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Shelton v. Ficklin....

175 Thompson v. Hickey....
Shepard v. Wright

302 Thorley's Cattle F. Co. v. Massam

Shepherd v. Barnett

19 Thornton v. Wabash Ry. Co..

Shepherd v. Clara..

497 Thurston v. Town Auditors

Short v. Balt. City Pass. Ry, Co..

90 Titus v. Glen's Falls Ins. Co...

Sim v. Anglo-American Tel. Co...

19 Tonkinson v. Cartledge

Sims v. Everhardt.....

455 Toomeg' Estate.......
Sinclair v. Slawson...

255 Torrey v. Kettner..
Singer Mfg. Co. v. Elizabeth.

517 Town of Pelham v. Schooner.
Smalley v. Smalley..

182 Trinidad v. Simpson....
Smith v. Boston Gas-light Co..

396 Trogden v. Commonwealth..

Smith v. Garagan..

95 Turner v. Peoria & S. R. R. Co...

Smith v. Rogers.


Smith v. Schooner..

163, 274 Union Inst. for Sav. v. Boston

Smith v. Sherry

356 Union Steamboat Co. v. Buffalo..

Smith v. State...

218 United States v. Ambrose..

Smith v. Waggoner

357 United States v. Coppersmith..

Snow v. Winslow

254 United States v. DeMott..

Soares v. Hebrew Congregation.

483 United States v. Hough..

Solinger v. Earle...


United States v. Pinover.

Southern Mut. Ins. Co. v. Kloeber..

118 U. S. Mortgage Co. v. Grass..

Sprague v. Tripp ..


Stablier v. Comm...

458 Van Beil v. Prescott..

Stache v. St. P. F. & M. Ins. Co..

37 Van Santen v. Standard Oil Co..

Stafford v. Ambs....

135 Van Storch v. Winslow..

Stanley v. Supervisors...

441 Van Wyck v. Walters..

Starr v. Hinshaw...


State v. Balt. & O. R. R. Co..

38 Wallis v. Randall...

State v. Board of Education.

118 Walker v. Walker.

State v. Fleak...

397 Walton v. Wray

State v. Foley..

282 Ward v. Dick

State v. Grand T. R. R. Co....

493 Ward v. Johnson

State v. Hines

237 Ward v. Stahl.

State v. Hoyt

82 Ward v. Vance

State v. Littlefield..

318 Ward v. Warren

State v. Morrissey.

276 Watson v. State.

State v. Perry..

513 Wayne Co. Sav. Bank v. Low.

State v. Post.

318 Webber v. Townley.

State v. Smith.

43 Werner v. Edmiston

State v. Trumpf..

339 Westerfield, Ex parte.

State v. Utley..

276 Western R. R. Co. v. DeGraff.

State v. Wilson

499 Western Un. Tel. Co. v. Un. P. R. R. Co

State ex rel. Am. Un. Tel. Co. v. Bell Telephone Co. 363 White v. Lang

State ex rel. Martin v. Kalb..

396 White v. Lee

State ex rel, Ranger v. New Orleans.

496 White v. People.

State ex rel. Soares v. Hebrew Congregation. 483 White v, Saginaw

State of Conn. v. Hamlin...

458 Whitmore v. Farley

State of Iowa v. Davis.....

98 Whiton v. Paul

State of Missouri v. Merch. Ex. Mut. Ben. Soc... 427 Williams v. Commonwealth
State of New Jersey, v. Nugent.

411 Williams v. Hartford F. Ins. Co
Steckel v. First Nat'l Bank

313 Williamsport Gas Co. v. Pinckerton
Steinman v. Henderson...

463 Williamson v. Chic., R. I. & P. Ry. Co....

Steinman and Hensel, In re....

311 Willis v. Commonwealth....

Stenbeck v. Latta...

114 Willmott v. Barber.

Stevens v. Brown....

217 Wills v. Lynn & B. R. R. Co..

Stewart v. Terre Haute & Ind. R. Co.

423 Wilson v. Granby

Stockton, Att'y-Gen., v. Mechanics & L. Sav. Bk.. 158 Wilson v. Lawrence.

Stone v. State....

8 Winspear v. Accident Ins. Co

Stone v. Union Sav. Bank.


Winton v. Little .....

Storck v. Buffalo German R. P. Asso..

135 Witzler v. Collins

Strange v. Houston & T. C. Ry. Co.....

153 Wong Yung Quy, In re

Stupetzki v. Transatlantic F. Ius. Co....

256 Wood v. Boylston Nat. Bank,

Swart v. Kimball....

97 Wood v. Wood.

Swarthout v. Chicago & N. W. R. R. Co...

266 Woodmansee v. Rogers

Swope v. Jefferson F. Ins. Co......

115 Woody v. Old Dominion Ins. Co

Woolever v. Stewart

Talbott v. Richmond & D. R. R. Co..

57 Worth v. Steamboat

Talcott v. Blanding .

58 Wright v. West.....

Taylor v. McKeand


Taylor v. Mayor....

354 Yerks v. Roots...

Thaule v. Krekeler.

114 Yorkshire Bkg. Co. v. Beatson

Thomas v. Williams.


Thompson v. Bank of British N. A...

294 Zeigler v. First Nat. Bank

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Criminal Law, Financial Law; Insurance Law; Re

cent American Decisions ; Recent English Decisions). ACTION:

Davis v. Clinton (see Cases in Fur).
National Bank of Brockville v. Seward Nat'l Bank
(see Cases in Full).

See Correspondence.

D'Arusmont v. Jones (see Cases in Full.)
ADVERTISEMENT (see Notes of Cases).
McCleary v.

Ellis (see Cases in Full).
State of N. H. v. Grand T. Ry. Co. (see Cases in Full).

ciations). ANCIENT LIGHTS: implied covenant as to

193 Rennyson's Appeal (see Cases in Full). APPEAL:

People v. Redinger (see Cases in Full).
ARNOUX, WM. HENRY, on a few ideas of Text

316 ASSIGNEE (see Current Topics). ATTACHMENT:

Matthew v. Densmore (see Cases in Full).

Baker v. Humphrey (see Cases in Full).
Horton v. Champlin see Cases in Full).
In re Eldredge (see Cases in Full).

In re Steinman and Hensel (see Cases in Full).
right of property in particular mark.......

See Current Topics.


PAGE. American Decisions, Vol. 17......

69 American Decisions, Vol. 18.

159 American Decisions, Vol. 19....

279 American Decisions, Vol. 20....

398 American Decisions, Vol. 21....

520 American Decisions, Index..

459 American Reports, Vol. 30

104 American Reports, Vol. 31.

284 American Reports, Vol. 32.

464 Barbour's New York Digest.

178 Bigelow's History of Procedure.

869 Blatchford's Reports, Vol. 16.

459 Bliss' New York Annotated Code, Vol. 2.

499 Bradwell's Reports, Vol. 5....

39 Bradwell's Reports, Vol. 6..

279 Burke's Law of Public Schools...

237 Carter's Old Court-House..

438 Goddard's Law of Easements..

59 Hall's International Law,

238 Jacob's Fisher's Digest, Vol. 4..

359 Jarman on Wills.

178 Kansas Reports, Vol. 23.

79 Kenny's Endowed Charities.

139 Kerr on Injunctions..

139 Landreth on Sale.

399 Lascelle's Horse Warranty

519 Lawrence's Droit International.

319 McClellan's Surrogate's Court Practice..

238 McCreary on Elections...

378 Massachusetts Reports, Vol. 127.

.. 324 Michigan Reports, Vol. 39.

99 Naar's Law of Suffrage and Elections...

237 Nevada Reports, Vol. 14.

119 New Jersey Equity Reports, Vol. 32..

257 New York Code of Civil Procedure.

280 New York Raports, Vol. 77..

84 New York Reports, Vol. 78.

304 Patterson's Liberty of the Press..

237 Redman's Law of Railway Companies...

60 Rhode Island Reports, Vol. 12...

78 Saxton's Tax Laws, and Excise Law.

899 Seymour's Carriers of Passengers...

319 Starkie's Trial by Jury..

438 Texas Court of Appeals Reports, Vol. 7.....

77 Thompson's Charging the Jury..

378 Thompson's Liability of Officers and Agents of Corporations, ...

459 Throop's Justices' Manual.

139 United States Reports, Vol. 100..

140 Weeks on Depositions

438 Wharton's Criminal Evidence

139 Wood's Reports, Vol. 3

878 See Pamphlets and Periodicals. BUFFALO Superior Court Abstracts of cases (see Re

cent American Decisions). BURIAL (see Notes of Cases).

BAIL (see Current Topics).
English and American Laws....

66 See Notes of Cases. BANKS AND BANKING: power to purchase notes

462 First Nat'l Bank v. Mason (see Cases in Full).

See National Banks; Savings Banks.
Alabama (see Notes, Miscellaneous).

141 address of Pres. Bristow, note of.

421 annual meeting..

162 proceedings of..

176 New York State.

402 notes'of....

402 meeting of Executive Comunittee..

437 order of business, fourth annual meeting....... 398 subject and regulations for the post graduate prize, for 1880

39 election of Sherman S. Rogers as president

422 BASTARDY (see Notes of Cases). BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES: State of Missouri v. Merchts. Ex. M. B. Soc. (see Cases

in Full). BEQUEST:

McGrath v. Van Stavoren (see Cases in Full). BOSTON Lawyers in the old days....

384 BRAMWELL, Lord Justice, on injuries by co-servants.. 82 BREACH OF CONTRACT (see Contract). BREACH OF PROMISE (see Marriage). BOOKS, notices of new: Abbott's Judge and Jury..

100 Abbott's Trial Evidence.

89 Alabama Reports, Vol. 62...


CARRIER OF ANIMALS (see Notes of Cases).
CARRIER OF GOODS (see Notes of Cases).

International & G. N. R. R. Co. v. Halloran (see Cases

in Full). Pennsylvania Co. v. Roy (see Cases in Full).

See Current Topics ; Notes of Cases. CALIFORNIA Supreme Court Abstract (see Recent American Decisions).

See Chinese,

Allis v. Leonard. Pleading in action on promissory
note (N. Y. App.)....

28 Baker v. Humphrey. Attorney and client; contract by attorney in fraud of client (Ú. S. S. C.)

51 Blewitt. In the goods of ; interlineation in wills (Eng. Pro, D. & A. Div.)

113 Boston & Col. S. Co. v. Smith, When joint enterprise is not partnership (R. I. S. C.)...






CASES IN FULL- Continued.

PAGE. Bredin v. Dorsey. Vacating judgment founded upon illegal contract (Penn. S. C.)...

431 Brooklyn City & N. R. R. Co. v. Nat. Bank of the Re

public. Negotiable instrument; holder for value; bar to action ; estoppel ; conflict of law (U. S. S. C.), 189 Carli v. Rhener. Validity of acts of officer de facto (Minn. S. C.).

453 Castro v. Queen. Cumulativo sentences (Eng. App.).. 448 Chesterman v. Eyland. Investment of funds brought

into court (N. Y. App.) Chicago & N. W. Ry. Co. v. Oconto. Town must consist of contiguous territory (Wis. S. C.)

373 Clarkson v. Manson. Removal of cause; counter-claim

establishing amount in dispute (U. S. C. C., N. Y.)... 492 Commonwealth ex rel. Torrey v. Ketner. Jurisdiction

of State courts as to offenses by National bank officers

(Penn. S. C.) Cook v. Johnson. Restraint of trade; agreement not to

follow calling within specified limits (Conn. S. C.) 412 Croft

v. Richardson. Injunction of publications injurious to trade; jurisdiction (N. Y. S. C.)....

152 Cronin v. People. Municipal corporations; regulation of slaughter-houses (N. Y. App.).

430 D'Arusmont v. Jones. Administration upon estate of living persons void (Tenn. S. C.)

229 Davis v. Clinton Water-Works Co. Action by inhabitant of city against contractor with city for breach of contract (Iowa S. C.).

87 Debenham v. Mellor. Purchases by wife on husband's credit (Eng. App.)

91 DeLassus v. Gatewood. Devise to children to be alive

at a future time ; contingent remainder (Mo. S. C.). 335 Eldredge, In re. Disbarment of attorney ; what will

authorize ; evidence; appeal (N. Y. App.).
First Natl. Bank of Lock Haven v. Mason. Bank may

not dispute title of its depositor to deposit (Penn.
S. C.)

412 Forbes v, Omaha National Bank. Commercial law;

notice by mail of dishonor of bill (Neb, S. C.).. 169 Ginesi v. Cooper. Sale of business and good-will (Eng. Ch. D.)..

171 Goodman's Trusts, Re. Conflict of law ; legitimacy of children born abroad (Eng. Ch. D.)...

272 Grant, Ex parte; Re Plumbly. Legality of stock ex

change rules as to debts between members (Eng.

70 Harpending v. Myers. When demand before action for conversion not necessary (Cal. S. C.)...

413 Heyman v. Covell. Replevin in State court of goods seized under Federal process (Mich. S. C.).

392 Horton v. Champlin. Attorney's lien on judgment, how enforced (R. I. S. C.)

31 Hun, Rec., v. Cary. Degree of care required from trustees of savings banks (N. Y. App.)....

329 Hynes v. McDermot. Validity of foreign marriage ;

proof of handwriting ; foreign law; presumptions
(N. Y. App.)

367 Indiana Constitutional Amendments. Matter of ; ratification by people (Ind. S. C.)...

147 International & G. N. R. R. Co. v. Halloren. When

carrier not liable for injury to passenger (Tex. S. C.). 72 Lazarus v. Andrade. Mortgage of_subsequently acquired personal property (Eng. C. P. D.)

293 Luberg v. Commonwealth. Jurisdiction of State courts

as to offenses by National bank officers (Penn. S. C.). 293 McCleary v. Ellis. Conditions in deeds restricting alienation (Iowa S. C.)....

347 McGrath v. Van Stavoren. Bequest of bonds does not include overdue coupons (N. Y. C. P.).

271 Matthews v. Densmore. Attachment on insufficient affidavit will not protect officer (Mich. S. C.)..

53 Mayor of London v. Riggs. Right of way by necessity (Eng. Ch.).....

110 Murphey v. Mayor Eminent domain ; diversion of

private water-course by city; assessment ; cloud of
title ; illegal tax paid under compulsion (Del. E. and

387 Natl. Bank of Brockville v. Second Natl. Bank, Action

against bank by holder of unaccepted check not
maintainable (Ind. S. C.).

110 Natl. Exchange Bank v. Hills. National banks ; taxa

tion of shares, remedy for illegal ; constitutional
law (U. S. C. C., N. Y.)....

451 New Orleans, M. & T. R. R. Co. v. Mississippi. Juris

diction of 'Federal courts over suits by States (U. S.
S. C.).

489 Olive Cemetery Co. v. Philadelphia. Exemption of cemeteries from taxation (Penn. S. C.)

349 Parker, Re; Bentham v. Wilson. Who are second cousins? (Eng. Ch. D.)...

352 Pattison v. Syracuse Nat. Bank. Liability of National banks for special deposits (N. Y. App.)

506 Pennsylvania Co. v. Roy. Carrier of passengers ; liability of railroad company for injury to passenger in Pullman car (U. S. S. C.)...

510 Penn Coal Co. v. Sanderson. Riparian rights; custom as to the use of streams (Penn S. C.)..

249 People v. Morrison. Excise licenses to persons not keeping inns (N. Y S. C.).

210 People v. Redinger. Escaped criminal may not maintain appeal from conviction (Cal. S. C.)...


CASES IN FULL-Continued.

PAGE. Pooley v. Whetham. Detention of extradited prisoner under civil process (Eng: App.).

470 Price v. Penn. R. R. Co. Mail agent on railroad a passenger (Phila. C. P.)

391 Raynsford v. Phelps. Liability of tax collector for false return (Mich. S. C.)

270 Rennyson's Appeal. Implied covenants as to ancient lights (Penn. S. C.)..

193 Resh v. First Nat. Bank. National banks; when liable for frauds of officers (Penn. S. C.).

314 Roussillon v. Roussillon. Contract in restraint of trade; foreign judgment (Eng. Ch. D.)......

212 Short v. Balt. c. P. Ry. Co. Removal of snow by street railway company (Md. App.) ....

90 State of Missouri v. Merchants' Ex. Mut. B. Soc. Sta

tus of benevolent societies insuring the lives of their
members (Mo. S. C.)..
State of New Hampshire v. Grand T. Ry. Removal of

criininal cause on ground of alienage (U. S.C. C., N.

493 State of New Jersey v. Nugent. Malicious destruction

by husband of wife's property; statutory construc-
tion (N. J. Q. S.)...

411 State of North Carolina v. Perry. Inter-State extradi

tion; duty of executive from whom fugitive is de-
manded (D. C. S. C.)

Steckel v. First Nat. Bank. National banks; when lia-
ble for frauds of officers (Penn. S. C.)...

313 Steinman and Hensel, In re. Disbarring attorney for libel on judge (Penn. S. C.)...

311 Stone v. Mississippi. Lottery grants not contracts protected by Federal Const tution (U. S. S. C.)...

8 Strange v. Houston & T. C. Ry. Co. Transfer of cor

porate shares: liability of corporation for wrongful
issue of certificate (Tex. S. C).....

Thompson v. Hickey. Mortgage of cemetery lots inva-
lid (N. Y. S. C.)..

88 Thorley's C. F. Co. v. Massam. Deceptive use of one's own name in trade (Eng. App.).

305 Town of Trinidad v. Simpson. Ignorance of English as affecting qualification of juror (Col. S. C.)

409 United States v. Coppersmith. Felonies under Federal laws (U.S. C. C., Tenn.).

250 Walker v. Walker. Right to strike out answer for contempt in action for divorce (N. Y. App.)

372 Wayne Co. Savings Bank v. Law. Usury; note made

and payable in New York for use in another State
(N. Ý. App.)

346 Webber v. Townley. Right of individuals to inspect and copy public records (Mich. S. C.)..

68 Westerfield. Ex parte. Sunday laws affecting one class only, invalid (Cal. S. C.).

374 Williamson v. Chic. R. I. & P. Ry. Co. Contract void as against public policy (Iowa S. C.)

29 Wong Yung Quy, In re. State laws regulating removal

of dead bodies invalid. Chinese religious customs. (U.
S. C. C., Cal.)..

Worth v. Lioness. Maritime law, duty of ship-owner
to return mariner to port of shipment (U. S. D. C.,

494 Yorkshire Banking Co. v. Beatson. Partnership in name of single member (Eng: App.)...

9 Zeigler v. First Natl. Bank. National banks, when liable for frauds of officers (Penn. S. C.)

314 CEMETERY, Thompson v. Hickey (see Cases in Full). CHAPIN, J. B., M. D., on Experts and Expert testimony..

395 CHECK. Nat'l Bk. of Brockville v. Second Nat'l Bank

(see Cases in Full). CHINESE:

California Statute prohibiting fishing, unconstitutional.. 62

In re Wong Yung Quy (see Cases in Full). CIRCUIT LIFE, decline of

407 CIVIL DAMAGE ACT (see Notes of Cases). COCKBURN, Lord Chief Justice..

468 See Current Topics. CODE, opponents to...

See Current Topics. COMMERCIAL LAW, Forbes v. Omaha (see Cases

in Full). COMMON CARRIER (see Carrier). COMMON WORDS, legal definition of............ 64, 344

See Words.
CONFLICT OF LAWS, Re Goodman's Trusts (see

Cases in Fulī; Contract ; Marriage ; Treaties).
CONFLICT of Treuties and Laws..

228 CONGRESS and the Treaty Power..

126 CONNECTICUT, Supreme Court of Errors Abstract

(see Recent American Decisions). CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Article by Dr. Spear.

State Registration Act when unconstitutional.
In re Wong Yung Quy (see Cases in Full).
Nat'l Exchange Bank v. Hills (see Cases in Full).
New Orleans M. & T.R. R. Co. y. Miss. (see Cases in Full).

See Chinese ; Indiana.



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