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J.M. Dent & Company, 1903

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Halaman 55 - Coleridge was in his finest vein of talk, had all the talk, and let 'em talk as evilly as they do of the envy of Poets, I am sure not one there but was content to be nothing but a listener.
Halaman 93 - Seat: neither of that little churchling in the midst of a wood (in the opposite direction, nine furlongs from the town), that seems dropped by the Angel that was tired of carrying two packages; marry, with the other he made shift to pick his flight to Loretto. Inquire out, and see my little Protestant Loretto. It stands apart from trace of human habitation ; yet hath it pulpit, reading-desk, and trim front of massiest marble, as if Robinson Crusoe had reared it to soothe himself with old church-going...
Halaman 43 - Keep to your Bank, and the Bank will keep you. Trust not to the Public, you may hang, starve, drown yourself, for any thing that worthy Personage cares. I bless every star, that Providence, not seeing good to make me independent, has seen it next good to settle me upon the stable foundation of Leadenhall.
Halaman 42 - Tis a pretty appendage to a situation like yours or mine, but a slavery worse than all slavery to be a bookseller's dependent, to drudge your brains for pots of ale and breasts of mutton, to change your free thoughts and voluntary numbers for ungracious TASK>WORK.
Halaman 64 - River (rather elderly by this time) runs (if a moderate walking pace can be so termed) close to the foot of the house ; and behind is a spacious garden, with vines (I assure you) pears, strawberries, parsnips, leeks, carrots, cabbages, to delight the heart of old Alcinous.
Halaman 211 - Or wouldst thou lose thyself, and catch no harm, And find thyself again without a charm? Wouldst read thyself, and read thou knowst not what, And yet know whether thou art blest or not By reading the same lines? O then come hither, And lay my book, thy head and heart together. JOHN BUNYAN.
Halaman 93 - ... as long (I will not say as agreeable) as thine was to both of us. I am dwindled to notes and letterets. But in good earnest I shall be most happy to hail thy return to the waters of old Sir Hugh. There is nothing like inland murmurs, fresh ripples, and our native minnows. He sang in meads how sweet the brooklets ran, To the rough ocean and red restless sands.
Halaman 108 - Two noble earls, whom if I quote, Some folks might call me sinner, The one invented half a coat, The other half a dinner. " The plan was good, as some will say; And fitted to console one; Because, in this poor starving day, Few can afford a whole one.
Halaman 333 - Shakspeare ; to be tied down to an authentic face of Juliet ! to have Imogen's portrait ! to confine the illimitable ! I like you and Stothard, (you best,) but " out upon this half-faced fellowship ! " Sir, when I have read the book, I may trouble you, through Moxon, with some faint criticisms.
Halaman 175 - I'd draw the waters down : to say where a joke should come in or a pun be left out : to bring my persona on and ofF like a Beau Nash ; and I'd Frankenstein them there : to bring three together on the stage at once ; they are so shy with me, that I can get no more than two ; and there they stand till it is the time, without being the season, to withdraw them.

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