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Oh, cousin Alick, how I do envy you!' said Esther Cohen, with a sigh.

I can believe it, my poor little coz,' replied the person addressed. Compared with town itself, this,

is a free place, where you may breathe and glance round you: but what a look-out one will have from the mast-head of a tall ship, over the rich blue - waters of the Mediterranean, with its clusters of isles, all immortalized in song.

And then for the sandy desert, the high mountain-top, the dark ravine, the deep defile, the broad majestic waters of the sevenmouthed river, and all the untold wonders of nature and art, that lie outspread beneath the ken of travellers so enterprising, so sagacious, so classically and scientifically accomplished as your redoubtable cousin Alick!

But it was for none of these things that Esther Cohen sighed: her fancy had indeed pictured the

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