The Great Forest of Brecknock: History of the Forest from the Conquest of England to the Present Time. From Original Documents

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Bedford Press, 1905 - 144 halaman

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Halaman 101 - We command you, That within eight days after the service of this writ on you, inclusive of the day of such service, you do cause an appearance to be entered...
Halaman 95 - Use aforesaid, in as full and ample Manner to all Intents and Purposes, as any...
Halaman ix - CD from ,then these presents and every matter and thing herein contained shall cease, determine, and be utterly void, to all intents and purposes, any thing herein contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.
Halaman 33 - ... the damages of the plaintiff, on occasion of the not performing the promises within mentioned, over and above his costs and charges by him about his suit in this behalf expended to , and for those costs and charges to forty shillings.
Halaman 19 - Henry the Eighth, by the grace of God king of England and France, defender of the Faith, lord of Ireland, and on earth supreme head of the Church of England...
Halaman 95 - Time, unless the Lord High Treasurer, or the Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for the Time being, or any Three or more of them, shall consent to the Appointment of a greater Number.
Halaman 47 - King, prayeth the consideration of the court here in the premises, and that due process of law may be awarded against him, the said Thomas Paine, in this behalf, to make him answer to our said Lord the King, touching and concerning the premises aforesaid.
Halaman 65 - ... shall mean the lord high treasurer for the time being, or the commissioners of her majesty's treasury for the time being, or any three or more of them; and the expression "article of manufacture...
Halaman 17 - God, and the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by even and equal portions...
Halaman 17 - Golding, their executors, administrators, and assigns, from the day next before the day of the date of these presents, for and during, and unto the full end and term of one whole year from thence next ensuing, and fully to be complete and ended...

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