- 283

The Millitia of the County of Richmond commanded by Capt Andrew Cannon being two Companys of Foot, consisting of --------..104

In all - 2932

Ben. Fletcher

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