How to Do Things Right: The Revelations of a Fussy Man : Three Incomparable Books of Wit, Charm, and Wisdom Finally Available in One Volume

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L. Rust Hills
David R. Godine Publisher, 1993 - 259 halaman
The three titles edited, revised and combined in this volume, How To Do Things Right, How to Retire at 41, and How to Be Good, will have you laughing out loud, thinking hard, and at least temporarily rearranging your frazzled life. Hills is wise, witty, and very, very funny. His mission is to create order out of chaos; to make the arcane methodology of fussiness respectable; to elevate, and even ennoble, those fleeting instincts we all harbor to get our lives in order. All aspects of life are examined here: from how to eat an ice-cream cone to how to develop "principles" when you have none. But behind the frivolous facade, Hills remains a deeply sage and serious writer, a modern combination of Robert Benchley, Henry David Thoreau, and Michel de Montaigne. This is his best advice, served up from the heart of one of the most charming humorists to grace the American scene.

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As the many tags indicate, this compilation is many things all mashed up together. Worth seeking out the expanded (original) versions of books 1 and 3: the fussy man bit ("precision living," as ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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I once worked with a group of software engineers who were so fussy, they would wall off their office windows with silver foil. This is the book I turned to as I tried to 'be one' with my co-workers ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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How to Be Kindly
Delight in Order
How I Happened to Quit Work
Life Among the Routines
Life Among the Pursuits
Life Among the Other Problems
What Finally Happened to Me
A Modern Good
Some Uses and Misuses of Virtue
The Somewhat Separate
The Extricated Life as Against
Toward a Fashionable Morality
What Virtue Actually Is and How Exactly to Achieve It
How Life Should Be as Against How People Should Be
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Rust Hills was the long time fiction editor of "Esquire." The author of the trilogy "The Memoirs of a Fussy Man," he divides his time between Florida & Connecticut.

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