The Reception of Luke and Acts in the Period Before Irenaeus: Looking for Luke in the Second Century

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Mohr Siebeck, 2003 - 426 halaman
"When and how may Christians first be shown to have used the Gospel of Luke and its companion volume, The Acts of the Apostles? Andrew Gregory offers the first book-length discussion of the reception of Luke and of Acts in the period before Irenaeus. The research project which was the basis of this monograph was originally conceived as a comparison of the pneumatology of Luke-Acts with the pneumatologies presented in Christian literature of the second century. Recent scholarship on Lukan pneumatology is agreed that Luke has a particular interest in the Spirit, but it is divided as to whether his pneumatology is part of a homogenous early Christian understanding or a distinctive presentation that is to be sharply differentiated from that of Matthew and Mark, of John, and of Paul. Noting a lacuna identified by Turner, the author set out to originally ask two questions. First, whether it might be possible to identify in second century pneumatologies any characteristics that New Testament scholars might label as distinctively Lukan. Second, whether such characteristics might be sufficient to indicate not only the influence of Lukan pneumatology but also a conscious appropriation of distinctively Lukan theology by other early Christians. Contents include: Introduction and methodology, Previous research, The evidence of the earliest manuscripts and notices, Do narrative outlines of episodes in the life of Jesus presuppose Luke?, Collections of the sayings of Jesus, Marcion, Justin Martyr, The reception of Luke in the Second Century, The reception of Acts in the Second Century, Early and Ambiguous Evidence, Justin Martyr, Narrative accounts explicitly concerning the Post-resurrection teaching of Jesus and the activity of Apostles and other prominent figures, The reception of Acts in the Period before Irenaeus, The reception of Luke and Acts in the Period before Irenaeus."

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Previous Research
Do Narrative Outlines of Episodes in the Life of Jesus
Collections of the Sayings of Jesus
Justin Martyr
The Reception of Luke in the Second Century
The Reception of Acts in the Second Century
Early and Ambiguous Evidence
Justin Martyr
The Reception of Acts in the Period
The Reception of Luke and Acts in the Period
Secondary Sources
Index of Sources
Index of Names
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Andrew Gregory, Born 1971; 2001 Doctor of Philosophy; currently Chaplain and Oakeshott Junior Research Fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, and a member of the Theology Faculty of the University of Oxford.

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