Writing on the Wall: John Lydgate's Architectural Verse

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ProQuest, 2008 - 399 halaman
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By intensely interrogating the patronage, early presentation formats, and reception of each set of verses during the fifteenth century, I excavate the rich life of lyric as a constituent component of devotional, civic, and domestic architectures. At the end of the project, I turn my attention back into the book. I consider how the study of extracodical poetry and the intersections among architecture, literature, and the decorative arts can inflect our readings of architectural ekphrasis within poems such as Chaucer's Book of the Duchess or Lydgate's Henry VI's Triumphal Entry. Finally, I argue that the deep connections between literary and literal spaces made it possible for architectural spaces to serve as models for the structure and organization of reading space within the manuscript and early printed book, a dynamic I examine in relation to Books of Hours and early printed sermon compendia.

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Lydgates Verse for Corporate Spaces
Architecture in the Codex
Bibliography 38
1 Beginning of the Testament scroll on the south wall of the Clopton
11 View of the chancel through the Clopton tomb arch in the south wall
17 Preserved medieval stained glass at Holy Trinity Long Melford
1 The George in Compleate Armor England c 1528
1 Wallpainting of Le dit de la chiche face and Le dit de lafame at
1 San Marino Huntington Library MS HM 268 f 154v
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