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of mangling the bodies. In this state can, and buries the remainder, to be they lay for three days, broiling under a exhumed for his own future use. While tropical sun; until all who desired had Mr. Jaggar was living at Rewa, the gazed upon them, and their smell had following event took place there, and become all but intolerable; then the was well known to all: The King of cooking and eating proceeded, until the Rewa became angry with one of his whole was devoured. It is proper to young female servants, and commanded remark, that these very people turn away that one of her arms should be cut off. in disgust from a piece of pork which This was done accordingly. He directed may happen to be only slightly tainted ! that the girl should be compelled to eat

It is not at all unusual for the Feejeeans her own flesh, or die. She did eat part to inter a human body, or a part thereof, of her own arm, after it had been cooked, and especially the heart and liver, under and proceeded till she became very sick. the earth, in the place where they keep She was then permitted to live. their bread, during any period they There are some circumstances in conplease; and, when they have an occasion nexion with these facts, which I am not for preserved flesh, it is exhumed, cooked, able to set down: they are before me ; and eaten ! Nothing is done, but to put but a veil must cover them! The whole it under the earth, and then to take it up of these things, and many more, are reagain as a dainty dish!

lated to me by many witnesses, persons These are the days of education, and who cannot be deceived, and who would in their way the Feejeeans are on the not deceive. I set them down on the alert: they rub human flesh over the lips spot, where no one doubts, or attempts of their little children, and put a portion for a moment to deny, their truth. They into the infant's mouth, that it may be are far enough from being an inventory, nourished by its juice and trained in the but are merely given as specimens. practice of cannibalism !

There is one thing remarkable in the A mighty Chief, now in power, eats revolting accounts which this people give human Hesh, cut off limb by limb from of their man-eating career; that is, that the man whom he has selected, and that the flesh of human beings is really very while he is yet alive; and he compels good, and they like it. The flesh of the remaining part of the mutilated man women is rather better than the flesh of to look at the process of his own limbs men ; and when the Chief wants somebeing cooked and eaten by his own thing very delicate, or, in case many Chief! But these cases are rare. bodies are before him, a child is roasted

There are parts of Feejee where they for his repast. not merely kill and eat their enemies, but A Rewa canoe was wrecked near Nawhere the Chief lives upon his friends ; tawa, and many of the crew swam to the and these are frequently eaten raw! shore. The Natawa people found them, This cannibal of Ragi-Ragi has been took them into the town, and at once known to have a good supply of human began to make preparations for cooking flesh in his box salted down, and has them. They did not club them, lest a lived upon it as his daily food, seldom little blood should be lost ; but they eating any other kind of flesh.

bound them until the ovens were heated. In some few cases they take their Some of the cannibals could not wait, enemies alive, and many of them toge- but plucked off pieces, such as ears and ther. But it is more common to take noses, from the bodies of their victims, them to the capital, there by torture and ate them raw. When the ovens make sport for the public, and then kill were ready, they begun to cut up the and eat the captives.

poor wretches, who were crying to their One way of obtaining food is to lie in murderers for mercy. They first cut ambush, and seize upon females, as they off their legs as far as the knees, afterreturn with water, or from bathing. wards the arms, and then the trunks. These are killed and taken away; and While they were thus engaged, they had there is a rule among them to this effect, dishes placed under the different parts to that, in case a man can succeed in pounc- catch the blood ; and if a drop happened ing upon a female from the place of his to fall on the ground, they licked it concealment, and strike the death-blow up. The different parts were then cookso suddenly, that no one, friend or foe, ed and eaten. The whole of this was shall hear or know anything of the mat- seen by an intelligent Christian nater, and then open the body and cover tive, named Micah, or, in Feejee, Maihimself with the contents, that covering cha, who is on the spot where I am now shields him from the claim of any one writing. to have a share. he cats as much as he The Socinian says, that human nature is very good ; and the Feejee an says, dead body to be eaten :" the word they that human flesh is good, for he has use is bakola. eaten it, and likes it. But perhaps the They also affirm, that within the last Socinian will not receive this testimony : four years, fully one thousand people have whether he receive it or not, one fact is been killed within twenty miles of Vewa; clear, that these people are in a state of and that they keep far within compass, nature, and are quite free from education when they say, that of these slain, five and religion. The Apostle, writing to hundred have been eaten. As to the the Romans, describes human nature total number eaten in that period in all just as I see it in Feejee. “When they Feejee, it would not be easy to form a knew God, they glorified him not as conjecture, inasmuch as many devastaGod, neither were thankful; but be- cory wars have been going on beyond the came vain in their imaginations, and limits of twenty miles. their foolish heart was darkened. Pro- It seems that at Ngau, an island with. fessing themselves to be wise, they be- in sight of the place where I am writing, came fools, and changed the glory of the they prepare the human body, about to incorruptible God into an image, made be cooked, in any form they may desire. like to corruptible man, and to birds The limbs are tied, say in a sitting form, and four-footed beasts, and creeping and there they remain; the body is things. Wherefore God also gave them roasted, hot stones being placed within, up to uncleanness through the lusts of as in the case of other animals : when their own hearts, to dishonour their dressed, they take the body up, paint the own bodies between themselves : who face red, place a wig upon the head, put changed the truth of God into a lie, and a club or fan in the hands, as they may worshipped and served the creature more happen to fancy, and then carry the than the Creator; who is blessed for whole as a present to be eaten by their ever. Amen. For this cause God gave friends. They sometimes travel far with them up unto vile affections ;” (and are this spectacle, which, when met in the not the facts above narrated a clear com- path, may easily be mistaken for a living ment on wbat is meant by “ vile affec- man in full dress. When the carver tions ?') and because of these things, commences his work, he observes the “God gave them over to a reprobate mind, same rule as in dividing other food, only to do those things which are not con. the cutis, or outer skin, is first removed, venient: being filled with all unrighte- leaving what remains white. A man ousness, fornication, wickedness,” (far here, not long since, killed and roasted too gross and revolting to be placed on one of his wives, who had offended him paper,) "covetousness, maliciousness; in the preparation of some food: he ate full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, ma- a part, and hung up the rest in a tree in lignity, whisperers, backbiters, haters of front of his house, for the other wives to God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors see; and there it remained. He did not of evil things, disobedient to parents, with. say, like Abraham, “ Bury my dead out out understanding, covenant breakers, of my sight.” without natural affection, implacable, How correctly does the inspired book unmerciful.” (Rom. i. 21–31.) Here portray this degraded people! “ They we have a perfectly accurate portrait of are all gone out of the way, they are human nature as it was in Egypt and together become unprofitable; there is Moab, in Greece and Rome, and exactly none that doeth good, no, not one. Their as it is at this hour in the heathen parts throat is an open sepulchre; with their of Feejee. But he must be a man of tongues they have used deceit; the poi. strong faith, who is able to believe that son of asps is under their lips: whose this human nature is very good. On mouth is full of cursing and bitterness : such a mind the evidence of facts must their feet are swift to shed blood : deweigh just as little as the testimony of struction and misery are in their ways : Scripture. And when the goodness of and che way of peace bave they not human nature is preached up, the under- known: there is no fear of God before standings of those who hear must be their eyes.” (Rom. iii. 12–18.) There trampled under foot.

are, however, a few in Feejee, who have Mr. Hunt asserts, and the other Mis- now the fear of God; and they, to a man, sionaries confirm it, that the Feejeean abhor their former practices, and insist language contains no word for a corpse ; upon it, that, though cannibalism is a but the word they use, bakola, conveys very ancient custom among them, yet the idea of eating the dead. This is that it did not formerly obtain to the their war-cry, when one of the enemy is same extent that it has done latterly; slain, and his body found : “ Here is a that the present overflowing of this tide

of blood, this abounding of iniquity, is also explicity revealed ; and all this rage of recent growth. Varani fully believes, is increased and poured forth, because and confidently asserts, this revival and he is doomed to fall before the word of extension of the works of darkness, these God. He knows this full well, and frightful and startling deeds of blood. never loses the least opportunity allowed He says, all the old people, and especi. to him to assert his evil reign, and ally his own father, used to tell him, that support his infernal kingdom. From these bloody wars and this eating of one the moment when the eye of Christenanother, upon the present enlarged scale, dom first beheld the nude savage of the sprung up in their days, and did not obé south, Satan saw his kingdom fall, betain to such an extent in the generation cause he knew that that eye would pity before them. All testimony speaks to such wretchedness as would show itself this effect throughout Feejee ; so says where Satan had his seat; that the ChrisVarani. His friends support him in tian sympathy thus awakened would this view; and it is difficult to imagine send that mighty remedy for man's how the human race could long exist, misery, the Gospel of the blessed God; where violence had become so rife, and and that this Gospel, which is never death ruled as the King of terrors over faithfully preached without avail, would the children of pride, whom he permitted most certainly overthrow and banish the not to live out half their days. The kingdom of darkness, and rescue the history of infanticide here is too revolt- slave of sin and Satan ; as it is written ing to be written : it may be enough to in St. Paul's commission, and in every say, that it is very general, and has not Christian Minister's commission, “I merely become an abominable custom, send thee to open their eyes, and to turn but is reduced to a system. The chief them from darkness to light, and from women recommend the practice to the the power of Satan to God; that they common people ; and there are persons may receive the forgiveness of sins, and whose profession it is to aid and abet an inheritance among them which are them therein.

sanctified by faith that is in me." (Acts In the days of our Saviour, “the xxvi. 18.) Satan is enraged at this loss unclean spirit entered into many," and of his dominion; he hates the doctrine cases of possession became so alarming, of the Cross. What our Christian na. as to clear whole neighbourhoods; “ for tives say of the time when their wars no man dare pass by that way.” But and cannibalism received a new im. here the reader of holy Scripture is pre- pulse, and raged with new vigour, a sently cheered by the appointment of vigour unknown to the former generachosen men to preach the Gospel. “Go tions, and startling even to themselves, your ways," said the Lord Jesus ; “ be exactly corresponds to the period of their hold, I send you forth as lambs among becoming known in Christendom ; and wolves !” The effect of their preach- the hopeful conclusion to which I am ing among these “wolves” is recorded conducted is, that Satan, who held his immediately after that appointment: goods in peace aforetime, now that he “ And the seventy returned again with witnesses their discovery, and knows joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are that a stronger than he will soon claim subject unto us through thy name ! his goods, resolves upon a last struggle And he said unto them, I beheld Sa- and mighty effort ; and surely what is tan, as lightning, fall from heaven.” now in progress throughout these islands He was permitted to demonstrate his supplies a sufficient illustration of the power and tyranny among men, and energy that now worketh in the children then he fell before " the sword of the of disobedience. Of this our own brethSpirit, which is the word of God.” ren here are fully sensible; and to them Satan perhaps might see the agency of is the word of Scripture applicable, which his overthrow at hand, and he came down saith, “ Finally, my brethren, be strong in great wrath because he had but a in the Lord, and in the power of his short time. Wherever Christ's Gospel might. Put on the whole armour of is preached with purity and power, there God, that ye may be able to stand against Satan falls, whether it be in India or in the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle Feejee. The divine permission for him not against flesh and blood, but against to rally all his force, and put forth all principalities, against powers, against the his energy, as the old murderer, serpent, rulers of the darkness of this world, and destroyer, is clearly enough set forth against spiritual wickedness in high in Scripture. His availing himself there- places." (Eph. vi. 10-12.) of, and doing his worst,

6 in great

How awfully grand must these trans. wrath,” and “as a roaring lion,” are actions appear to the ministering angcis,



who take such deep interest in men re- contributions made in the classes, and at deemed by the blood of the cross ! And the renewal of the tickets, for the supwhat a mystery is it, that, in neighbouring port of the work as far as possible ? islands, the prey should have been taken Yes ; contributions have been made in from the jaws of the mighty; and that, the Vewa Circuit, consisting of mats, after they had clean escaped out of the native cloth, pigs, yams, &c., amounting snare of the devil, they should again be in value here to £16. 2s. 10d." brought into bondage, by the importation of an old form of heathen idolatry,

MISSIONARIES' CHILDREN. under the Christian name; and that “ What can be done for the education customs and forms of sin, long aban- of the children of the Missionaries in this doned, should now again be revived, District ?-_Answer: Feeling as we do perhaps in forms somewhat less revolt. the extreme difficulty of educating our ing, but not in the least more pure; and children in Feejee, we most gladly enter that a life of sin should be pronounced into an arrangement respecting a Schoolreconcileable with an end of safety ! Establishment for Missionaries' children, Surely he who hath done this must be made by the brethren of the New Zealand the “ Man of Sin!”

District in connexion with our excellent
General Superintendent, the Rev. Walter

Lawry, for the following reasons :22d. We are now fully engaged with “1. Our children will be under the the business of the District-Meeting. immediate care of Mr. Lawry, a point All the characters of our brethren stand in our estimation of the utmost import. fair in every place : and, except at poor Somosomo, the great work prospers. The “2. They can be conveyed to New. language has been mastered by most of Zealand without expense to the Com. them, and they speak it with surprising mittee. fluency. The New Testament is translated “3. They will, we are persuaded, and printed in the Feejeean language. receive a suitable and sufficient educaMeasures are taken for the translation and tion, and, which is equally important, printing of the Old Testament forth- they will have good society, a thing with, and for a more extended system of which they cannot have in Feejee, except education. Considering the heat of the in their own families. We find that our climate, I am thankful to find the Mis. utmost efforts to prevent them from being sion families in such health as they are. injured by the example and spirit of the When I look at the very great and for- natives are unavailing. midable difficulties with which they have « 4. The brethren will be comfortable had to grapple, in their perils by sea, in their work, until age, or sickness, or perils among false white men, and perils some such cause, may point out their among the Heathen, this little band of providential path to leave the islands. Christian Missionaries exhibit to me The brethren have been particularly many signal proofs of the special provis concerned respecting this point. It dence of God over these precious sons of seemed necessary that, without such a Zion, comparable to fine gold, though provision, they should return home much esteemed as earthen pitchers, the work of earlier than they otherwise desired, on the potter's hands. Great, indeed, is the account of the education of their chil. honour which the Master has put upon dren. The plan of educating them in these his servants; great is the work New Zealand fully meets the case. already accomplished ; and great is the “5. After residing in a torrid climate, labour which they have resolved to be- it is desirable that the children be restow upon this long.debased and bloody moved to such a place as New-Zealand, people.

where the air is peculiarly healthy and In the next world, a faithful Mis. salubrious. sionary from Feejee, with his quenched “6. We are aware of the difficulties brands of saved sinners attending, who connected with this plan : suitable buildshall be his crown of rejoicing in the ings have to be erected, and everything day of the Lord Jesus, will stand so requisite for such an institution provided, near the Apostles and Prophets, and which will involve considerable expense ; martyrs of the Lamb, that ordinary but we are willing to bear our part of the Christians can hardly hope to rank with burden, so far as pecuniary means are them, so near the throne of the world's concerned ; and Mr. Lawry has nobly Redeemer.

engaged to be at the trouble of superinAmong other entries in the Minutes tending the whole undertaking. are the following :-“ Are the regular 7. We sincerely hope, that the Com.

mittee will encourage this plan, as it whom he will he kills, and whom he will, we are persuaded, be advantageous will he keeps alive. Upon the whole, in a high degree to the good cause in he is rather favourable to our Mission which we are engaged; our children here, but does not lotu. He professes will be educated, the Mission funds in great dislike to the introduction of the end materially saved, and we shall Popery. War is his delight, and feastpursue our public duties with the satis- ing on the bodies of the slain. He is faction that we have not to neglect our sitting by my side while I write, and families in order to attend to the interests is urging me to persuade Governor of others.

Grey to visit him in a war-steamer, in “8. In addition to sending out two order that they may be allied friends. suitable persons to be at the head of the He reposes confidence in England, but establishment, and furnishing the neces- not in France ; for the barefaced outrage sary school-apparatus, and also allowing of protecting Tahiti is known to him, the Rev. Walter Lawry to draw one hun- and heartily denounced. He and his dred pounds for the first two years, if re- Chiefs say that they shall one day lotu, quired, we beg to suggest that it would be and that the Gospel will triumph in Fiti very acceptable to us if the Committee (so they pronounce the word Feejee). would send out such linen and woollen They seem to think that they shall be articles as may be necessary for such an overcome, and submit to it, rather than establishment, for bedding, &c., which we seek unto the Lord that they may be will most cheerfully pay for, if we have saved. Their two great obstacles are,funds, but, if not, we hope our Commit. casting off their many wives, and wearing tee will provide us with them.

decent clothes to hide their shame. But 9. Mr. Lawry will make you fully for these formidable difficulties, many of acquainted with all particulars respecting them would openly avow what they now the plan.”

secretly whisper,-their belief in Christianity.

This Pagan King has very little maSeptember 23d. - This is our vernal jesty, having little cultivation ; but he equinox; the trade-winds blow strong, has a feeling of pride or consciousness fully a nine-knot breeze; the season is con- of power, which oozes out at all points. sidered rather cool, but the thermometer He has ceased to blaspheme our holy is 82° in the shade. The new comers faith, as was his custom formerly. His are all melting with the heat; but the hair is neatly dressed, and he has a small natives have a good fire in every house, bandage round his loins, with a string of and the old Missionaries button up their blue beads round each arm and round warm clothing, and say to us, “Wait his neck, to which is suspended a circular till December and January.” The pro- boar's tooth. These are all his clothes cess of acclimatizing is fearfully distress- and ornaments, except a strong black ing, but afterwards all is easy and beard projecting about eight inches from natural : not that this torrid heat does his chin, and an abundance of oil benot produce a wasting prostration of smearing his sable skin. His attendants, strength and health, which now and then smoking about the Mission-house, are require a removal, in order to recruit few, and not over-dignified ; but the court again ; but the feelings seem to be in ladies are still more offensive than the men. some sense destroyed, and though death It is, however, due to this people to worketh, and the patient sinks, all around say, that first impressions concerning him seem more sensible of what is pro- them are generally the worst; for, while gressing than the man himself.

their character and customs are full of An occasional trip to New Zealand will contradictions, they unquestionably posbe necessary for these Christian heroes ; sess many fine qualities. and such a trip in our own vessel will be 26th. In the native prayer-meeting inexpensive, and, by God's blessing, will at sun-rise this morning, one said in his fully meet the case.

prayer, “ Lord, help us to bear our 24th. I received a visit from Tha. cross, and, if it be heavy, help us to kombau, Tui Fiti, or King, of Feejee, move on still, bending slowly. Untie who is about thirty-five years old, above the load of our sins. If this load were the middle size, of a very dark complex. tied round our loins, we could untie it ion, but rather comely. He has many ourselves ; but as it is tied round our wives, and knows no restraint : two were hearts, we cannot untie it, but thou canst. killed in his house lately, because a house Lord, untie the burden now!” of his had been burnt, and they might At nine I preached to this sable conhave done it! He is an absolute ruler: gregation, Mr. Hunt interpreting : both

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