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Rule 62 of the Supreme Court is as follows:

Inasmuch as all the Reports prior to the 63d have been reprinted by the State, with the number of the volume instead of the name of the Reporter, counsel will cite the volumes prior to 63 N. C. as follows: 1 and 2 Martin ļ as 1 N. C.

9 Iredell Law

N. C. Taylor & Conf. 1 Haywood 2 " 1 and 2 Car. Law Re- / pository & N.C.Term /

" Eq. I Murphey

0070 or A Wong

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In quoting from the reprinted Reports counsel will cite always the marginal (i. e., the original) paging, except 1 N. C. and 20 N. C., which are repaged throughout, without marginal paging.

APR 21 1910

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