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2d Session


I No. 719

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March 3, 1911. Resolved, That the Committee on Indian Affairs is hereby authorized to have prepared for the use of the Senate a compilation of the laws, agreements, Executive orders, proclamations, and so forth, relating to Indian affairs passed and proclaimed since December first, nineteen hundred and two. Attest:



August 14, 1912.
Resolved, That the manuscript of the laws, agreements, Executive orders, proclamations, and
so forth, relating to Indian affairs, be printed as a Senate document.



November 6, 1913. Resolved, That the illustrations accompanying the proclamations of the President and included in the manuscript of Senate Document No. 719, 62d Congress, “Laws, Agreements, Executive Orders, Proclamations, etc., relating to Indian Affairs," be printed therewith, and that 500 additional copies of said document be printed for sale by the Superiatendent of Documents of the Government Printing Office. Attest:



OCT 14 1914


· I have the honor to present to the Congress, in compliance with its resolution, the third volume of my compilation of Indian Laws and Treaties. The former volumes were first published under a resolution of the Senate in 1902, and shortly thereafter a second edition was ordered by a concurrent resolution of the two Houses. This third volume brings down to date all laws relative to Indian affairs passed by Congress since 1902, together with all Executive proclamations, departmental orders, etc., relating to Indian reservations to date, a list of Indian trust funds standing to the credit of various tribes, and also several old Indian treaties which it was not possible to procure when the volume containing the treaties was prepared.

It was the compiler's purpose when he began the work on the third volume to make it superior, if possible, to the first two volumes, and thinks he has succeeded at least in making it more comprehensive and useful by inserting annotations and citations from the opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Federal and State Courts, the Court of Claims, the Interior Department, the Attorney General, and the Comptroller of the Treasury, wherever it was found that the laws had been construed. In addition, the compiler was successful in obtaining the consent of the publishers of the Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure (Cyc) to allow the reprinting in the third volume of the article on "Indians," which covers fully and completely the general law relating to Indians and will be found extremely useful as a ready reference. This, in connection with the annotations and the citations to court decisions and a thorough index will enable the freest investigation of any question relating to Indians and Indian affairs.

Necessarily the compiling, annotating, and indexing of this volume have involved much time and entailed considerable hard work, and I desire to acknowledge the services rendered by Mr. Lee Warner, formerly clerk of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs; Mr. William E. Richardson, attorney at law, who assisted the compiler in compiling the first two volumes and whose assistance in collating the data for the third was extremely valuable; Mr. R. J. McNeil, also formerly connected with the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs; as well as suggestions made by various Senators and Representatives, officials of the Interior Department and the Indian Bureau; Mr. C. L. Thomas, of Muskogee, Okla.; Mr. James V. Townsend, clerk of the House Committee on Indian Affairs; and Mr. Ansel Wold, printing clerk of the Senate.

If the third volume proves as useful to the Congress and the public as have the first two volumes, the compiler will feel amply compensated for his labors.


Compiler. WASHINGTON, D. C., November 15, 1913.

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